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                       BILLHEIMERS' BOOK SALE LIST FOR, JULY, 2017

Here's a huge new sale list for this month, with some exceptionally good books for you to  
examine and perhaps want to buy. They're predominantly vintage books for teens and young 
adults, but there are some more recent books, some for younger readers and a few that 
were originally meant for  adults. You'll find this list fascinating and nostalgic, as 
well as very reasonably priced!    

We have a lot of fun collecting books and compiling this collection! And we love to get
acquainted with our customers and fellow collectors!
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               SOME OF THE CONTENTS!!
                   (Not necessarily in this order)


2. SEVERAL SPECIAL SALES HERE AND THERE! Including (in this list) a great
    many $2 (Two Dollar!) paperback books.


4. Some CAREER-ROMANCES, a very popular category!

 5.  FOR HOME-SCHOOLERS,  sometimes there are NEWBERY award winners, historical
     novels, some non-fiction books, as well as other wonderful books to read. 

6.  FOR SERIES book collectors:  you'll find many new additions of popular as well as  
unusual series to check out! You never know what I'll come up with! Usually including
Judy Bolton
Dana Girls
Beverly Gray
Linda Craig
Jean Craig
Cherry Ames
and some interesting ones you may never have seen before!

7.  Lots of additions to the  "MALTSHOP" novels  from "the nostalgia years."  Many used 
book shops don't bother to stock these categories, so this is an unusual chance to stock up
up on these teen-girls' novels from the 40s through 60s. 

Mildred Wirt
Elizabeth Hamilton Friermood
Betty Cavanna
Anne Emery
Maud Hart Lovelace
Janet Lambert
Catherine Woolley
hundreds more!!

9.  MAINE books from our home state.

10. ALICE'S PICKS -- books that I love best or books I've recently discovered

11  Alice's Wish List

12. And who knows what else?

Contents won't  be in the same order as this list, but everything is there, somewhere

My opinion of them!

We only use a few abbreviations,  including these:
HB -- hardcover book
PB -- paperback book
XL -- library discard book
DJ -- dust jacket
PC -- picture printed on the cover
YA -- young adult (teen) book
cond == condition

If you don't understand something in our sale list,   Email and ask us.

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        ALICE'S WISH LIST!!!!
Condition isn't important unless I specify that I'm looking for an upgrade. 


I'd like hardcover copies of Janet Lambert's "For Each Other" and "Big Deal"
and a laser copy of your DJ for Lambert's "Welcome home, Mrs. Jordan"

Jean Nielsen --  good hardcover with DJ of Fair Exchange


Jack and Jill magazines from the 30's through 50's. 
I'm missing a lot from the late 50's. Condition does not
have to be perfect, but will affect how much I'm willing
to pay! Usually, I've paid $1 or $2 per magazine, depending
on whether or not the copy has its central activity or paper 
doll pages.  

Also, American Girl Magazines (not the ones related to the dolls, but
the Girl Scout Magazines from the  '20s through the '50s!) I have some, 
but would love to complete my collection! like to have more. 

Calling All Girls magazines from the 40s and 50s


Dorrance Doings by Carolyn Wells

Books by Fjeril Hess, including Toplofty, and others.

               MY WISH LIST!!!!!

Dust jacket for Emery's Bright Horizons
Dust Jacket for De Leeuw's Clay Fingers
Books by Virginia Fairfax -- Camp Pioneer, Secret of the Halliday House.

(Sorry, but they aren't for sale.) AND REMEMBER THAT I'D LIKE TO TALK ABOUT 
                     --------End of Alice's Wish List -----------            


             Conditions vary from pretty good to quite good!
Sally (Louise Dickinson Rich) 1970. Foster child on a Maine island.  $2.00
The Secret of the Witch's Stairway, #2 in Meg Duncan series. $2.00
Ginnie and the Mystery Doll (Catherine Woolley) no date listed. $2.00
Saturday Night (Marjorie Holmes) 1959. Very romantic! $2.00. 2 copies available
Marty (Elisa Bialk)1953 
Marty on the Campus (Elsa Bialk) 1956. 2 copies available -- $2.00 each
Seventeenth Summer (Maureen Daly) 1952. First love! $2.00 (2 copies available)
The Luckiest Girl (Beverly Cleary) 1958. A huge favorite! $2.00
Hi There, High School! (Gay Head) 1950s. Advice for teens. Cute! $2.00

More $2.00 Paperbacks ahead! 

America's National Mystery Book serles, Mystery at Death Valley. 2010. $2.00
Three's a Crowd (Marie McSwigan) 1953. Twin sisters, both love same man. $2.00
Jennifer (Zoa Sherburne) 1959. Girl is ashamed of her mentally ill mother. $2.00
Mystery in the Pirate Oak (Helen Fuller Orton) 1949 -- 4 copies available. $2.00
Return to Gone-Away (Elizabeth Enright) sequel to Newbery book -- 1961. $2.00
A Sundae with Judy (Frieda Friedman) Excellent book!!1949 $2.00 (2 copies available)
Carol (from the country) Frieda Friedman. 1950. $2.00
Angel on Skis (Betty Cavanna)1957. Family runs a ski lodge in VT. $2.00
The Ghost of Five Owl Farm (Wilson Gage) 1966. Mystery at the old farm. $2.00

Lots more $2.00 paperbacks coming up! 

Trixie Belden #22, Mystery at Mead's Mountain pb, a little worn, but OK. $2.00
Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super mystery, The Last Resort 1989. -- skiing $2.00
Dexter and the Deer Lake Mystery (Charles Geer) 1965. Brand New. $2.00
Candy Stripers (Lee Wyndham) almost a career-romance. 1958 $2.00
Wait for Marcy (Rosamond Du Jardin) First in a wonderful series. 1950 $2.00
Spurs for Suzanna (Betty Cavanna) 1947. The spurs are literal and figurative. $2.00
Ready-made Family (Frances Salomon Murphy) 1953. An extreme favorite of mine. $2.00
Lots of Love, Lucinda Bianca Bradbury) Bradbury writes wonderfully! 1966. $2.00
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (Avi) 1990 Newbery Honor Book set in 1832. $2
Banner Year (Cavanna) 1987? Girl loves horses, doesn't care about boys??? $2.00
    (2 copies available)

Now for some more $2.00 paperbacks!

The Unchosen (Nan Gilbert) 1963. 3 teen girls almost give up on popularity/love. $2.00
For Each Other (Janet Lambert) 1959. Romantic story from the Campbell family series. $2
Senior Trip (Marjorie Holmes) 1962 Hard work,  but the class got to Washington DC! $2
To Tell Your Love (Mary Stolz) 1950. Poignant story of teen romance, love, marriage $2
   3 copies available -- it was and is a very popular book 

A bunch more $2.00 paperbacks! 

Hardy Boys, Clue of the Screeching Owl -- British Armada edition! $2.00
Hardy Boys, Mystery of the Melted Coins -- British Armada edition! $2.00
The Middle Sister (Miriam E. Mason) 1947. Sweet story, historical setting. $2.00
Fair Exchange (Jean Nielsen) 1957 HS Class trades visits with a faraway class. $2.00
Come Be My Love (Lavinia R. Davis) 1949. Girl supports herself and finds love. $2.00
Light a Single Candle(Beverly Butler) Girl loses sight, gets guide dog, & MORE! $2.00
     (2 copies available)
For Girls Only -- 1957. 11 very romantic short stories. Recommended! $2.00
My Brothers' Keeper: A Civil War Story. (Nancy Johnson) 1997. Brand New. $2.00
Prairie Songs (Pam Conrad) 1986 award-winner. Girl's lonely life on Nebraska plains.$2
Thank you, Jackie Robinson (Barbara Cohen)1974 Baseball and much more! $2.00

Want to check out some more $2.00 paperbacks?

Amy Moves In (Marilyn Sachs) 1964. There are 3-4 books about Amy and Laura, $2.00
    (2 copies available)
Smarty (Katharine Newlin Burt) Horses and human relationships. 1965 $2,00
Follow My Leader (James B. Garfield) 1957. Blind boy gets a guide dog! $2.00
Inky: Seeing Eye Dog (Heppner) 1957 Boy trains guide dog. 2 copies available $2 each
National Velvet (Enid Bagnold) 1953. One of the classic horse-and-girl stories! $2.00
Escape from Warsaw (Ian Serrailler)c. 1963 WWII adventure. Scholastic edition. $2.00
Welcome to Camden Falls (Ann M. Martin) 2007, Main Street series, book 1. $2.00
Needle and Thread (Martin) 2007, Main Street Series, Book 2. $2.00
The Christmas Pony (Sylvia Green) 2001 Girl has to earn enough to keep homeless pony $2


Nancy Drew Ghost Stories! Of course Nancy doesn't believe in ghosts.... PB $2
The Edge of the Cloud (K.M. Peyton) Flambards #2. $2.00
The Flambards in Summer (Peyton)1969. Flambards #3.  $2.00
The Ruby in the Smoke (Philip Pullman) 1985. Sally Lockhart series #1.  $2.00
Amazing Grace (A. E. Cannon) 1991. More recent than most, very good reading. $2.00
Hobby Horse Hill (Lavinia Davis)1939. Indoors girl spends summer with horsy family! $2.00
          (2 copies available)
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Barbara Robinson) 1972. One of the funniest books! $2.00
Depend on Katie John (Mary Calhoun) 1961. Renting rooms to boarders -- not fun! $2.00
Brian's Winter (Paulsen) 1996. What if Brian hasn't been rescued in "Hatchet?" Super! $2
Brian's Return (Paulsen) 1999.Brian can't adjust to civilization, returns to wilds. $2


Angel Unaware (Dale Evans Rogers) 1953. Can you read this without crying? I
    don't think so.... $2.00
Mr. Popper's Penguins (Atwater) 1938 Newbery honor, 3-generation classic! $2.00
Number the Bones (Ann Rinaldi) Difficult and sad Civil War history. $2.00
Emergency Rescue! Trouble at Moosehead Lake (Cowan) 1993. Maine emergencies. $2
Just another Girl (Melody Carlson) 2009. She's in charge of her disabled sister. $2
Girls to the Rescue Book 3 -- "Clever, courageous girls from around the world" $2.00
Girls to the Rescue Book 4 1996. Short stories about courageous girls. $2.00
Girls to the Rescue Book 5 1998. From Canada to China, clever, brave girls! $2.00
Girls to the Resdue Book 6 1999 Even more stories of girls w/courage & brains!  $2.00
Spell it Murder (Ivy Ruckman) 1994. Camp stinks, Let's run away! Oops. $2.00


The Hideout (Peg Kehret) 2001. Boy's parents die, he escapes to remote woods cabin. $2.00
Born to Fly (Michael Ferrari)2009. During WWII, girl uncovers spies and plots! $2.00
Henry Reed, Inc (Keith Robertson) 1958. I love this amazing and amusing series! $2.00
Betsy's Little Star (Carolyn Haywood)1950. Haywood writes wonderfully about kids! $2.00
Five Little Peppers Midway (Sidney) A very old series, but still fun popular fun. $2
    (2 copies available)
Jean and Johnny (Beverly Cleary) 1959. One of Cleary's terrific Maltshop books! $2.00


In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson (Bette Bao Lord) Lonely girl loves baseball
    I can't do this one justice in one line! Excellent. Read it! $2.00
Dr. Kildare Takes Charge (Max Brand)1941. Remember Dr K on TV? And before that, radio! $2
Green Grass of Wyoming (Mary O'Hara) Sequel to My Friend Flicka? Horses, mystery, Love $2
Little Women (Alcott) Abridged for younger reader, but still 250 pages and wonderful $2
Mystery of the Boston Marathon. 2003, before the tragedy. introduces you to Boston. $2
   I'm not sure about the numbers for the Narnia books. There is apparently some
   controversy about it, because I saw different numbers on different editions.
The Lion, the Witch and theWardrobe (Lewis) #1 in Chronicles of Narnia $2
Prince Caspian (C. S. Lewis) #4 in Chronicles of Narnia. Very good cond. $2
Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" (C.S. Lewis) book 5 in Chronicles of Narnia. $2.00
The Magician's Nephew (Lewis) Book 6 in Chronicles of Narnia. $2.00

OOPS, MORE -- $2 paperbacks! 

Orphaned Pup (Eleanor J. Lapp) Girl finds lost pup, has to care for it in secret. $2.00
Wanted.. Mud Blossom (Betsy Byars) Even the dog gets into the mystery this time! $2.00
The Penderwicks (Jeanne Birdsall)"A summer tale of 4 sisters, 2 rabbits and a Very
   Interesting Boy. Award winner. $2.00
Brighty of the Grand Canyon (Marguerite Henry) Burro in the Grand Canyon. $2
Misty of Chincoteague (Henry) 60th anniversary edition with Newbery Honor medal. $2
Magic or Not? (Edward Eager) Magic or not, I loved this book! pb $2.00
The Cat and the Captain (Elizabeth Coatsworth) 1927. Her 1st book for children. 
   small and adorable! $2
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (Alan Burgess) "True story of the courageous English
     girl who defied the whole Japanese Army" led 100 orphans to safety across
    high mountains. PB $2
Three Loves Has Sandy (Amelia Elizabeth Walden) 1955. She loves Sports and horses,
    then discovers boys PB $2

Ginnie and the New Girl (Catherine Woolley) this one is only $1.00
Limpopo academy of Private Detection (Alexander McCall Smith) from Dave's and my favorite
   series for adults. #13 in series, but don't let that bother you if you haven't
   read any others. You have to start somewhere! Large PB, $2.00
Midnight in Lonesome Hollow, a Kit Mystery from American Girl. New cond! 
    These 2 are excellent books with almost 200 pages each! $2
Puzzle of the Paper Daughter, a Julie Mystery from American Girl. New! $2
For Each Other (Janet Lambert) 1950. A Campbell family story. PB $2
Mystery of the 99 Steps -- Nancy Drew Armada (British) edition. PB $2
Ghost of Blackwood Hall -- Nancy Drew Armada (British) edition. PB $2

Now for some HB Dear America Books and Royal Diaries,  also $2.00 each. 
These are all historical fiction in the form of diaries. They are hardcovers, very 
beautiful, in excellent condition. Some have gilt-edged pages, or attached bookmarks.

West to a Land of Plenty, Diary of Teresa Angelino Viscardi, Idaho, 1883 $2.00
Winter of the Red Snow, Diary of Abigail Jane Stewart, Valley Forge PA, 1777 $2.00
Isabel, Jewel of Castilla, Spain 1466 $2.00
Victoria, May Blossom of Britannia England 1829  $2.00
Marie Antoinette, Princess of Versailles, Austria-France 1769. $2.00



Homefront (Doris Gwaltney) This contemporary book takes place during
   WWII, and is another book that I really, really liked. I stayed up
   way too late last night finishing it. Covers the years from just before the war
   started, to the aftermath of the war. Very well presented characters, a girl and
   her homesick English cousin, her farm family, the grandmother who tries very hard
   to keep everything the way it was when she was younger (driving everyone crazy!)
   Weddings, births, deaths, school, work, rivalries, a wonderful book that I wish
   had been twice as long! Large PB, good cond, $2.50

Follow My Leader (James B. Garfield) 1957. "Leader" is a guide dog that helps a
   recently-blinded boy regain his independence. And lose his hatred for the boy whose
   carelessness caused the blindness. Despite the heavy subject, this is quite an
    entertaining story, believe it or not! HB copy in good cond,, with a dust jacket
    that's in fair condition. Dog lovers will especially like this story but I'm a
    cat person, and I've read it 3 times myself. $2.00

A really nice trio -- 3 books by Joan Walsh Anglund. Remember her gift books,
   featuring little kids with no facial features except for big eyes and
   rudimentary ears? But somehow they were adorable! Here are 3 of these
   mini-books, good condition, good dust jackets. 
A Year is Round (Anglund, 1966)
Spring is a new Beginning (Anglund, 1963.) 
What color is Love? (Anglund 1966) $7.50 for all 3 books.


Prince of the Ranch: The Story of a Collie (Olive W. Burt)1949 1st edition.
   A boy and his dog spend the summer on a Utah sheep ranch with the boy's 
   cousin. They all have to learn how to get along with each other, and to
   understand each other's point of view. So yes, it is a dog story, but it's
   also an interesting story of people, nature, and a bit of a mystery. A very
   attractive book with a cover that will make any dog-lover happy! HB, XL,
   very nice condition, $4.50

Rosemary (Josephine Lawrence) 1922. One of the nicest things about Josephine 
   Lawrence's books is the beautiful cover pictures! This one is especially sweet,
   showing children in snowsuits, battling quite a blizzard. The oldest, a boy is
   carrying a showshovel,the oldest girl ispouring hot drinks from a thermos, and
   the baby of the family is offering donuts. On the first couple of pages, you are
   worried that their mother is dying, but soon you find out that she only has to 
   have a long rest in a country sanitorium. So the oldest sibling, Dr. Hugh, takes
   over the family, and what a self-righteous young man he is! I think he sees his
   medical training as permission to be right about everything. But his siblings
   seem to respect and love him. Aunt Trudy has to learn to deal with children,
   too -- all in all, it's a trying year in many ways, but it will be worth every
   problem if (when) Mother comes back home. HB in very good condition, with that
   pretty dust jacket! $5.00


The Reluctant Midwife (Patricia Harman) 2015. This is definitely not a book for
   children. I include it because it's a fascinating book, one of those books that
   make you forget to make dinner, or do the laundry, or even go to sleep until
   you finish it. Takes place in the mid-1930s, unemployed nurse and her companion
   (I won't give away that unusual situation) become involved with a midwife and
   her family. Several compelling plot strands, and lots of descriptions of 
   illness and childbirth. I certainly recommend this book -- it's for adults but
   not vulgar or sensational at all. Large PB, good condition.  $2.00

The next few New Additions are books with real decorative value. You may or
   may not want to read them (probably won't be able to resist) but they will
   certainly add something beautiful or interesting to your life! 

A Spinner in the Sun (Myrtle Reed) 1906. Grey cover with a golden web and flowers.
   Each page in the book is decorative, framed and with red chapter headings.
   The pages have what I think if called deckle edges -- looking hand-made. I'll
   have to admit that I haven't read the book, but it looks rather romantic and
   philosophical. HB with very decorative picture cover -- $2.50
The Eagle's Mate (Anna Alice Chapin) Mary Pickford Edition, 1914. Pretty cover 
   shows Mary Pickford and a man, one on each side of a horse. Endpapers show
   Mary and 2 men in a very, very rustic cabin. The guys don't look as if they're
   up to any good! Lots of b/w photos from the movie, throughout the book. The
   picture cover is a little scratched, but colorful and entertaining. 
   HB in fairly good cond, PC, #2.00
Prue and I (by Curtis -- that's all it says!) There's no date inside this lovely 
   little volume. I did look it up on line, but gave up when each of the people
   trying to sell it on ABE had a different date (if any date at all.) I saw dates
   from 1856 to 1904, and several in between. Presumably different editions. None
   of these had a good description, but none of them sounded as pretty as the one
   I'm describing. This one has a divided cover. One side is light blue, has the
   title in gold, and is filled with gilt columns, flowers and leaves. The other 
   side of the front cover has a bunch of violets held together with a pretty blue
   ribbon and bow. Spine is similar to the blue side of the cover. There is a 
   frontispiece picture of an extremely depressed-looking young man, though the
   text is humorous in parts. Consists of 7 chapters, travel essays, and a lot of
   praise for the lovely Prue. Book is about 4" by 6" and about an inch thick. Cute!
   Prue and I -- $4.00


The Yearling (Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings) 1939.  I know, you can get this book in
   many editions, some of them beautiful, some of them low-priced. This copy,
   though, is very special! I don't think it's a true first edition, because
   there is a printed notice saying that it's the Pulitzer Prize Edition. Doesn't
   that mean that it came out earlier, and was given the prize at that time? 
   But it is a very early edition, with the very unusual burlap cover printed
   in contrasting brown, and deckle-edged pages. And amazing N. C. Wyeth 
   illustrations, 14 of them. The book isn't in perfect condition, someone
   (I like to say some crook!(tore out the first free page with its Wyeth
   illustration -- but the back endpapers are the same, so you do get that
   picture. There is some wear at top and bottom of the spine and an ink
   gift inscription on the first page. But these are minor flaws. In good
   condition, this edition is selling for quite a bit on ebay. My price, $5.00


The things I like best about the Tom Swift Jr series are the impressive and
   exciting covers, and the really, really imaginative titles! These books were 
   written in the 1960s, and to my innocent eyes, still seem to be about future
   times and inventions. They would be attractive additions to a library, as well 
   as good reading for all -- young teen through adult. 
Tom Swift and the Electonic hydrolung (Victor Appleton II from the Tom Swift Jr.
   series.) This is #18 in the series. Very good condition. $4.50
Tom Swift and his Triphibian Atomicar (Tom Swift Jr. Series #19)Very good cond,
   except for slight wear at the corners of the covers. $4.50

BIG LOT of The Little Colonel series by Annie Fellows Johnston. This series started
   in 1895 and was obviously popular as it continued for many years and there are 
   seventeen books or related items in the series. When I was a kid I tried to read
   the first book in the series, but I had trouble wading through the Southern
   dialect and didn't really know what a Colonel might be! The books are certainly
   not Maltshop types! But the series is interesting in that (along with Elsie
   Dinsmore) it's one of the very early series for girls and in some ways, is the
   prototype of what series books were like for many years. Here are 4 books from
   the series, enough to give you a fine idea of what they are like -- to see if
   you might be interested in reading more of them. Kentucky setting.
The books include:
   The Little Colonel,the first book in the series, and a book that's pretty special.
      The bright-colored cover shows Shirley Temple with her, big smile. 
      The book is full of photos from the 1930s-era movie. They even persuaded me to
      give the book another chance! Not too bad. HB in good cond, with pretty DJ. 
   The Little Colonel's Christmas Vacation 
   The Little Colonel's Chum: Mary Ware
   The Little Colonel Maid of Honor.
TThese are very, very substantial (heavy and long) books, plenty of reading. Except
 for the first one, which I described above, their covers are a damask-type pink
 material, with gold printing and decorative floral embellishments. Glossy frontispiece
 and at least 8 internal illustrations in each. Quite a pretty set. Another interesting
 thing about some of them is the extensive pages listing other series books for girls
 and boys. I'm sure there are some in there, that you've never heard of before! 


Books by Elizabeth Enright, favorite books for several generations of avid readers
   who began to feel just like part of the Melendy family as they read and re-read
   them! The illustrations are so simple, cheerful and humorous that they really
   should get half the credit for the popularity of the books! 

The Saturdays (written and illustrated by Elizabeth Enright) 1941. First book in the
   Melendy series. Each week one of the 4 children can choose what the will all do
   that Saturday. They combine their allowances and have an interesting adventure
   to quell their boredom with every-day life!  Paperback copy of this wonderful
   story, new but fairly attractive cover picture. Moderately good condition, $1.50
Spiderweb for two: A Melendy Maze (written and illustrated by Elizabeth Enright)
   1951. The 2 youngest children miss their older siblings very much, until they
   are sent on a hunt with amazing clues to the solution to a mystery. Nice pb copy,
   original internal illustrations, new but quite attractive cover picture. $2.00

Nowhere to Call Home (Cynthia De Felice) 1999. One of the books that are much more
   recent than most on this list -- but I was fascinated by it. Some terrible things
   happen to a nice, rich, 12-year-old girl, and she has no choice but to become
   a tramp, riding the rails with the other tramps during the Depression. Disguised
   as a boy, she has to learn FAST, and it's not half as romantic as she had thought
   it would be. Very exciting, very entertaining story. HB, former library book,
   great condition, good DJ. $2.50

Napoleon & Samantha, from The Wonderful World of Disney (Vic Crume) 1976. A bit of
   nostalgia if you were a Disney fan in the 70s! Adventure, suspense, and a scary
   pet lion! PB, fair cond (front cover has folds, otherwise holding together well
   and all there.) $1.00

Adam of the Road (Elizabeth Janet Gray) illustrated by Robert Lawson. Newbery Medal
   winning book from 1943. This copy is a beautiful hardcover with a good DJ. There
   is a golden Newbery Medal sticker on the cover. Cover shows Adam, a merry-looking
   lad from the 13th century and his cocker spaniel, off to search for the boy's
   minstrel father. Fascinating book, beautiful copy. $2.50

I Saw Esau: The Schoolchild's Pocket Book. Edited by Iona and Peter Opie, illustrations
   by Maurice Sendak. 1991. Strange, of course but cute and chubby little book, full of 
   lots and lots of jump rope rhymes, kids' silly chants, riddles, all kinds of short
   phrases, some of them really funny. Also even fuller of tons of pictures by Sendak,
   (including some that will remind you of Max and the monsters in Where the Wild Things 
   are.) I think this book is more likely to have been written for adults than for kids, 
   but you can be the judge of that. Small but "fat" pb book, brand new -- 2 copies are
   available. $2.50 each

MORE SOMEWHAT NEW ADDITIONS --  some of them good books that are also interesting enough  
    to be Alice's Picks:

Pee-Wee Harris On The Trail (Percy Keese Fitzhugh) "Approved by the Boy Scouts of America" 
   dated 1922. Despite the odd name of the title character, this is an attractive book,
   in good condition and the DJ has an unusually appealing cover picture. 2 Boy Scouts
   in the front seat of a convertible, a small child (boy? Girl?) sitting in back, car
   headed straight into the sunset with an adorable gabled cottage in the background.
   Clever, witty, mysterious and quite poetic story! Whitman edition. $4.00

Playground and Indoor Games for Boys and Girls (Winifred Wilson) 1999 British Pryor 
   Facsimile edition of the original, published around 1910. A beautiful book, and 
   surely would still be helpful to a primary grade teacher or a parent. 226 indoor 
   and outdoor games, all well described and illustrated with diagrams if necessary. 
   This is a hardcover book with a nostalgic cover picture, a frontispiece picture,
   and a list of other facsimile editions in the back of the book. These include a
   primer, classroom drills, song books, and humor books for all ages. Brand new
   book with the original $22 price tag at the back. For this sale, $3.00 (2 copies

The Shirley Temple Treasury: Stories from Movies that made her Famous. Four Books in
   One. OK, that's the title. Now for the details! This is a large enough book that
   if it were for adults, it would be called a coffee-table book. The stories are 
   nice and long, but obviously abridged. The pictures are profuse and beautiful,
   both the scenes from Shirley Temple's movies, and the pictures of the original
   stories. Stories include: Heidi, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Captain January,
   and The Little Colonel. It's just plain fun, and could be enjoyed by either a
   nostalic adult or a child who loves sweet stories. HB in great condition, with a
   DJ in good condition (just one goodsized tear at the top front, otherwise darned
   good! Picture of Shirley with her own 3 children on the back cover. $2.50

Plays and Games for Little Folks -- collected and arranged by Josephine Pollard, 1889!
   This is a beautifully illustrated large hardcover book. The front cover picture is
   a paste-down paper, in pretty good condition for a children's book from so long ago.
   The binding is loose, waiting for you to use some safe transparent tape inside 
   the front cover. Almost every page inside, is worthy of framing, with the Kate
   Greenaway-type clothes on the children, diagrams, shadow pictures, music -- and
   128 tall and wide pages of fun, games, and activities. Most of them, if not all,
   would still fascinate today's kids!! $3.50

More interesting NEWISH ADDITIONS!! Of course there are new additions throughout the
entire sale list, but these are some intriguing ones that I wanted to highlight.

Shelter from the Wind (Marion Dane Bauer) 1976. A Marshalll Cavendish Classics award
   winner. I hadn't run into this book before, but read it in one (only slightly
   interrupted) reading session. A girl walks away from her Oklahoma home, from what 
   she sees as a very unhappy life with her new and pregnant step-mother. Her father
   used to spend all his time with her, now there are rivals for her time and love.
   Her mother had left home years ago but the girl feels that if she could only find
   the mother, everything would be fine. Any number of terrible things could have 
   happened to her, she didn't even remember to take any water with her into this
   dry, barren prairie. But what did happen, is nothing that you would have predicted,
   and probably just what she needed to see her life from a new angle. There are a
   few raw scenes, nothing that would be inappropriate for a 12-year-old, which is
   what the girl is, but a little disturbing for adults. Very engrossing! HB former
   library book with a dust jacket -- everything is nearly new. $2.50

Circus Boys Across the continent (Edgar B. P. Darlington) subtitle: Winning New Laurels
   on the Tanbark. 1911. The best thing about this book is the dust jacket! I can't quite 
   read the artist's signature, but it's something like Walter Hayn. Anyway, he painted
   an amazing scene that would be a beautiful display -- for a circus theme or for
   showing what wonderful art used to be "wasted" on children's series books. There 
   are elephants, a trick poodle, clowns, of course, a gypsy band, tents with flags
   flying in the wind, all woven together in a scene of motion, excitement and bright
   color. The book is in good condition, and there is a different printed picture on
   the cover (acrobats and high-wire artists.) The DJ is in really good shape, too,
   just the expected edge wear. Enjoy the story or the DJ -- or both! $6.00

Will Rogers, Wit and Wisdom: Pictorial Edition with 32 full-page illustrations, 
   compiled by Jack Lait. 1936. A small book, but very nice -- with high quality
   paper, lots of glossy illustrations, and a good DJ (except for a few tiny
   worn places along the edges.) The hardcover book itself is in nearly-new
   looking condition. Amazing how timely Will's comments are all these years later.  
   I loved reading this book and looking at the photos! HB, DJ, $2.00

ANOTHER LOVELY ITEM -- a  big lot of books that I hope you will like as much as Dave 
and I do! 

****Big Lot of 7 "Mitford" books by Jan Karon. Have you read her books? If you love 
the really nice older series books for teens, like Judy Bolton, Trixie Belden, and
other favorites of many of us, this series, written for adults, might appeal
to you very much. They aren't mysteries, but there is a lot of suspense -- mainly
about what will happen next to the characters that you really care about. I'm not 
much of a reader of adult romances, most of them are either very sentimental or too
"adult" if you get my drift. These books about the Southern town of Mitford, are told
from the point of view of the Episcopal priest (minister) Father Tim, are realistic
but in beautifully good taste with a lot of humor and NO sensationalism! That may
be what I like best about them. Father Tim is a middle-aged man, who has never married
 -- possibly because of issues from his childhood -- but that is soon to change! So 
there is ample romance, but each book also includes strands of stories about nearly 
everyone in town, and believe me, you will soon be very eager to find out what will 
happen next to all of them. Especially, the young boy who wanders into Father Tim's 
life and involves them both in a long search for members of a family who are scattered 
afar. Religion comes into the books, of course, as he IS a member of the clergy, but 
it's handled so naturally that you don't feel that it's being forced down your throat, 
the way I often feel when I read Christian books written specifically for teens. 
There are only a few series of books written for adults, which Dave and I have come 
to love. The Alexander McCall Smith books about the Ladies' Detective Agency are our 
favorites, and these Mitford books by Jan Karon are quite close seconds. They are 
definitely a series and best read in order. Here are the first 7. Except for one, 
They're large-format paperbacks, beautiful covers, in good to very good condition. One
is a regular-size paperback, also in excellent condition. There are at least 2 or 3 
spin-offs, some Christmas specials, too. I think you'll be able to find the others 
fairly easily and reasonably, in a library or at a book store or on line. The titles
of the books I have for you are:
   At Home in Mitford
   A Light in the Window
   A New Song (maybe my favorite, as it is partly about an organist)
   These High, Green Hills
   Out to Canaan
   A Common Life 
   In this Mountain -- 7 Mitford books by Jan Karon, $13.00 for all


The Wind in the Willows (Graham) What a beautiful copy of this good book! It's
   large, it's like new, it has wonderful map endpapers showing all the important
   spots in Toad Hall and surroundings, and there are many amazing pictures. Some
   of the pictures are 2-page spreads, some are whole-page, some are small, dotted
   here and there -- all are full of lovely color. HB in new condition, no DJ.

A Big Lot of 4 books by Frances Weaver, specifically written for adults who aren't quite
young any more! These are essays, reminiscences, suggestions, musings, travel, book
reviews, photos and sketches, interviews, children, older people -- and lots and lots 
of humor (the back of one of the books says that Weaver is a cross between Andy Rooney
and Erma Bombeck. Right away, it shows how old we are if we know whom they're talking
about!) You can get the idea of what she writes about by the titles of the books. By 
the way, these are large paperbacks, with heavy, good-quality paper and nice covers. I 
especially like the cover that shows a photo of 4 sisters when they were very young,
and below that one, a picture of the same 4 sisters, in the same pose, many years 
later when they were grandmothers. I loved reading these books! The titles:
   The Girls with the Grandmother Faces
   Where do Grandmothers Come from? (and where do they go?)
   Midlife Musings
   As Far as I can See -- Set of 4 books for $8.00

The Shy One (Dorothy Nathan) a very good story about a girl who is very nervous and
   frightened about nearly everything -- especially about playing in a piano 
   recital. Until her Uncle Max arrives! Takes place in 1921, and this Russian 
   family has managed to get to America, where they really want to be like
   Americans. Besides the story itself, which is lovely, there are lots of
   references to life in the '21s, like the cars and clothes, and even a list of 
   candy bars! XL HB with DJ, all in pretty good condition. $2.50

MORE INTERESTING NEW ADDITIONS COMING! And don't stop with this section -- because
there are new additions all through the list. These are just some that I couldn't
quite put into a specific category. 

Grover G. Graham and me (Mary Quattlebaum) 2001. Boy is in his 8th foster home, and
   expects to be moved out of that one just as fast as the others. He doesn't want
   to let anyone get through to him, but a cute baby and pesky little twin girls
   work on him. When he thinks the baby is going to be hurt by the natural mother,
   he thinks quickly and does something really stupid. This book doesn't turn out
   the way I thought it would (romantic old me, right?) but the ending is actually
   much better for everybody. And extremely satisfying. Nice picture on the front!
   Dell Yearling PB, in very good condition. $1.50

Mary Jane (Dorothy Sterling) 1959. Nice girl caught up in integration experiment
   in High School. HB, XL, good picture cover. $2.00

Water Babies (Charles Kingsley) This is a "Young Folks Standard Library" edition, 
    which doesn't sound nearly as beautiful as it is. watery multi-color dust jacket
   pattern, lots of good illustrations, high-quality paper. $3.00


                    FOR YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULTS, TOO.

We think that some of the greatest authors in the world live or 
summer in Maine! Try one or 2, and you may decide to come to 
Maine yourself.  I can hardly believe how much some of these books are 
getting on Ebay and other places! I knew they were good, but didn't realize
that other people knew it, too. My prices are no more than 1/2 of what they
are getting other places. Most of my copies are x-lib, but some are very good!

Saltwater Farm (Luthera Burton Dawson) 1993. Written by an old (in both senses of
   the word) of Dave's and mine, a pillar of the church where I've worked for many
   years, and the unofficial historian of the towns where she lived for so long.
   Luthera was born in Cushing, ME, just down the peninsula from Thomaston, where 
   we knew her when she lived there in later years. She was a very quiet lady, but if
   she said something, it was worth listening to! She was called on to speak for quite
   a few organizations, and was interviewed by the radio and TV, to talk about her
   memories of early life in Cushing and Tomaston. This book is about her childhood in
   a remote farm, where she lived and played and learned along with her twin brother.
   She wrote the essays when she was homesick for Maine, so homesick that after years
   away, making a living, she returned without a tiny doubt. To our great benefit!
   Smallish attractive paperback, privately printed  and autographed by Luthera. $3.00

Here if you Need Me, A True Story (Kate Braestrup) 2007. 15 years ago, the town
   where we work and where our children went to high school, was shocked and horrified
   when their favorite Maine State Trooper was killed in an traffic accident while
   on duty. This book was written by his wife, Kate, who decided to go to seminary
   after his death, at the Bangor Theological seminary where he was planning to start
   studying. This is partly the story of the family's life before and after his death,
   but mainly is about her work as chaplain for the Maine Warden Service. She's a
   really good writer, inspiring in the best meaning of the word (though she can
   also preach a pretty good sermon, as I can attest, from her few substitute
   stints at the church where I work!) The cover says this book was a National
   Bestseller, and though some of us who work in books laugh at this ubiquitous
   claim on almost every book you run across, in this case, I think it's true. So
   it's not just a local oddity -- you will LOVE it if you are interested in search
   and rescue and in what goes on with the families while those searches are going on.
   And it's a very clever family tale, also. Large and quite pretty pb in fairly
   good condition, $2.50
The Lobster Coast (Colin Woodard) 2004. Subtitled Rebels, Rusticators, and the Struggle
   for a Forgotten Frontier. And extremely popular book here in Maine. From the back
   cover of this large paperback -- "Woodard reveals Mainers' increasingly difficult 
   struggle to hold on to their communities and the early American ideals that have
   sustained them... in the face of uncontrolled growth and development." Sounds heavy, 
   doesn't it! Well, if you are interested in Maine, in lobsters and how to snag them, or
   in the history of a place that many people feel extremely strongly about, give it a
   try. It isn't all that heavy! Big paperback (that originally cost at least $15.00)
   in fairly good condition, $2.00


The Lobster Chronicles : Life on a Very Small Island (Linda Greenlaw) 2002. I'll just
   copy what's written on the back cover of this book. "After 17 years at sea, Linda   
   Greenlaw... decided it was time to take a break from being a swordboat captain...
   and return home to a tiny island 7 miles off the Maine coast with a population of
   7- year-round residents, 30 of whom are her relatives. She would pursue a simpler
   life, move back in with her parents; become a professional lobsterman; and find
   a man and settle down..." As you know, things never work out as you think they will!
   It's a true story, and you sure will learn a lot about lobstering, as well as what 
   it's like to live on a very small island. Large PB, XL, wonderful condition, $2.50

Books by Anne Molloy, who wrote some really good Maine mysteries and maltshoppy type
   books. She certainly knew what Maine was like (beyond the touristy veneer) though
   the biography in back of her books mentions that she actually is a summer visitor.
   We won't hold that against her! I hope we'll have more books by Molloy very soon.

Five Kidnapped Indians (Anne Molloy) This one is non-fiction, but as interesting 
   as fiction.  On the title page: "A True 17th Century Account of Five
   Early Americans, Tisquantum, Nahanada, Skitwarroes, Assocomoit and Maneday."
   Captain George Waymouth kidnapped 5 New England Indians and took them back to
   England so they could be studied by the English. Not nice at all, but this book
   also gives the reader a detailed look at a neglected era in the early days of
   America as well as the same years in England. Politics, attitudes, problems. 
   HB, XL, good condition, good DJ, too. $3.00
Captain Waymouth's Indians (Molloy) 1956. This is the same book as Five Kidnapped
   Indians, the original edition with a slightly different, very unusual and
   dramatic DJ. High quality paper, personal copy, a very good book. $3.00


The Maine Dictionary (John McDonald) OK, we don't really talk like that, of course!
   But if you want to sound the way you think, or wish, Mainers talk, this is the book
   for you. If you just want a chuckle, that's another use for the book. I think, from 
   the cover cartoon (which is really quite funny in a dreadful way!) that you're supposed 
   to think this is an all-humor book. But there are definitions of words that I sort of  
   wish we'd understood when we first moved to the absolute sticks, our first few years
   in Maine. And I'm ashamed to admit it, but I laughed (hard) over some of the shaggy-
   dog type jokes. Tall and wide paperback, very good condition, $2.50

The Maine Reader: The Down East Experience from 1614 to the Present. This huge paperback
  has chapters by a wide variety of authors including Sarah Orne Jewett ("The Town Poor")
  and Kenneth Roberts ("Seamen and Sea Serpents") plus Thoreau, Harriet Beecher Stowe,
   Longfellow, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Sinclair Lewis ("George F. Babbett Takes
   a Maine Vacation.") Lots of contemporary writers, too. We like to think that Maine
   produces the best writers in the world -- who knows why? The beauty? The solitude
   and long winters that give authors a chance to settle down and write? Well, you 
   can make your own decision, and see the sweep of history through the eyes of many
   Maine authors of great talent. Very large PB, $3.00 (it may take more postage than
   most books, but we'll weigh the order to make sure!)



The Country of the Pointed Firs, and Other Stories (Sarah Orne Jewett) preface
   by Willa Cather, reprint of a 1925 edition. Jewett has had a lot of attention
   in recent years, as a very fine American woman author. Most of her books take place in
   Maine, especially the title story, which shows what life was like in a peninsula
   town, way out in the ocean, well over 100 years ago. When I read this, after moving
   to the same town, I was struck by the description of a trip to Thomaston, which
   was the town where our daughters went to high school, so we sometimes ran up there
   a couple of times a day, 15 minutes each way. Well, for the people in this story, 
   it was a major trip, not to be taken without days of preparation! This is just one
   of the lovely reminiscences in the respected and loved story. There are 11 short
   stories in this book, too. Large PB, very lovely cover picture, fairish condition, $2.00

Books by Maine writer, Lew Dietz. These have had great appeal to young people who really 
   love the back-country forests. He wrote about boys, but anyone would enjoy reading
   them for the authentic (but very entertaining) stories of life in the wilds. His
   writing style is breezy, reading these books is great fun along with the adventures
   you'll love! Especially The Savage Summer -- I laughed a lot while I read it!
Savage Summer (Lew Dietz) 1964. 2 boy cousins spend the summer entertaining a 15-year-old 
   girl, who is "a pain in the neck." She's visiting the family of one of the boys, and
   the boys will get paid for the time they spend with the girl! The DJ picture shows
   the 3 teens in the Model A Ford belonging to one of the boys, and no one seems to be
   very unhappy about the situation -- at least at that point. Summer in Maine, with its
   influx of crazy Summer People, is well portrayed. This book might be read by either
   boys or girls, but I think it has its greatest appeal to girls. HB, excellent condition,
   XL, laser copy DJ. $6.00
The Year of the Big Cat (Lew Dietz) 1970. If you are an avid outdoorsperson (even if only
   from your comfortable chair) you will be fascinated by the cover picture of several
   views of a "big cat" prowling, snarling, etc. And an anxious-looking young man --
   wouldn't you be? But there's more in this story, family life, joy of being in the 
   wilderness. HB, XL OK condition, PC. $3.50
The Year of the Big Cat -- a very nice hb copy with a laser reprint of the original DJ,
   showing the boy and the "cats" with a snowy background. First ed. $5.00
Another copy of Year of the Big Cat (Dietz) with a very nice dust jacket, $4.00


Elspeth Bragdon doesn't have the reputation that many of our Maine YA authors still 
   have (like Ogilvie and Coatsworth) but her children's books are every bit as full 
   of Maine atmosphere and joyous interest as any Maine writers. I'll try to have 
   more books by her, in the near future.

Three Children's books by E. B. White -- this is a large PB and includes his classic books
   (and when I call something Classic, I really mean it!!) IN very good condition!
      INclueds Stuart Little, Trumpet of the Swan, and Charlotte's Web. 2 have the wonderful
      Garth Williams illustrations, Swan has interesting Edward Frascino illustrations.  
     These are the original art. Pictures of all 3 covers are pictured on the cover of the  
     book. Very nice one-book set. $2.50
The Trumpet of the Swan (E. B. White) 1970, in a newer and very beautiful edition.
   Like-new hardcover, with a very good dust jacket. Louis, the mute swan, wants to
   be able to sing, but he is voiceless. So he gets ahold of a trumpet and emulates
   his idol, Louis Armstrong. Pretty soon he's traveling all over the place, giving
   concerts to adoring fans. And all because he wanted to impress his lady-love!
   HB, personal copy not library, with DJ. $2.50

Abbie Burgess, Lighthouse Heroine, Jones and Sargent. Great Maine story! Abbie is still
   celebrated in this area where there are still many lighthouses. It's the true  story 
   of a young girl who has to keep the lighthouse going during an emergency. Takes place 
   Matinicus Rock, an island that's so close to here that some of the few kids who live 
   there, come ashore to our town for high school. Hardcover book, very nice condition,
   with a beautiful picture on the laser copy dust jacket. Shows Abbie in a storm,
   with rocks, waves, and that lighthouse in the background. Dramatic! $3.50  
Nicely autographed pb copy of Abbie Burgess, pb in very good condition. $3.00
Abbie Burgess, Lighthouse Heroine in hardcover, XL, fair condition, with very attractive
   dust jacket picture of wild sea waves, and lighthouse. $3.00

If there aren't very many, then I hope to have more books by this popular and very fine 
author on my next sale list. Probably my only "claim to fame" is that Louise Rich was 
my first cousin, once removed, in other words, her mother was my grandmother's sister.
But that's not why I love her books so much. My own grandfather was also an author, he
wrote books about religious education -- and I was so bored that I couldn't get through
the first one, though he was very well thought of at the time these books were written.
No, Dave and I love Rich's books because they are beautifully crafted and very 
entertaining, with a surprisingly wide reach for books about tiny places where 
very few people live!

Three of a Kind (Louise Dickinson Rich) 1970. The girl in this story is another of
   the "state kids" who live with families on Star Island, to provide enough children
   so that the school can stay open. She loves the family she lives with, but things
   aren't nearly as nice after their 4-year-old grandson also comes to live with them.
   You will recognize him as being autistic, but that wasn't a term that people were
   using much nearly 50 years ago. Benjy needs a lot of help and attention, which
   makes Sally feel -- again -- like a left-out unwanted child. The solution is
   delightful. Compainion book to Star Island Boy. HB, XL, both book and DJ in
   very good condition. Such a pretty Maine picture on the jacket! $5.00
Sally (originally Three of a Kind) Louise Dickinson Rich. PB with a nice picture on
   the cover. See above description. Good condition. $2.00
Star Island (or Star Island Boy -- they're the same book except for the additional
   word. (Louise Dickinson Rich) 1968. The residents of an island off the coast of
   Maine, don't have enough children to have enough for a grade school, so some of  
   them decide to apply for foster children to make up the difference. This isn't
   the reason that the children are given, but still, the boy is absolutely sure this
   will be just like all his former foster homes -- a short stay with a family until
   they don't want him any more. Island life and island people are far different from
   any he's known before, and he almost lets down his guard... Beautiful story, with
   a companion volume about a girl who arrived on the island at the same time and for
   the same reason -- Three of a Kind, also called Sally in the PB edition. Both are
   books that you'll read more than once. Really special. I have 2 copies of Star
   Island for sale. Both have cover picture of a boy helping out on a lobster boat,
   in a bay filled with beautiful islands, lobster traps, and seagulls. 
   Hardcover, personal copy, with printed picture cover. Very good condition.  $4.50

Only Parent (Louise Dickinson Rich.) 1953. Mrs. Rich wrote beautifully, anything she
   wrote. In this book, I think she was writing for the people who loved "We Took
   To The Woods,"  "My Neck of the Woods," and other books about living in the middle
   of nowhere in the Maine woods. I imagine these people were wondering what had 
   happened to their favorite author and her children after her husband died and 
   she moved back to town. Like her Maine wilderness books, this one combines humor,
   practicality, and poignant observations. Very nice DJ picture by Paul Laune,
   showing pretty dining room and slim, stylish mother looking out the window at 
   beautiful children. Probably some of this picture is only a figment of the artist's 
   imagination -- these people had recently lived in the back of beyond, but it's
   possibly realistic! HB, fairly good condition, with laser copy DJ that looks 
   wonderful. $7.00

The Coast of Maine (Louise Dickinson Rich) with photographs by Samuel Chamberlain. Sub
   titled "An informal history and guide." 1956, revised several times, this is the
   1970 edition. You'll find lots more than just facts; there are characters, books,
   little-known interesting sights to see, and all those very fine photos by Chamberlain
   who compiled quite a few photographic collections around New England. Chapters on
   history, of course, islands, all the varied locales in this large state, things to
   do and see, and Rich's personal, conversational style of imparting information.
   Very large paperback book, fairly good condition, a cover picture that looks like
   what you think Maine should look like -- ships, shoreline, and a lobster boat, 
   among other things. You'll even get a kick out of the introduction to this 
   edition! $3.00 (2 copies available)


Books by Elizabeth Coatsworth ---  One of my all-time favorite authors since I was a 
   little girl! Most of these book could be listed as Alice's Picks. She lived only a few 
   miles from where we now live, but I never met her. I have heard her daughter speak     
   about her mother's works, at several seminars or meetings. She concentrates on her 
   mother's poetry, as the daughter is a poet herself, but I'm convinced that her 
   stories are even better! Coatsworth's historical books are almost as good as her
   stories about contemporary children. We recently had a wonderful visit from one of
   our book customers, who had arranged to have all of us visit the farm site where
   Coatsworth and her author-husband, Henry Beston, lived. It was inspiring to see
   the view and the lovely countryside that were inspirations for both of those
   exceptional authors. I couldn't love Coatsworth's books more than I already did,
   but this was a lovely opportunity to understand their background even better.

Books by Elizabeth Coatsworth --

Away Goes Sally (Coatsworth) part of the 4-book set about Sally, this one tells about
   her move from Massachusetts to Maine with a "tiny house" pulled by a team of oxen.
   Historical young adult novel at its very, very best! Like to read about blizzards?
   Or houses" ? Or another book about Sally and her family? HB, XL book in very nice
   condition, with a very good dust jacket. $4.00
The Peddler's Cart (Elizabeth Coatsworth) 1956. There were 13 kids in the family, but 
   the youngest boy was different from the others -- they were so energetic and noisy
   while he was a dreamer like his father. One year when summer came, the father took 
   him along on the peddler's rounds, seeing things he had never dreamed. And of
   course there is a bit of mystery and excitement during the summer. Great fun! 
   HB, XL, with nice printed picture cover. $3.50


Bess and the Spinx (Coatsworth) 1967. The "Bess" in this story is clearly Ms Coatsworth
   herself, who traveled to Egypt when she was a girl and thought of herself as the
   same kind of awkward and easily frightened. Adventures that happened on this wonderful
   trip, changed her life and her expectations. There is a nice note at the end of the
   story, explaining about her life after the story. And the back flap lists all of my
   very favorite Coatsworth books! HB, with a laser copy of the original DJ, all in
   good condition. $3.00

The Enchanted (Coatsworth) 1951. She wrote several (3 or 4) what she called Incredible
   Tales, which you could interpret various ways, but probably you'd lean toward the
   magical explanation! This one starts out logically enough, a young man buys a remote
   farm, and fixes it up so he can live there and raise horses. Then he starts to meet
   his neighbors, the man who tells fantastic stories about what happens in "The
   Enchanted," an area with a river of the same name. And he meets the large happy family 
   up the road, including Molly. And the strangeness of certain things that happen. You 
   can take my word, this another Maine writer who can delve into the strange -- and it's
   a lot more subtle than Steven King.  A rather slim book, with line drawings that capture
   exactly the right moods. Suitable for teens and adults. HB, PC, $3.50
Silky (Elizabeth Coatsworth0 1953 -- another of the Incredible Tales by Coatsworth. A
   beautiful fantasy, set in rural Maine, "hailed throughout the country as a lyric
   masterpiece" full of the feeling of poetry and silvery beauty as it says in the DJ flap
   description. Hardcover with misty picture on the laser copy of the original DJ. Art by
   John Carroll. HB in fair condition, DJ is beautiful. $3.50

All-of a Sudden Susan (Coatsworth) 1974. She wrote and published for a very long time!
   This is a story for fairly young readers, but if you collect Coatsworth, you need this  
   in your collection. Includes an antique doll and several animals, plus heroic feats 
   by the young heroine, during a flood. HB, XL, DJ, $2.50


Personal Geography (Coatsworth) "Almost an Autobiography"  In her 83rd year,
   Coatsworth put together this compilation of many selections from her private journals,
   public writings, poetry,  and reflections. The date on the title page is 1968, but there 
   are entries that date from later than that, so this must be a 2nd edition. Nice HB book
   in good DJ with a picture that covers both back and front of the book. Imposing 
   woman stands in a meadow, overlooking Chimney Pond. $5.00
Jock's Island (Coatsworth) Sheep dog trying to keep guarding his sheep when the
   island's inhabitants are evacuated before a volcano eruption. PB, nicely illustrated. $1
Jock's Island (Coatsworth) Volcano formed the island, and now it's suddenly becoming
   active again. The boy and his wonderful sheepdog have a huge job protecting the
   sheep. The illustrations in this book are amazing (Lilian Obligado) and full of
   animals -- from the dog and sheep, to cats, gulls, cattle. And the pictures give you
   an amazing sense of the power of the volcano and storms. HB, XL, $2.50

Outermost House: A Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod (Henry Beston) 1928
   I don't usually sell things that could be called Classics, but this one is too good
   to miss! If you've ever vacationed on The Cape, you probably didn't see anything like
   what Mr. Beston describes, but when you read this, and you'll know why people are 
   trying to save the Real Cape. A year of almost total seclusion (try finding THAT in 
   the touristy areas of Cape Cod today!) and observation of nature. You probably
   know that Beston was later married to Elizabeth Coatsworth. PB, $1.50
Especially Maine: The Natural World of Henry Beston From Cape Cod to the St.
   Lawrence, selected and with introductions by Elizabeth Coatsworth. All that is on
   the front cover of this lovely and large paperback book, reprinted from the original 
   by a small press in Brattleboro, VT. The blurbs on the back cover seem to indicate
   that Coatsworth's notes are as important a part of this book as the stories of the
   natural world by her much-revered author-husband. There are letters, short notes,
   longer essays, poems.. and personal reminiscences by Coatsworth, about buying 
   their Maine farm, about their daughters, travels and everything! Such a good 
   book, if you love Elizabeth Coatsworth, you'll love to learn more about her
   husband (includes 2 pictures of this handsome man!)PB, good cond, $2.50

End of books by Elizabeth Coatsworth and/or Henry Beston


MAINE BOOKS BY DOROTHY SIMPSON All Illustrated by Dorothy Bayley Morse, who probably is
one of my 4 or 5 favorite illustrators of children's books -- right up there with
Mary Stevens! These books are about the Marshall family, who live on an isolated
island off the Maine coast. They are poor from our point of view, but to them, the
island life is a wonderful adventure, and they really don't want to leave it for
anything, or for anything to change.  The books are treasures, from any point of view. 
that Island in the Bay is the first in this series, but actually it's a stand-alone 
title. The first in this series is "The Honest Dollar" and "Lesson for Janie" is next. 
There aren't any of Simpson's books available right now, but you can look for them
in thrift shops and book stores, and you can be sure I'll add them to my list when
I can find more!

A Matter of Pride (Dorothy Simpson) illustrated by Dorothy Bayley Morse. 1959. One of
   the Janie Marshall series of books. Janie doesn't want her teacher to know that
   her family is too poor to buy her new shoes when her old ones are too small. The
   teacher thinks Janie is sassy when she is really only trying to hide her secret. 
   Ths starts a long, long battle between them, though the teacher seems to be trying
   to bridge the gap. Plenty of humorous school and home situations, plus a lot of
   Maine island fun and a wonderful teacher, no matter what Janie thinks at first! 
   This HB book has been VERY well loved. OK, actually it's in poor condition. But
   some thrifty Down Easter mended it, it's all there, and I've covered it with a 
   laser copy of the really lovely dust jacket. This one has a really special picture.
   HB, LDJ, $4.00
New Horizons (Dorothy Simpson) Illustrated by Dorothy Bayley Morse (another reason
   for loving these books!) 1961. Probably my favorite of the Simpson books about
   Janie. She is thrilled to have a chance to go to the mainland so she can go to
   high school. Island children still board with families so they can go to school,
   and I'm sure they still find out that there are huge differences between their
   former homes and the challenges they face in an entirely new place. And they
   probably get homesick and figure they just can't stick it out, as Janie did at
   first. Wonderful story with a wonderful picture on the DJ -- Girl at the wheel
   of a ship, looking very happy to be back at sea. HB, X-library, in good cond,
   with a laser copy of our very good dust jacket. $8.00


MAINE BOOKS BY ELIZABETH LADD, one of the best authors of authentic Maine YA books
from all of the 20th century. She lived just about all her life on a rather remote island,
enjoying animals and children, all of which contribute to her wonderful books! Most 
of them were illustrated by Mary Stevens, another favorite of ours, and another Maine
native. Some of Ladd's books form series, but any can be read separately with
great pleasure. I'll certainly try to find more book by Ladd very soon.

The Night of the Hurricane (Elizabeth Ladd) 1956. Illustrated by Mary Stevens. This
   story is about Judy, from Enchanted Island, her aunt and uncle, and their life 
   on the Maine coast. It starts with preparation for a big storm. Then the hurricane 
   hits, then there are repairs to be made. But that's just the beginning! The 
   Maine coastal year continues with town meeting, The Wish Book, snowstorms, 
   Christmas, and always in Ladd's books, animals! I don't know why, but I love 
   to read about big snowstorms and hurricanes, even though they are dangerous 
   and scary. This nice story includes both of those kinds of weather events and 
   much more -- like Judy's trying to raise enough money on that remote island, to
   give her aunt a really, really special Christmas present. So nice!  
   HB, personal copy in pretty good condition, small picture(by Mary Stevens) 
   on the front cover. $4.00
Judy's Summer Friend (Elizabeth Ladd) 1958. Mary Stevens' wonderful illustrations. Judy 
    lives on a remote island with very few other children. A family with a girl her age,
    comes to stay for the summer on the island. It takes some effort and time for the
    2 girls to start to understand each other, and you come to learn how different life
    is (or at least was before computers?) when you live way out in the ocean On an
    isolated island. Very good story!!! I love to read variations on "the city mouse and
    the country mouse" theme, and this is one of the most interesting of all. HB book in
    fair condition, former library copy. However, the DJ is in very nice condition and 
    the book looks very attractive. This is the 3rd in the Judy trio about the young
    orphan who finds a family life on the island. $4.50

The Year of the Pheasants (Elizabeth Ladd) 1957. Illustrated by Mary Stevens. Like the
   author, the children in this story live deep in the country, close to nature. The
   girl decides to raise pheasants from eggs, and this book tells about the many things
   that can happen in a project like this one. Nice family scenes (she has to get have
   the cooperation of her brother!) and adorable pictures. XL book is in fairly worn
   condition, but has a nice printed library picture cover, plus a fairly good DJ.
   HB, XL, PC and DJ -- $4.00 
An even nicer copy of Year of the Pheasants -- though it says it was once part of a 
   library collection, it looks pretty close to new, and has a good copy of our original 
   dust jacket to enhance it. $4.50
Meg of Heron's Neck (Elizabeth Ladd) 1961. This is the first in the Meg series, and
  tells about Meg's going to live with relatives, while always wishing that she could 
   still live on the boat with her big brother. The cover shows Meg with her pets --
   a black cat and a crow -- with an ocean background. As in all the Meg books,
   there is plenty of action and mystery in this one. PB in good condition, $3.00
Meg's Mysterious Island (Ladd, with Mary Stevens illustrations) 1963. Meg and her
   brother, Allen, spend the whole winter alone on an island -- something that appeals
   to Meg even more than it sometimes appeals to most of us! I guess you could call 
   this book a pre-quel to some of the other books about Meg and Allen. As the DJ flap
   says, "This shivery story tells of her earlier adventures during the carefree days
   when she and Allen lived aboard their little boat, and of their snug but precarious
   winter on a snowbound Maine island." Meg shows just how brave she is during an
   adventure that I'd call a step above the "shivery" in that description. HB, personal
   copy in beautiful condition, with a good DJ, too. $6.50
A Mystery for Meg (Ladd) hardcover with dust jacket, both in good condition! The
   so-appealing illustrations of Mary Stevens, showing Meg and "repulsive" the cat,
   watching what's going on across the water on an island. Book has some stains
   on the bottom corner of each of the covers, but they don't seem to go any
   further than the cover, and are more than made up by the very good DJ that covers
   the book. The only indication that this book might have been a library copy, is
   the tiny sticker with an upside-down map of Maine, at the bottom of the DJ spine.
   Other than that, you could hardly find a better-looking DJ. $5.00
A Mystery for Meg (Ladd) 1962. Nice paperback from Down East publications. It has the
   adorable cover picture of Mag and her cat, there is a crease across the cover, 
   but otherwise the book is in good cond, clean white pages, good pictures. $2.50
Meg and Melissa (Elizabeth Ladd) Illustrated by Mary Stevens. 1964. Meg is almost 13
   by now, and feels that she has to find a summer job. Like so many young girls, this
   first job is babysitting -- she spends the summer with a well-to-do family who 
   are summering on an island. We don't really have more mysterious things happening
   here in Maine, but you would think so, from all the great mystery stories that are
   set here! The cover of this one is especially interesting -- a little girl and a
   bigger one, both with black braids, peering into the mouth of a cave -- wild ocean
   waves below.  The book was well-read by kids who got it from their library, 
   but it's pretty sturdy and surprisingly clean. Laser copy of our DJ. $4.00
Trouble on Heron's Neck (Elizabeth Ladd) 1956. Centering to some extent on Meg's pet
   crow, this Maine summer story brings Meg into another mystery, with a bit of danger
   and a quiet message about conservation and caring for animals. Along with the
   wonderful personality of Meg, who just can't seem to stay out of trouble and
   even danger! HB, XL, in very good condition, with a good DJ. $5.00
Another copy of Trouble on Heron's Neck -- more worn than the first copy, but sturdy
   enough and clean (the young readers were respectful of their library books!) Has a
   laser copy of our original dust jacket, very nice-looking. $4.00
The Indians on the Bonnet (Elizabeth Ladd) 1971. The Bonnet is a point of land on the
    Maine seacoast. As with most of Ladd's books, the characters are true Mainers, working
   and living under the harsh but beautiful conditions of the Maine coast, a life that summer
   visitors don't see. In this book, the plot goes beyond small-town fun, to touch on the
   subject of prejudice against Native Americans. I love reading anything by Ladd, whose 
   heroines are always the nicest of girls, and whose settings are always gorgeous!  This 
   one, while entertaining reading for sure, also  makes you think, and isn't quite as 
   "cozy" as some of her books. Mystery element is especially interesting! HB, XL, in very  
   good condition inside and out. $4.00
Janie (Elizabeth Ladd) Illustrated by Mary Stevens. 1955. A Maine mystery! Girl's family
   spends the Columbus Day holidays at the cottate where they've only stayed during 
   summers until now. She and the cousin who goes with them, are quickly in the middle of
   what certainly is a mysterious, and could possibly be a dangerous, mystery. Full of the
   wonderful homey details of all Ladd's books, as well as what makes them especially dear
   to me -- Mary Stevens' wonderful pictures. Cover picture, for instance, shows a boy 
   and a girl looking down from a hill, on a very Maine scene - lovely cove surrounded
   by evergreens, and a truely New-England "continuous architecture" farm house with
   sheds and barns. We've seen scenes just like this so many times! Book is XL but in
   near-new condition, and has a laser copy of our DJ, which is also excellent. $5.00

MAINE BOOKS BY MARY C. JANE.  She wrote some of the best and most popular mysteries
   for young people in the '50s and '60s! Each one has a different setting. almost 
   all of them somewhere in Maine. They're nothing fancy, but they show children enjoying 
   their lives amid some pretty mysterious happenings! All of them feature girls and boys 
   equally, which is quite unusual and very pleasing. Animals of several species are
   quite often part of the stories. Maine kids love them, I love them, and so will you. 
   You really need to have all of them! All have pleasant Raymond Abel illustrations.

Mystery at Shadow Pond (Mary C. Jane)  Set on a remote farm, near a mountain and pond.
   Strangers are coming around their home and searching for some old letters that 
   must be very valuable. If the family finds them first, the letters might make them
   enough money so they won't have to sell their property and lose their beloved
   horse. PB with the kids-and-robot cover, $2.00 


BOOKS BY MAINE'S FAMOUS ELISABETH OGILVIE -- for both adults and young adults

My late Maine "neighbor", Elisabeth Ogilvie, wrote some wonderful YA books in the
   1950s and 1969s, I should include most of these in the Maltshop section of 
   this list, but they are such true depictionf of Maine life in the area where
   we live, near the coast and on the islands.  Ogilvie, who died a few years ago,  
   lived near here, and was a very nice lady as well as a very talented writer 
   for both adults and teens.  I treasure my books by Ogilvie, and love to 
   find duplicates so I can let other people read them! I wish there were more 
   available -- and I will list them when I get any! By the way, I'm still looking
   for a copy of the DJ for Fabulous Year. If you have a copy with a DJ, and would
   be willing to make a laser copy of it for my book,  I'll happily trade a LDJ
   for anything in your collection if my copy happens to have a DJ.

Blueberry Summer (Elisabeth Ogilvie) 1956. A huge favorite of just about everybody!
   Cass is overweight and unhappy. She lives at the end of a very remote peninsula
   (very close to where my poor, teenaged daughters also had to grow up!)and she
   has to spend this whole summer taking care of her little brother (AKA "The Brat")
   while her mother has to help the adult daughter after an accident. Then there
   are the household chores, to say nothing of the blueberry harvest later in the
   summer. Nothing like the glamorous summer Cass had planned, away from home for
   the first time. A very, very realistic depiction of what life was, and probably
   still is, for a teen growing up on the Maine Coast. Oh, what a happy story it
   really turns out to be. The front cover picture is of a girl who would never
   have any problems with weight or appearance, along with a man who would cause
   any girl to fall in love with at first sight. The cover isn't very realistic in
   case you didn't get my meaning! But the rest of it certainy is, and how much
   we all love this one. The sequel is "Fabulous Year"  -- so look for it! PB
   in fairly good condition, $3.00
After a Blueberry Summer, comes a Fabulous Year. Cass's senior year in HS. I love
   this one since I've been in the building that used to be the High School (now
   the town library and sometimes a UMaine outpost) many times. Walked around the
   town of Thomaston ME and I even work there as a church organist. But I don't think
   that's why this book seems so special. Lots of people really love these 2 books, 
   without ever stepping foot in Maine. Bet they'll make you want to come for a visit!
   PB in fairly good cond -- you'll get a few more readings out of it. $3.50 
   (2 copies available)

Storm Tide (Adult book by Elisabeth Ogilvie) #2 in the Tide Trilogy, reprinted by
   Down East Books here in Maine. From the back "Return to Bennett's Island with
   Joanna Bennett, Nils Sorensen, and the other idlands who have come back to
   their true home after several years of mainland exile." The other books in this
   trilogy are High Tide at Noon, and The Ebbing Tide. As far as I know all of these
   are still in print by Down East. Large PB in very good condition, $4.00

Rowan Head (Elisabeth Ogilvie) 1949. Maine coast setting, of course. Romantic and
   suspenseful, this isn't a YA book, but you'll be caught up in the drama as soon as
   you start reading it! Young woman takes the job of companion for an old lady and
   thus joins a family full of secrets and mystery. Nice attractive HB, People's
   Book club edition which always means there is a nice DJ, and beautiful endpaper
   pictures. I can almost pinpoint where this Dj picture is located! HB in good
   condition, DJ in fairly good condition (picture 99% intact.) $3.00

I'll list books by Ogilvie as soon as I possibly can!


                WANT TO SHARE

   I wish I had some books to offer by Kathrene Pinkerton -- one of my new favorite 
   authors! She wrote about living in very lightly populated areas of northern Canada 
   or the northern US. She wrote a wonderful 4-book series about living in Alaska.
   I had thought that books set in the wilderness would be boring -- all those identical 
   trees and lakes!  But it's amazing how many people the teens eventually see and how 
   many adventures, dangers and mysteries they encounter! As soon as I finished the 
   first 2 in the series(which I'd had around my library for ages) I splurged and found 
   the other 2 in the series. I could NOT wait! Any of her books that I sell here, 
   will be duplicates of my own copies -- I wouldn't sell my own!  SO....
   If I don't have any of Pinkerton's books for sale now, you may want to search for
   affordable copies elsewhere. I'm afraid I don't find them very often. Good luck!

The Silver Pencil (Alice Dalgliesh) 1944 Newbery Honor book. For most of my teen
   years, this was one of my VERY favorite book! Something of a career novel,
   something of a chronicle, it covers Janet's early years in Trinidad, her schooling 
   in England, her move to America for college, and her early adult life as a teacher. 
   and of course so much more! I couldn't possibly tell you how many times I read the
   book, and how excited I was when I found, in the attic with all our "old stuff,"
   a small Silver Pencil for myself. I wore it as a necklace for years. This PB
   edition has a cover that I find entirely inappropriate to the story, but the
   interior illustrations are the originals by Katherine Milhous. Very good cond
   PB. $2.50 


Here I Stay, A Maine Novel (Elizabeth Coatsworth) 1938. Illustrations by Edwin Earle
   (I'm listing the illustrator although I don't know much about him, because the 
   b/w illustrations are exceptionally good.) Takes place in Maine, following the 
   great migration of New Englanders to the Western Reserve to find homesteads and  
   better farming conditions. The entire village is leaving, but Margaret's father  
   has recently died, and she feels that she can't leave the home and farm that they 
   built together. I can't tell you how many times I've read this book, but at least
   5 or 6 times and I'm sure I'll read it again. Like so many of my favorite books, 
   I've read it out loud to Dave, and he loved it, too. A young woman alone all 
   winter, 10 miles from another human being -- at least most of the time. There were
   visitors, animal and human. I won't go on and on, but it's a truly beautiful
   book, dedicated to her naturalist husband, Henry Beston.  HB, personal copy, with
   a laser repro of our nice dust jacket.  $8.00  


Little by Little: A Writer's Education (Jean Little) 1987. I had put this book on
   the list a while back, but at that time I hadn't read it myself. Now I have! I
   just finished reading it, and absolutely loved it! I've always enjoyed reading
   Little's fiction, so I don't know why I haddn't delved into this one, which is 
   an autobiography of her life up to the time her first book was published. She is
   nearly blind, which made her life quite difficult for many years -- teasing from
   other children, lack of understanding by teachers, and self-doubts. Her family,
   however, never doubted her abilities or impeded her independence, and eventually
   she did very well. In the meantime, this book is full of humor as she looks back; 
   it reminds me in some ways of Beverly Cleary in her understanding of the way a
   child views events. If you've read Cleary's bio of her own young years, don't
   look for very many similarities between these 2 great writers' childhoods or
   families. Both of these autobiographies are very much worth reading for insight
   but more than that -- for sheer enjoyment! HB with DJ, $3.00
His Banner Over Me (Jean Little) 1995. This is something of a biography, in the form
   of a novel, of Little's own mother, who was the daughter of missionaries, lived in 
   Taiwan for her early years, then was sent to Ohtario to live with unknown relatives. 
   Takes place around the time of WWI. Very attractive paperback in fine cond. $2.00

Let's Go Fishing! (Lee Wulff) 1939. Famous fisherman and author of books about fishing,
   wrote this book for young people who want to learn about fishing -- it actually says
   "any boy..." but why can't girls do just as well as boys in this sport, as in any?
   Adorable small vintage book tells about catching various species, tackle that you
   will need, bait, and even cooking your catch fresh out of the water. Lots of simple
   but entertaining pictures and diagrams. Very good condition HB with DJ. $3.50


Journey to America (Sonia Levitin) 1970. I just finished reading this excellent
   book set mostly in Germany in 1938-39. Jewish family wants to leave the country, 
   but it's certainly not an easy thing to do. Father leaves first, mother and 3
   daughters eventually make their plans to join him in America. But nothing is
   easy, nothing is quick, almost nothing is pleasant. Very beautiful story,
   with parts that make you rejoice in humanity as well as the opposite. Author
   lived through many of the same experiences as Lisa in the story. Scholastic
   paperback, middle grade level, good condition. $2.00

The Flight of the Doves (Walter Macken) 1968. I recently read this book out loud
   to Dave, and we both thought it was very good! Boy and his little sister leave 
   their abusive uncle, who has a valuable reason to try to get them back. They 
   head toward their grandmother's home, but that means a trip (mostly on foot)
   all the way across Ireland. They are helped or hindered by various people on
   their trip, and are haunted by a man who seems to show up everywhere and scares
   them very much. A very exciting book, a very exciting and satisfying ending! 
   Plenty of surprises along the way. HB, sturdy binding, printed picture cover,
   all in good condition. $3.00


Melindy's Medal (Georgene Faulkner and John Becker) 1945. Unusual story, very nice
   and appealing. Melindy is what even she calls "a colored girl" living in Boston,
   8 years old and feeling guilty because she's the only person in her family who
   has never won a medal. Her family moves into a new apartment and she's on her
   way to do something that earns her a medal, but I won't divulge the ending of
   this lovely but story. HB, fair condition, $1.50
Do you collect Comet books, or wish you had some of these interesting old paperbacks?
   Sounds like Comic Books, but I didn't make a mistake, it's "comet" all right. Each 
   of these collectible vintage young adult paperbacks features a back cover with 9  
   square pictures highlighting the action in the book with clever comments. Interior
   of the books are beautifully presented, with patterned endpapers, tables of
   contents, and lists of full-page illustrations. There are smaller illustrations, 
   too (all in black and white with a wash of one other color. So vintage-looking!)
   These 2 Comet books are aimed at boys, but of course girls might enjoy them, too.
   The books are:
     #11, Bat Boy of the Giants by Garth Garreau, originally from 1948 and
        illustrated by Richard Powers.  and
     #27. Forest Patrol by Jim Kjelgaard, originally from 1941 and illustrated by
         George Meyerriecks.
2 Comet paperback books in fairly good condition. $5.00

A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt (C. Coco De Young) 1999. In the story, it's 1933, and the
   girl's family is in terrible financial trouble, about to lose their home. Girl
   thinks of a very original way to help the family, as you can certainly guess from
   the title. A really wonderful story about a time that fascinates those of us who
   didn't have to live through it. Young reader but really good reading for older
   readers. The notes say that the story is based on a true family tale. PB, $1.50


***Trolley Car Family (Eleanor Clymer) 1947. Illustrated by Ursula Koering except for a 
   a new cover picture, which is quite attractive itself, if not just like the original.
   Father is a trolley car driver, but busses take over the trolley line, and he loses
   his job. As compensation, the company offers him the trolley car that he had driven
   all these years, and they move it to the very end of the line, way out in the 
   country. The family converts it into a nice cozy little house, and they move in.
   I absolutely LOVE the process of making the car into a home, including the nice
   detailed floor plan and all the interesting things they did to make it liveable. 
   But wait, there's more!!! What about the grouchy man who lives next door to where
   they had lived in town? And who are those people in the farm on the hill above
   the trolley lines? When I was a kid, I couldn't get enough of this book, and I've
   probably read it 3 more times as an adult. It's truly one of Alice's Picks.
   Nice condition PB, $2.50 (2 available)

Adopted Jane (Helen F. Daringer) illustrated by Kate Seredy, 1947. Jane had lived
   in the orphanage for most of her life, so she figured that by this time, she'd 
   never be adopted. But even a summer of living in a real home, was a wonderful
   opportunity, and that turned out to be only the very beginning of the exciting
   and beautiful changes that came into her life. One of the most memorable books
   I've read -- I know that, because as far as I can recall, I've only read it once,
   but the whole book is still imprinted on my mind. So lovely! With quite a bit of
   adorable humor. Nice hefty PB in good condition for $2.00, another one with a few 
   creases on the cover, $1.50


Plain Girl (Virginia Sorensen) 1955. Author of beautiful books like Miracles on
   Maple Hill, has written about 10-yr-old Amish girl who is supposed to be going 
   to public school according to the law, but her family is adamantly against it. 
   her brother was forced to go to school, and he has left home, so the family is
   afraid to send her, too. Picture on front of this PB shows a girl in Amish garb,
   sitting at a school desk. Sweet ending, a perfect book to read when you feel a
   little down. PB, $1.50 (2 copies available?) 

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Kate Douglas Wiggin) 1903. A classic, very early book
   for children, by a Maine author. This story is as different as possible from 
   that other early children's classic book, Elsie Dinsmore! Rebecca is candid,
   a little irreverant, and enthusiastic. At the beginning, she's traveling to 
   her aunts' Maine home to stay, to take some of the burden off her widowed 
   mother, who is bringing up 7 children. It isn't always easy for Rebecca, 
   great changes are made in her life. This is a humorous book, a touching
   book, and one that you would have read over and over with great pleasure if
   you'd been a child during the early 20th century. Nice HB with DJ,
   Thrushwood edition $3.50


Another big lot, but this time its emphasis is on the illustrator! I don't know 
whether any of you are as enamored as I am, of children's book illustrations.
I'm not artistic, can't draw, not good at recognizing famous artists; but since
childhood, I've loved certain illustrators for their appealing, detailed, realistic
pictures of children. Dave's and my all-time favorite is Mary Stevens, who was a
Maine native, and illustrated many series books including a lot of the early Trixie
Beldens. Here I'm offering a little pile of "her" books for you. They're former
library books, fair+ condition, but full of pictures in great shape! Including:
  Two Dog Biscuits by Beverly Cleary, with Mary Stevens illustrations. This is my
     favorite, because of the cats! I've never seen a happier cat, or one who is
     so satisfied at the end of the book. And the twin children? Priceless! A    
     picture book for little kids.
   Nobody Listens to Andrew by Elizabeth Guilfoile, a beginning-to-read book
     illustrated by Mary Stevens. Kids love the story, too
   The Snake That Went to School by Lilian Moore, with Stevens pictures. For somewhat
      older readers, maybe about 3rd to 4th graders. Even the printed library cover
      is hilarious!
   Wishes and Secrets by Mary Elting with Stevens pictures -- aimed at about 4th
      to 5th grade -- and I think you'll get a kick out of the book as much as the
      pictures in this one.
4 books with Mary Stevens illustrations -- $6.00

DO YOU LOVE CATS? LIBRARIES? Well, here's a non-fiction book for you -- 
Dewey, The Small-Town Cat who Touched the World by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter.  
   2008. Even the cover is beautiful, showing a yellow and white cat with a sweet 
   face, in front of shelves full of books. As a tiny kitten, Dewey was rescued 
   from the book drop on a freezing cold morning. He lived his whole life in the 
   library, became the pet of the town -- and changed lives all over the world.
   There's a nice parallel story about the author's life, too. I loved this book, 
   and wouldn't be selling this copy if I didn't have another to keep for myself.
   HB, personal copy, very good cond with a very good DJ. $3.00
PB copy of Dewey, the Small-Town Cat... beautiful cat on the cover -- sitting on 
   a pile of books! Only thing keeping it from being like-new, is a long gift
   inscription inside front cover. Otherwise, nearly pristine. $2.00


Our Miss Boo (Margaret Lee Runbeck) 1942. I've been sitting here trying to describe
   this book, but it defies common explanation. Some describe it as a book about
   children, but that's not quite right. It's about a little girl in a family that 
   didn't really know they wanted to have children, but found out how amazing and
   surprising life is with a daughter. The author is a concerned citizen, with 
   much to be concerned about at that time in our history, and that shines through,
   too. Very entertaining and humorous in a subtle way. It was popular enough that
   there are 2 sequels, up to Miss Boo is Sixteen -- even more enjoyable! After 
   you've read this one, you will be looking for the others for sure! Oh, and have
   a few kleenex ready. HB, good cond, $3.00

Peter Pan (J. M. Barrie) 1911. This is the original story of Peter and Wendy, not the
   play or movie version that we're all familiar with. It's a novel, and the play
   pretty much follows the story, but there are interesting differences that make
   it a story that's as much for adults as for kids. Very adorable illustrations
   in this 1950 edition. HB in good condition, with DJ in fair cond (front cover
   picture intact, but edges are worn.) $2.50


BIG LOT of LITTLE HOUSE books. If you don't happen to have all these Laura Ingalls
   Wilder books, here are 3 in good condition -- or maybe you can pass them 
   on to a child who loves to read. These are nice paperbacks with the Garth 
   Williams illustrations Included are Little House on the Prairie, Farmer Boy, 
   and By the Shores of Silver Lake. All 3 for $4.00

Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and the people who wrote authorized sequels to the 
Little House series. These are pb books in varying conditions, mostly very good. Price -- $1.25 each Little House in the Big Woods On the Other Side of the Hill by Roger Lea MacBride (about Rose as a child) Little House in Brookfield by Maria D. Wilkes (about Laura's mother as a child) Missouri Homestead by T. L. Tedrow (from The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder, book 1) Good Neighbors by Tedrow (days of Laura Ingalls Wilder book 3) Home to the Prairie by Tedrow (Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder, book 4) These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder Here is a big lot of Little House -- I mean Laura Ingalls Wilder -- books in the iconic yellow paperback format with Garth Williams illustrations. All 8 of them for $10.00. Includes most of the original series and a bonus for a little child. Very good condition. Make a child happy or give them to yourself for nostalgia! Little House in the Big Woods Farmer Boy Banks of Plum Creek The Long Winter Little House on the Prairie Those Happy Golden Years The First Four Years And for a little one -- a chapter book, Adventures of Laura and Jack All 8 of these books for a total of $10.00 Little House in the Big Woods (Laura Ingalls Wilder) Garth Wiliams illustrator. Hardcover copy of this wonderful book, in great condition except for a gift inscription inside the cover -- there are ways to cover something like that up if you want to give the book away. "Iconic" cover picture! $2.50 Farmer Boy (Laura Ingalls Wilder) 1933. HB copy of the famous edition with Garth Williams illus. This book is about the childhood of Almanzo Wilder, who married Laura years later. Fun, hard work. You'll learn a lot about farm living, and the skills needed to be a successful farmer! And the food descriptions -- it's very much worth reading just for reading about food preparation and meals! Not quite as familiar as the stories about the Ingalls family, but very much part of the series. HB in pretty good condition, picture cover, so nice! $3.00 ALICE PICKS OUT SOME COOKBOOKS! I've been cleaning out my cook book collection, and I hope some of them will look as good to you, as they did for me. I've read all of them, which is my favorite way to use cookbooks! Used a few recipes from each, but I didn't cut anything out of them. Have fun! Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book (For Beginning Cooks of all Ages) 1972 Good, easy recipes that you can actually eat. This book has been USED! It's stained and a little bit warped. But it's still nostalgic, with its red and white checked cover and down-home recipes. HB, $1.50 Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook book -- HB with PC, good condition, $2.50 Betty Crocker's Cook Book for Boys and Girls. This is a small spiral-bound hardcover, nice 1950s cover, fairly good condition. Campfire cooking, Breakgast, Lunch, Dinner recipes, and actually if you like down home cooking, you probably would never need another cook book! Apple Crisp, Mac and Cheese, Chili, Spanish Rice, fancy cakes and cookies, you get the idea! Lots of hints to help the beginning cook. Fairly good condition, $3.00 Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys & Girls -- this edition is a tall and wide PB with a picture of 6 children in what look like 1970s hairstyles, eating brownies. The recipes in this book are for comfort food and basics, with a lot of clever ways to serve and garnish -- if you (as an adult) mastered all the recipes in this cute book, you wouldn't really need to know any others. Barbecued ribs, meatloaf, soups and sandwiches, pizza, salads, wonderful desserts. And some very well illustrated instructions and definitions. I learned to cook by using Betty's books, but would have done even better if I'd had this elementary teacher! $2.50 MORE ALICE'S PICKS COMING UP! All-of-a-kind Family is a series about a Jewish family in New York at the beginning of the 20th century. Probably one of the best children's series ever written, and so loveable! I'll try to have more of these nice books soon. All-of-a-kind Family (Sydney Taylor) first book in this lovely series, fairly good paperback edition. Nice gift inscripion inside front cover. $2.00 (2 copies) Reading copy of All-of-a-kind Family -- read it for a dollar and see why so many people truly LOVE this series. (2 copies available for a dollar each) Pets at the White House (Carl Carmer) illustrated by Sam Savitt, 1959. Very nice small book, with super illustrations! On the front cover are a dog and an alligator. So, you might ask, lots of presidents had dogs, but which one had an alligator? You'll find out, and learn about some other unusual pets that once lived in the White house. Great way to learn presidential history! Written for young readers, but I chuckled my way through it, too. HB, $1.50 Jumbo Story Book for Boys -- subtitled "A Collection (from Authentic Sources) of Exciting Adventures, Heroic Deeds and Self-Denying Acts of Bravery." Edited by E. T. Roe, no date, but it certainly looks vintage! Large book, cute cover shows a boy with long blonde curls, and sitting on a bored-looking donkey. The stories aren't as bland as the cover, for sure. Lots of very exciting stories, plenty of frightening pictures (just what boys liked then, I guess, and probably still do.) Lions, bears, savages, floods, and in case you thought the connection between heart disease and cigarettes was just discovered in our generation -- a short paragraph stating that "several boys who were candidates for a naval cadetship from the Eighth Michigan district were rejected because the examining physician found that their hearts had been affected by smoking cigarettes." I think this book comes from around the beginning of the 20th century. Large format HB, fragile but holding together and as far as I can tell, complete. $3.00 The Railroad Children (E. Nesbit) New, large, and exceptionally beautiful edition of this classic about 3 British children whose lives are vastly and positively changed by living close to the railroad and the people who work on the trains. Large HB with a very pretty DJ (and if you lose or damage the DJ, there is also a picture cover just like it, underneath.) Every Child's Bookshelf edition. Nicely illustrated interior, also. $3.00 MORE OF ALICE'S PICKS COMING UP!!! Good Housekeeping's Best Book of Dog Stories (edited by Pauline Rush Evans)1958. A very large hardcover book with tons of stories for dog lovers, or short-story lovers (I'm the latter, and I had a lot of fun with it!) Here are some of my favorite authors who contributed to the book -- Alice Dalgliesh, Lavinia Davis, Marguerite Henry, Carol Ryrie Brink, Doris Gates, James Thurber, and of course, Betty Cavanna. Lots more, too. The book was compiled for young readers, and is part of a series put out at the time by Good Housekeeping. Nearly 400 pages, HB in good condition, with a somewhat water-marked dust jacket, but the DJ is all there, and has a colorful picture. Book is full of pictures, too. $3.00 Companions of our Youth -- Stories for Young People's Magazines, 1865-1900. Published in 1980, it includes an informative introduction and biographies of the authors whose works are part of the book. The authors include many that are probably pretty much forgotten by most people, but also a couple of stories by Maine's own Sarah Orne Jewett, and one by Louisa May Alcott. The stories are fun, beautiful, poignant -- well chosen by the editors! AND -- all for children, all written by women! HB book with a DJ, all in excellent condition, and not even a former library copy! $3.00 MANY MORE OF ALICE'S PICKS AHEAD -- Books by Lee Wyndham, author of Maltshop type books, Career-romances, and short stories, as well as being editor of young adult magazines in the Maltshop era, and complier of those very good collections of short stories that I've offered on my list in the past. I doubt if she had it in her to write a story that wasn't really wonderful! If there aren't any here, I'll do my best to find some soon. Gone-Away Lake, Newbery prize-winning and very popular book by Elizabeth Enright, illustrations by Beth and Jo Krush except for the cover, which is new. 1957. Paperback in beautiful condition, 2 copies available. $2 EACH Return To Gone-away. If you love treasure-hunting through a mammoth hoard of precious antiques, this book will thrill you no end! I could hardly contain my envy when I read of one thing after another being brought to light. And plenty of family fun, visits with the older people around the corner in Gone-Away, and of course mystery. What a combination -- Elizabeth Enright is the author, the illustrations of course are by Beth and Joe Krush. PB with original interior illustrations but a decidedly NOT original cover picture. $1.25 Set of 2 Gone-away books -- Matching paperbacks in very good condition. Maybe were read once, maybe not at all. Covers don't have the original Beth and Joe Krush illustrations, but all the interior pictures are as in the original hardcovers. Good gift for a young reader -- the first book even includes a picture of the Newbery honor medal. Set of Gone-Away Lake and Return to Gone-Away. $3.50 MORE ALICE'S PICKS AHEAD!!! Books by Doris Gates, one of the 20th century's best YA authors, in my opinion. Lovely stories, great characters, fine situations and solutions. Especially Blue Willow! Blue Willow (Doris Gates) 1940. About the MOST satisfying books you can ever read. Absolutely sweet story about a very poor migrant farmer girl who wants a home. Newbery Honor book and one of the most deserving! Everyone I know who has read it, loves it very much. The ending will probably make you cry, but with joy. PB in fair condition -- I get lots of requests for the book, so I'll offer this as a reading copy for $1.25 A Morgan for Melinda (Doris Gates) 1980. A girl who does NOT want a horse> -- almost unheard-of! Father buys her one anyway, and in a way, the horse teaches her some very good lessons! Horses, people, especially a lovely elderly lady who becomes Melinda's mentor and dear friend. Nice cover picture of a horse in a field filled with flowers, a girl's darling face superimposed over the field. HB, XL, pretty good condition, with a very good DJ. $3.50 The DEAR AMERICA books are beautiful hardcovers, usually with a ribbon book mark to make them look like real diaries. Every one that I've read was wonderfully written, covering a very interesting period of history. On this list, I only include books that I've read myself and love (I usually re-read them in a few years, I like them so much!) They always include historical notes and pictures either of sites and artifacts, or prings of original photos from the time. They are not sugar-coated, but appropriate for pre-teens, so you won't cry too much while you're reading them. Here are some of my very favorites -- Recently, there have been several other series of historical fiction similar to the Dear America but about girls in other countries or cultures or historical periods. So I'll include a few really interesting examples of them for you! West Along the Wagon Road (Laurie Lawlor) American Sisters (this book was published in 1998 but the story takes place in 1852.) The cover picture on this paperback book is adorable, worth the price of the book! In fact, the design of the whole book is very special. it's a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to read. $1.50 Also My America series -- You could say that they are like Dear America, but for younger readers. These nice Scholatic Pb "diaries" suggest a reading level of 3, and a reading age range of 7 to 10. Here are 3 -- buy the lot for $2.50. They include: Freedom's Wings -- Corey's Underground Railroad Diary My Brother's Keeper, Virginia's Civil War Diary, book one and After The Rain, Virginia's Civil War Diary book 2 All 3 of these diary books (2 by Mary Pope Osborne and the other by Sharon Dennis Wyeth) for a total of $2.50 A Time to Keep Silent (Gloria Whelan) 1993. One of the few fairly recent books I'll try to persuade you to read! Very fascinating story. Girl's mother has died. Her father, a minister, retreats into himself and doesn't really pay attention to anyone. Then the girl becomes mute. It's anyone's guess whether she does this on purpose or if it's a psychological condition. Dad feels that God has told him to leave their prosperous life in the city and go to start a mission in the wilderness. So mute girl and obsessed father go off to a decrepit cabin in the woods. This is where the story really takes off; the girl's problems multiply, but they are also resolving. Deluxe pb, good cond. $2.00 HERE ARE SOME MORE OF ALICE'S PICKS --- Books by Patricia Beatty, an author that I "discovered" a few years ago. She was the main reason that I realized how enticing and engrossing historical stories could be! I don't even know why I started reading one of them, so firm was my prejudice, though of course I DID like the American Girl (doll) stories about Molly, Kit and the rest. And I loved all the Elisabeth Friermood books -- but they were different! However, with the first page of pne of Patricia Beatty's books, I realized that I really do have to judge each book and author on its own merits -- these were so good that I couldn't rest until I found and read all of them. Yes, she writes historical stories, but these girls are NOT fussy, prim Victorians; they are feisty, active, girls who make things happen in a very practical -- and often humorous -- way. I really, really like every one that I've read! Oh, and the author usually includes a historical note, explaining which things in the book are absolutely true, how she researched the history, and friendly notes to the readers. Bonanza Girl (Beatty) After her father had died, girl's mother needed to make a living for the 2 kids, and thinks a schoolteacher would be just what was needed in the new Idaho territory. So they set out and end up in a mining camp, where a teacher is pretty much the last thing anyone needed. So they open a restaurant, and you will LOVE reading about how they cope, the life they live, and the things that go on in a mining camp! Very nice PB with a pretty and interesting cover picture. One of my favorite books by a favorite author!! $2.50 The Nickel-Plated Beauty (Patricia Beatty) 1964. Set in 1886 in Oregon. Seven kids in a very poor pioneer family set out to buy a new stove for their mother, after the old one becomes too rusted to use. This is the story of the many, many things they do to get the stove COD before Christmas. Large and nice paperback book, former library copy, in good condition, with a rather artistic-looking cover. $2.50 Charley Skedaddle (Patricia Beatty) 1987. Takes place during the Civil War, when Charley, only 12 years old, enlists in the Union Army. When he can't take it any more, he deserts, or skedaddles, then has to prove that he isn't a coward. Most of the story is about what happens to him after he skedaddles. pB, good condition, $1.50 I Want my Sunday, Stranger! (Patricia Beatty)1977. Wow, this book includes a long list of books written by Patricia Beatty herself, or with her late husband, John. This is one of her own. Mostly she writes about girls, but this one is about a boy. He loves his fast horse, Sunday, but he's a Mormon boy so his family is against horse racing, which is something he wants to do. In 1863 his horse is stolen by Confederate soldiers, and he leaves his California home to find it. He meets a photographer who is taking pictures of soldiers and battles, and takes him on as an assistant. So this book touches on many subjects -- early photography, religious prejudice, horse racing, travel across the US in those long-ago days, and more. But don't expect it to be ultra-serious! Have fun with the book, along with learning a lot. HB, XL, DJ, all in very good condition. $4.00 EVEN MORE OF ALICE'S PICKS! The Orphan Train Trilogy (Jane Peart) 1990. Very large book includes 3 stories. This is a book intended mainly for adults, but about children and certainly interesting to young adults. Certainly won't include offensive contents, as it's a Guidepost publication. Follows 3 orphan girls pretty much through their lives, tells about the homes where they ended up living, and the effects of their varied experiences. Includes 3 books, each one 192 pages long -- as I mentioned, this is a BIG book. The titles are "Homeward the Seeking Heart," "Quest for a Lasting Love" and "Dreams of a Longing Heart." Hb with DJ, $3.00 Big, Big Story Book (no author listed -- Whitman publishing Company) Several dates listed from MCMXLIV (1944?) to MCMLV (1955?) Does this nostalgic book ring a bell for you? The cover picture is a circus, with the crowds, tents, and rides in the background, and an extremely tall thin man, plus a clown, in the foreground. There are 29 little stories, by a variety of authors, most of whom I've never heard of. Obviously something for everyone, as the yard sale ads always say -- stories about circuses, animals, airplanes, cowboys, a lighthouse. Several poems. Very large book, with a very colorful cover, many two-color interior illustrations, fair condition (given that designation because I had to mend the bottom of the spine to prevent further tearing, and the pages are a little brown with age. Otherwise pretty nice.) $2.50 The Littlest Rebel (Edward Peple) 1911. In the Shirley Temple Edition from 1939. Lots of b/w photos of Shirley and the rest of the cast, in historical costume from the time of the Civil war. Colorful cover picture of Shirley in pinafore and pantaloons. HB, PC, very cute, good condition. $3.00 HERE ARE A FEW BOOKS WRITTEN AND/OR ILLUSTRATED BY TASHA TUDOR. This artist's lovely drawings are exceptionally nostalgic and special. Nature, food, children, and especially animals including her beloved Corgi dogs. Here are some of my own favorites, mostly duplicates of my own books. The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett) illustrated by Tasha Tudor. This would be a beautiful gift to a little girl, so you can share a book that you loved when you were a child yourself. It's a pb edition, but has the beautiful Tudor illustrations all through it, and a color picture on the pretty cover. Good condition. $2.00 Hardcover copy of The Secret Garden, written by Frances Hodgson Burnett and illustrated beautifully by Tasha Tudor. This book is in fairly good condition, with a good DJ. Clean white pages. The front of the book (under the DJ) has white marks that are probably from dampness but of course this doesn't show when the DJ is over it, and as far as I can tell, there isn't any odor. $4.00 A Little Princess ((Frances Hodgson Burnett, illustrated by Tasha Tudor) a paperback HarperFestival Charming Classic edition. And it is, indeed, very charmingly presented in this lovely edition. PB, good condition, $1.50 End of books illustrated by Tasha Tudor A SELECTION OF DOLL BOOKS (THESE COULD BE ALICE'S PICKS, TOO!) The Dolls' House, a Do-it Yourself Book (Venus and Martin Dodge) 1983. Large and incredible PB book! Everything from making several types of dollhouses themselves, and the furnishing that's appropriate for each one. Victorian, Tudor, etc. You'd never believe the details of the furniture and accessories -- oh, and there are instructions for making dolls to live in your houses! $4.00 The Handbook of Doll Repair & Restoration (Marty Westfall) Cover says "A Storehouse of Workable Methods and step-by-step directions for the doll collector/restoration artist." This is a huge paperback book, 282 big pages, with incredible details for making old dolls look like new. The book was first published in 1979, this is a new and beautiful reprint. Back cover says "thousands who began using this book as a guide have gone on to develop profitable careers in the restoration field..." Well, you may or may not want to become a professional doll repairer, but even if you just want to restore your grandmother's doll, this is the book for you! Info on kid, wax, leather, and all other body materials, and joints, and wigs -- all you need to know. Like-new condition PB, $3.00 Here is your Hobby... Doll Collecting (Helen Young) 1964. Collecting and making all kinds of dolls, A lovely book in very good condition, with an attractive picture cover. It's in a library binding, but there aren't any signs that it was ever in a library. HB, PC, $3.00 The ABC's of Doll Collecting (John C. Schweitzer) 1981. OId, but entertaining. Large paperback, full of fabulous pictures, both color and b/w, and lots of information. Since this book doesn't talk about values, it doesn't matter that it's 25 years old; the dolls are wonderful! Very large PB, good condition, $2.50 End of Doll Books +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MORE OF ALICE'S PICKS! Books by Eleanor Frances Lattimore. She wrote and illustrated a great many books for young readers, all of them very darling! I've read quite a few of them, and all are quite lovely little stories about children who act a lot like real children, not odd people in strange situations. If you see any of them, grab it! I hope to have more Lattimore books in the future. Books written and/or illustrated by Kate Seredy. I'm listing these in this section because I've just finished writing about Seredy's life (the article appeared in the May, 2007 issue of Whispered Watchword.) If you are intered in reading bookswritten and illustrated by her, or other people's books that she illustrated, here are a few of them. If there aren't many here, I'll try to find more very soon. The Good Master (Kate Seredy) Very highly recommended Newbery honor book. This is a former library hardcover, with printed picture cover, all in excellent cond. HB, XL, PC, $2.00 The White Stag (written and illustrated by Kate Seredy) 1937. Combination of the myth and ancient history of Hungary. Stunning illustrations, including the elusive White Stag. HB, XL, in fairly good condition, $2.00 LOIS LENSKI books -- we really like these books about children from all over the country, mostly living in poverty but usually joyful and adventurous. She wrote and also illustrated all of her books. It took me a very long time to collect the books in HB, so I'll try to find some for you, too. I'll try to have more Lenski books to offer another month. Indian Captive: The story of Mary Jemison (Lois Lenski) 1941. Newbery Honor Book. This book is rather easy to find in PB, but here is the original hardcover edition with a nice DJ, too. Slight musty odor. HB, DJ, $2.50 ++++++++++++++End of Lenski Books ++++++++++++++++++ MORE OF ALICE'S PICKS Books by Frieda Friedman. She wrote the most beautiful books for middle-grade girls! Since I was a girl myself, I've loved her books, and re-read them when I need something to counteract the complexities of adult life in the 21st century. Wonderful families in every-day situations, realistic stories, and believable happy endings. New York City settings. Although I didn't understand it at the time, these books also gave me some subtle lessons in tolerance and understanding. I'll be sure to list any Friedman books that come my way. The Janitor's Girl (Frieda Friedman) 1956. I've been trying to figure out which of her books is my favorite, and I can't do it. Either Dot for Short (the first of Friedman's books that I loved) or A Sundae with Judy, or this one.) The family moves into a new apartment, in the basement of the building where the father is the new building superintendant. Or "Janitor," if you want to insult the kids! On the back cover it says "Then, for the first time... Sue feels lonesome and left out." Incredibly appealing Mary Stevens illustrations make the story even better. Scholastic Pb in fairly good condition. $2 (2 copies available.) A Sundae with Judy (Frieda Friedman) 1949. I probably read this book when it was new, and never forgot how much I'd liked it. Read it more than once back then, and several times since! That's how much I do like it. Girl's family runs a candy store with a soda fountain and loves to help her father with customers. And she loves to help with the many problems of people in that city neighborhood. And she has some problems of her own -- she likes amost everyone, but some of her friends do not like each other. This is a sweet story but some heavy, serious issues are solved by a very nice girl. And look at the cover -- not all of her friends are girls! PB, fair cond. $1.75 Carol (original title: Carol from the Country) Frieda Friedman, 1950. Carol is absolutely miserable when the family has to move to a little apartment in NY. She doesn't try to make friends -- how could she enjoy any of those unpleasant city kids? And the kids react as you might predict. Vicious circle! As in all Friedman's books, there are nice family scenes and nice new friendships. PB, pretty good condition, $2.00 Books by Jerrold and/or Lorraine Beim. Exceptional husband and wife authors. They wrote separately and together and I can honestly say that I have loved every book either of them wrote. Try these! Just Plain Maggie (Lorraine Beim)1950. Illustrated by Maine's own Barbara Cooney. Summer camp story! Our daughter Suzy hated summer camp, but she loved reading about it. That might show you how much fun you'll have reading this book. This PB copy is worn and ugly, but it's all there, all the swimming, campfires, hikes, mean girls, favorite counselors, homesickness, and then regret that the summer has to end! PB $1.25 Trouble After School (Jerrold Beim) 1957. The cover of this pb looks as if the story is about a juvenile delinquent, but that's not quite the case. The boy is very nice, but for a while he is influenced by a Bad Crowd and changes a lot. He likes to blame it on the fact that his mother has gone back to work and isn't there when he gets home from school, but is that really true? Is it that black leather jacket that he persuades her to buy for him? Whatever the cause, he has some very important decisions to make. Sounds grim, but it is actually beautifull written, and very interesting and enjoyable to read. PB, $1.50 END OF "ALICE'S PICKS" SECTION -- AND I HAD NO IDEA THERE WERE SO MANY BOOKS IN THIS SECTION UNTIL I SCROLLED THROUGH THEM. I HOPE IT WASN'T TOO LONG FOR ANYONE! NOW ON TO THE SERIES, MALTSHOP, MYSTERY, AND OTHER GOODIES. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SERIES BOOKS -- HARDCOVER UNLESS NOTED JUDY BOLTON ! Start your Judy library at reasonable prices, or get started on an extra set of the very best of series for your niece or daughter! Or your son -- lots of men love the Judy books, including my husband, Dave. We have made laser copies of the DJs for many of these books, to make them look much nicer than the "undressed" copies. Most of us have a very hard time telling the difference between an original DJ and the copy, the LDJs look so beautiful. The later numbered Judy Bolton books are unfortunately much harder to find than the early ones, and are therefore much more expensive. I looked at Ebay and ABEbooks for guidelines, and tried to be more reasonable than either one. I love to get these wonderful books out to people who really want them! It's shocking to realize that some of my customers/friends don't read Judy Bolton books! So I'm going to try to explain why so many people are in love with this series, which is really different from other series! What I came up with is this -- each book is, of course, a complete story that can be read and vastly enjoyed by itself, the entire series is also a very long, continuing story about a girl, her friends, her romance, and in a way, the history of a town. Judy grows in age and experience, and (in contrast to most of the other series of that era) never forgets what has happened to her in the past. You will get to know what happens to Judy, but also you can follow her friends and acquaintances, as well as her own family. The mysteries are really interesting, and the side stories are full of the kinds of things that most of us love to read about -- summer camp, parties, friendships, marriages, pets. Many people read all the Judy's in order every few years, as if we are reading one long, long continuing story. Here are some Judy Bolton stories -- these are old books, some in fairly good condition, some kind of worn out, and some wrapped up in nice laser copies of the original dust jackets. The pictures are vintage Pelagie Doane art, and in some ways, as collectible as the books themselves. Remember, if you take a laser copy of anything, it will have pictures of the same flaws that appear in the original item, so the LDJs have pictures of holes or tape or creases, wherever the original had any of those things. These were all taken from my own personal copies of the DJs, so my beloved books have these same holes, tapes, or creases! In many cases, what you are paying for is actually just above the cost of making the copies of the dust jackets -- the book comes along for the same price! Dates from the early 30s through the mid-60s. The classic series book era! I'll certainly try to have more Judy Boltons in the near future! #4 Seven Strange Clues -- Judy and her brother have moved into the house of secrets, they've solved the mystery of the haunted attick but now they're finding that the garage is also especially strange and mysterious! If you like her new friend Honey, you will be happy to know that she is a big part of this excellent mystery! HB, in fair condition at best, but you won't have any trouble reading and enjoying it until a better copy comes along! $2.00 #4 Seven STrange Clues (Judy bolton #4) This is one of the thick green original Judy books, in decent condition and tightly bound. I've covered it with a laser copy of our DJ, which is NOT the one original to this format. However, it makes the book look very nice, and gives you a very good feeling for the creepy mystery Judy encounters in her basement. HB, LDJ, good cond. $5.00 #5 Ghost Parade -- Judy and her friends go to camp in the Thousand Islands, and have a great time, which is marred by the appearance of -- GHOSTS! And of course that's not all; there is an airplane ride, a terrifying gunman, and as always, help from that superior cat, Blackberry! HB, red tweed cover, pretty good condition, $3.00 #11 Unfinished House. This is a reading copy, by which I mean that you can read it perfectly well, but it doesn't look very nice, especially the cover. However, we've covered the cover -- with a nice laser copy DJ, so you don't have to look at the part that doesn't look good. Judy and Peter are involved in building a "tiny house" (like the interesting TV show) in the new development in Roulsville. Very strange things are happening -- does someone want to keep the Pipers out of their new house? And what's the matter with Blackberry? Book and LDJ, $3.00 #11 Unfinished House -- another copy also in fair condition, thick green edition, with dark brown stain at a bottom corner of about 2/3 of the pages, but it doesn't reach the words on most of the pages. In other words, it's perfectly readable! Has a nice laser copy of the DJ. $2.50 #12 Midnight Visitor. Just looking at the DJ picture, you can see what a "wild and stormy night" it is, and how frightening the dark-clad "visitor" is -- even the clock in the background, hands at 12 midnight, help set the mood. By this time, Judy is Peter's secretary, and one of his cases plays a big part in the story. Remember the Vincents, whose criminal activities ran through many of the early stories? Well, they are back again with more deviltry. HB, not too attractive but perfectly readable. Laser copy of the DJ, looking almost perfect. $5.50 #13 The Name on the Bracelet -- Judy and Peter are engaged! Judy goes to NY to help Irene and Dale right after their baby is born, and wouldn't you know it, a huge mystery appears! Well actually at least 2 mysteries. A very special book. HB, worn edges and other condition issues, but it's perfectly readable, and I recommend reading it! $3.00 #18 The Living Portrait -- First post-marriage Judy book. Judy and Peter are living in the Dry Brook Hollow farmhouse with young Roberta, their boarder. Roberta is certain that the antique portrait over the fireplace is a picture of her teacher -- and that it moves around from time to time. Apparently someone else is interested in the portrait, too -- another mystery develops! This book is in fair condition, has some torn pages. Dressed up with a laser copy of our nice dust jacket showing Judy and Roberta in nightclothes, examining the portrait by candlelight. $6.00 MORE SERIES BOOKS! Heidi (Johanna Spyri) no date inside this books, but who cares! It's a timeless story, and if you read it as an adult who has read a lot of series books, you'll see that in many ways, it follows the classic pattern -- child is taken to a new place, has to get used to new ways of living, has some difficulties, but is able to overcome them and have a good life. Well, this winter we had a few worries and I felt the need of a book that would be exceptionally comforting and optimistic. Something led me to Heidi, and I remembered why I'd loved it so much as a child. A lot of other people must love it, too, since it must be one of the most common books you'll ever want to find a copy of. That had made me shun it lately, but now I'm eagerly and enthusiastically recommending it to any of you who wants a vacation from real problems in your life, and the assurance that life can come out perfectly in the end. This copy is an Illustrated Junior Library edition with color pictures on the cover and throughout the book. $3.00 2 books by Frances Salomon Murphy -- these 2 paperbacks are among my favorite books. I think I've read each of them 3 times. The PB books are Runaway Alice and Ready-made Family. Each is about foster children moving to new homes but coping with old troubles. What I like most about them is the loving, warm feeling that they give the reader! That might sound trite, but it seems to be the reason for my love of quite a few books and I think most of the people who look at this list love the same ones I do. In Runaway Alice, a girl who hated living in her former foster home, can't stop running back there when things get complicated in her life. A wonderful social worker finds a clever way to help her and does something extremely special for her. In Ready-made family, a middle-aged couple with no children at home, take on three siblings. The oldest, a girl, feels as if they all have to be perfect in order to stay there. The other children have their own ways of dealing with the new home. The "Alice" from the previous story puts in a cameo appearance in the 2nd story. You just wish you could be there to put your arms around them all! The first book is in good condition, the 2nd in fairish condition. Tell me how you felt about these books after you've read them! 2 PB books by Frances Salomon Murphy, $4.00 Ready-made family by itself, fair condition, $1.50 HERE ARE A FEW BOYS' SERIES. GIVE THEM A TRY -- YOU MIGHT SURPRISE YOURSELF BY LIKING SOME OF THEM! FABULOUS DUST JACKETS! The Flying Jet (Canfield Cook) A Lucky Terrell Flying Story 1945. Good book with a very good DJ, There are 6 other books listed on the back of this one. Lots of jet planes on the DJ picture. HB, DJ, in very good condition, except for the uniformly brown age-shading of the pages. Wartime paper is usually fragile, but these pages are quite clean and firm. $5.00 Boy Scouts Down in Dixie (Herbert Carter) 1914. There is quite a long series of books about these Boy Scouts, and this is one of the later volumes. It's in good cond, the book itself has a picture of 2 scouts in a rowboat which is filled with camping gear. One of the boys is disobeying the first law of rowboats -- don't stand up -- especially with a rifle in hand. But he is obviously about to shoot dinner, so he has forgotten safety rules. There is a different picture on the dust jacket cover, so maybe someone reminded the artist that it's safer to do your shooting on land. Book and DJ in good condition, with the exception of the very bottom of the DJ spine, which is a little rough. Nice list of other Carter Boy Scouts books on the back cover, priced at 50 cents postpaid. Don't you wish! Adjusting for 103 years of inflation, this one is $5.00 The Ghost of Mystery Airport (Van Powell) 1932. The stunning thing about this book is its dust jacket picture. It would scare a robot -- a figure that looks like a scarecrow but has a skull for a head, is about to throw a small bomb at a poor kid armed with just a stick of kindling. Airplane overhead, about to land. Large book, good cond for a book made with fairly cheap paper. DJ is also in good cond. $6.00 A Viking of the Sky (Hugh McAlister) 1930. Another flying adventure. Young flyer wants learns as much as he can about flying, designs planes, and eventually wants to make the first non-stop flight across the Pacific -- "What would be his fate?" the DJ flap asks and so does the reader! Another exciting dust jacket picture, this one showing a small plane fling over a stark landscape enhanced by a group of people looking skyward and saving to him. From The Mystery and Adventure Series for Boys. Good condition book, DJ in fairly good codition -- the edges are rough but the pictures and back cover lists, all look good. $6.00 REX LEE SERIES BY THOMSON BURTIS Here are the first 5 books in this series about flying, dated 1928 and 1929. The books are in fair to fairly good condition. No major damage to the bindings or text, but 2 of them have stained covers. There are no DJs, but a nice picture of a biplane on the front cover of each one. The books are: Gypsy Flyer On the Border Patrol Ranger of the Sky Sky Trailer Ace of the Air Mail Set of 5 Rex Lee books -- $8.00 TOM CORBETT, Space Cadet Book #1, Stand My For Mars -- 1952. Has a picture cover, and I must say, Tom Corbett is a very good-looking guy, even inside a glass space helmet. Some pages are a little smudged, there's wear to the corners and edges of the cover, but cover picture is clean and the binding is firm. $4.00 3-volume starter set of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet books! These don't have DJs, but they are in good condition and very readable. If you love sci-fi, or know a kid who does, these are fun to read for a number of reasons. Well, for one thing, they were published in 1952 and 53, so you can check out how many of the predictions actually came true in the past 60+ years. The pictures are another thing you'll get a kick out of! And they do include women -- yea for them! Here's a passage from a completely random page that I just turned to -- "Are you sure of this, Joan?" he asked. "I'm positive, Commander" replied the beautiful young doctor of astrophysics... This is an interesting old series! 3 books, blue tweedy covers, better than OK condition. The titles are -- Stand By for Mars, Danger in Deep Space, and The Space Pioneers. 3 HB series books, $6.00 BRONC BURNETT-- Flying Tackle -- picture cover. Very small area at top right corner has the color torn off due to a price tag someone apparently pulled off. Exterior corners are somewhat rubbed, but interior is very clean and tight. $4.00 2 book- lot of Mel Martin Baseball Stories (1947) I don't know anything about this series, but apparently there are at least 3 books in the series, all baseball mysteries. Mel himself is 16 years old. The 2 books I have here, are in very good condition, but lacking DJs. Titles are The Mystery at the Ball Park, and The Southpaw's Secret. 2 HBs, in very good cond, $4.00 2 Very Good Sport books about Boys! Both by Joe Archibald, who wrote quite a list of books about football. These books are hardcovers, in excellent condition, with very good dust jackets showing -- yep, football players at the big game, with sketches of crowds of people in the background. Exciting! Books probably written with teen readers in mind, interesting stories as well as the sport details. HB, DJ, both in extremely nice condition. $6 for two books -- Fullback Fury 1955 Go Navy Go 1956 OTHER SERIES BOOKS INCLUDING GIRLS' AND LITTLE CHILDREN'S SERIES!! First -- books by our wonderful Mildred Wirt! They don't stay on the list for long enough to let very many people see them, but I'll keep trying! By the way, you do know that Mildred W was "Carolyn Keene," and a lot of other writers, as well as writing her best books under her own name. Penny Parker Mystery Series by Mildred Wirt -- A girl whose father is a newsman, and she wants to follow in his footsteps. Mystery follows in HER footsteps wherever she goes, as she revels in danger and adventure! I'd love to have more Penny Parkers for you in the future! Penny Nichols series by "Joan Clark" are actually by Mildred Wirt, and many people consider these to be pretty much clones of the later Penny Parker series. Penny N. is also a lively girl with a slightly less lively sidekick girlfriend, and a widowed father who is in this case, a detective. She zoooooms around town in her little car, and helps her father with his cases. To me, judy as good as the Penny Parker series! I'll try to have more Penny Nichols books very soon! Mildred Wirt is still a very popular author, and her books sell out quickly. Penny Nichols and the Black Imp (Joan Clark, or Mildred Wirt) 1936. This "imp" is a picture in an exhibition contest. Everyone is positive that the prize has been given to the wrong person -- a poor but very talented girl should have gotten it. Penny and Susan try to figure out what happened, but very soon this small mystery is overshadowed by a much more serious one. Much to the enjoyment of the girls -- and to us! I'll tell you 2 more things about this book -- it's only in fair condition, especially the cover, and the dj that I made the copy from, has half the back cover missing, so the laser copy looks as if it does, too. These were VERY cheaply made Depression-era books, and it's a miracle they've made it this far at all. The pages are clean and the book is pretty firm. Read and enjoy! HB, LDJ, $5.00 (2 copies available.) Penny Nichols and the Knob Hill Mystery (Joan Clark (Mildred Wirt) 1939. Penny's father decides to take her on a quiet vacation trip, while he tries to get a complete rest. Well, you can imagine how well this works out with Penny around! It's one thing after another -- I only wish some of our vacations had been this exciting! HB, in better condition than some of the Penny N's, with a laser copy of our dust jacket, which is in surprisingly good condition. $5.00 Some time I'm sure I'll have more Scouting books by Mildred Wirt! She wrote a number of books about Girl and Boy Scouts, Brownies and Cubs. They're mostly mysteries, something she did wonderfully! Each series is very well suited for the age group that would be in that particular branch of scouting, and I think that even scouts of today would love reading them! Several of the books have been reissued, I just found out, but these are "on demand printing" in paperback editions, and quite highly expensive. Anyway, I would far, far prefer the wonderful old original hardcovers with their good, heavy paper and tight bindings. Plus they come with super-beautiful dust jackets, by Marguerite Gayer, who was one of my favorite illustrators, up there with Mary Stevens, Paul Frame, and the Krushes. By the way, these books are truly series books, featuring the same members of a particular Boy or Girl scout troop in all the books about the same branch of Scouts. Most of these books have laser copies of the original DJs, made from my nice originals. These pictures are worth the price of the books! I'll certainly add more Girl and Brownie Scout books whenever I can. In the meantime: The Brownie Scouts at Snow Valley, 1949. A Brownie Scout book by Mildred Wirt! Very seasonal, with the wonderful DJ picture by Marguerite Guyer, snowing the Brownies out of uniform, in snowsuits, building a snowman. I especially like the background of the picture, snow-covered pine trees and the roofs of cozy-looking houses. The book is in fairly good condition. The pages are clean and the binding is firm, but there is some staining along the edges of the first few pages, and there is a slant to the shape of the book. With the laser copy of the beautiful DJ, the book looks very good. $5.00 The Brownie Scouts in the Circus (Wirt) 1949. If you enjoy circuses, this cute book will please you very much. The Brownie Troop goes to the circus, and puts on one of their own, go camping, solve a mystery (after all, this IS a Mildred Wirt book!) The have a run-in with a pickpocket, but they manage to have all kinds of Scout fun. HB with a laser copy of our dust jacket with the adorable picture -- a real clown helping 2 Brownies and their dog to dress up like clowns, too! Marguerite Gayer illustrations on cover and frontispiece. $5.00 More Books by Mildred Wirt! More series books ahead of that. The Boy Scout Explorers at Treasure Mountain (by Don Palmer, which is one of the pen names of Mildred Wirt!) 1955. As if writing most of the original Nancy Drews and a slew of other series books, inventing the wonderful character of Penny Parker, and coming up with a great many of the best single-title mysteries for girls ever written -- Wirt is able to write books that boys could to love, too! There are only a few of these Boy Scout Explorers books, but they are exciting(of course) and picturesque. This one takes the boys to the dangerous mountains of Peru where they encounter people and situations of grave danger -- not that this bothers these intrepid young men at all! HB in beautiful condition, with a pretty good DJ! $6.00 Dan Carter and the Great Carved Face (A Cub Scout book by Mildred Wirt) 1952. Hardcover book in very good condition, with a laser copy dust jacket showing a Scout leader, a Cub, and a Boy Scout, all in a cave with flashlights aimed at the carved face on the spine. A bit of the original DJ was missing, so of course the copy looks as if some of it is missing. HB, LDJ, $5.00 Dan Carter and the Money Box (A Cub Scout book by Mildred Wirt, illustrated by Marguerite Gayer) 1950. Hardcover book in good condition. Gift inscription and a little message and a sketch inside the front cover -- cute! The book is covered with a laser copy of my original DJ, showing 3 Cubs and a Boy Scout holding a money box and looking very happy. Spine shows a picture of an iconic New England white church with a spire. $5.00 Dan Carter and the Cub honor (Mildred Wirt) 1953. Plenty of mystery, and fine examples of honorable behavior to inspire us! The HB book is in fairly good cond, except that someone carefully cut around the writing on pages 5 and 6, and then stuck the cut-out part elsewhere in the book. I've taped it back in place, nothing lost, but you won't be able to miss seeing it. Not honorable behavior, surely it wasn't a Cub Scout who did such a thing. HB, with laser copy of our book's dust jacket, showing a Cub and Boy Scout in uniforms, shying away from some unseen shocking danger. $4.00 End of Books by Mildred Wirt. I hope I'll have more soon +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MORE SERIES BOOKS! Mimi's House Party (Anne Pence Davis) 1936. There are 3 books in the Mimi series, this is the 3rd. Subtitle of the series is "the adventures of a tomboy," which I guess Mimi really was, at least 1936 style. The DJ picture (and they all have the same picture) is of a girl in pants and shirt, riding a horse. No prim ladylike dresses here! And there's always something happening when Mimi is around. Even at that society-type gathering, a house party. This HB book was cheap to start with, way back when, now the pages are quite brown, and the binding is loose. If you ever find a Mimi book in better cond than this, you can count youself as very lucky. HB, with laser copy of our dust jacket which is in nice condition. $4.00 The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan (Lizette Edholm) 1932. There are only 4 Merriweather Girls books, but they're a lot of fun and worth collecting and reading. "Absorbing mysteries and their solutions, school life, horseback, riding, tennis, and adventures during their school vacations." That's what the DJ flap promises. So get out your raquet and saddle, and have some absorbing fun with them. First in series, Queen's Fan -- somewhat worn book with a copy of our cute dust jacket. $3.50 The Merriweather Girls in Quest of Treasure (Lizette Edholm) 1932. They take a trip to Arizona, and of course they solve the mysteries that stumped many generations of southwesterners! And you'll love reading about the way they get there -- by private train car, in the deepest of luxury. Book in fairly good condition, with a nice repro dust jacket. $5.00 Merriweather Girls in Quest of Treasure -- "real" dust jacket on this copy. Both book and DJ are in really good condition. $5.00 NANCY DREW AND SOME RELATED SERIES BOOKS: NANCY DREW STARTER SET! This is a set of the first 5 Nancy Drew books in a slipcase. They are the glossy (reproduction)format, sometimes called the Flashlight edition as there is a picture of a flashlight near the top of the covers. They have the same texts and cover pictures as the matte PC yellow-backs. The books and the slipcase are all like new, gift quality. Doesn't look as if anyone ever opened any of the books. In case you need a reminder of the titles -- they are the iconic Secret of the Old Clock, plus The Hidden Staircase, The Bungalow Mystery, Mystery at Lilac Inn, and The Secret of Shadow Ranch. This set has the price of $32.99, printed right on the slipcase. on it. My price is $10.00. Nancy Drew, Girl Detective #16, Dangerous Plays. Former library paperback, in quite good condition. $1.25 Nancy Drew, Girl Detective #17, En Garde. 2006. All New All New --written along the back cover. How dangerous could it be to take up fencing? Are you kidding? After all, this is Nancy; mystery and danger are everywhere she goes. PB, $1.50 Nancy Drew Girl Detective, Eco Mystery -- Seeing Green. Former library pb in fairly good condition! $1.25 Nancy Drew #150, Mystery at Moorsea Manor (a trip to England) former library copy in good condition. $1.00 Not a Girl Detective (Susan Kandel) A Grace Caruso Mystery -- this is not a teen book, but a murder mystery written for adults. HOwever, the back cover quotes "I spent my entire youth idolizing Nancy Drew. I'm pushing forty now, but some fantasies die hard." Grace loves vintage clothes and is still obsessed with Nancy and Carolyn Keene -- sound like anyone we might know?? The first book in this series (this is the 2nd) is called I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason. The intro gives credit to the Nancy Drew Sleuths and Jenn Fisher, and other people and things we love, too. And you have to love this book, too. PB, fairly good condition, $1.50 Not a Girl Detective (Susan Kandel) 2005. Hardcover copy with a dust jacket. This story includes a Nancy Drew convention, but wow, it's not a bit like the many PF reunions that we've been to! Beer around the pool? 4-letter words? Murder? Thank goodness our reunions were much milder, but you'll get a real kick out of this story, anyway. HB, DJ, as good as new. $3.00 I Dreamed I married Perry Mason (Susan Kandel) 2004. A Cece Caruso Mystery. This book is the first in this series, followed quickly by Not a Girl Detective. Plenty of vintage details, especially about classic fictional detectives. In fact, Cece says "Perry Mason has stolen my life!" Buy both of these Kandel books and prepare for a memorable reading experience. The Perry Mason book -- PB, good condition, $2.00 River Heights Big Lot! This lot consists of the first 9 books from the River Heights series, a sort of spin-off of Nancy Drew. On the front of each, they say "From Nancy Drew's Hometown, an exciting new world of fun, friendship, secrets and romance." Nikki and Brittany are the continuing character in this soap opera of love, hate, school, and even a bit of detecting! Nancy appears in a few of the books. Try them out cheaply ! These paperbacks are in perfect condition. Titles: Love Times Three Guilty Secrets Going too far Stolen Kisses Between the lines Lessons in love Cheating hearts The trouble with Love Lies and Whispers 9 River Heights pbs in fine condition -- $9.00 Nancy Drew Case Files, #15 -- Trial by Fire. Small paperback, $1.00 MORE SERIES BOOKS AHEAD! Betty Lee Series -- there are 4 books in this series, taking Betty through her high school years. The dust jacket pictures are all alike, cute Betty with her monogrammed blouse, surrounded by smaller pictures of girls engaged in various activities like playing a violin, skiing, studying. I hope to have more books in this series, very soon. Bobbsey Twins 75th Anniversary Commemorative Edition in a slip case! These are NOT reproduction editions, but the cover of the slipcase has the original, adorable Bobbsey Twins cover picture. This shows a little boy and a little girl, in sweet vintage clothes, sitting in the middle of a field of daisies. The boy is holding a flower under the girl's chin, so it's probably a buttercup. There are 3 hardcover books inside the case, the first 3 original Bobbsey Twins stories - Bobbsey Twins, In the country, and At the Seashore. The books are in near-new condition, with just a former owner's name written inside the front cover. The slipcase has some nicks and rubbed places, but it's pretty darn good! It looks very nice standing up in the book case. A lovely nostalgic set. $5.00 A wonderful set of five Bobbsey Twins books in a beautiful format. These are hardcover books, with dust jackets -- and I certainly couldn't tell them from brand new. Printed by the Book-of the-month Club, in 2003-4, the texts are copies of the original 1904 through 1915 editions. The covers vary from reproductions of the originals, to very lovely and appropriate pictures (or they may be copies from some format that I've never happened to see.) Each book has a copy of the original frontispiece. The books include -- Bobbsey Twins, In the Country, At the Seashore, At School and On a Houseboat. 5 Bobbsey Twins HBs with DJs. All 5 for $12.00 American Girl books, and this time they're not the ones related to the old magazines, but the ones written originally to go with the AG dolls -- stories about girls from various historical periods. These books are in very good condition with the previous owners' names inside but otherwise looking new. Molly Takes Flight (American Girls Short Stories book by Valerie Tripp.) Molly's stories take place during WWII. In this one, she is fascinated by her aunt, who is learning to fly. Small hardcover $1.25 (2 available) Felicity's New Sister (American Girls Short Stories. book by Valerie Tripp) Takes place in Colonial times. Girl is on a trip with her family when her mother goes into labor and Felicity has to help in her own way when the baby comes. Small hardcover book, $1.25 BIG LOT OF 6 BUNNY BROWN BOOKS! The series is actually Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue, and the authorship is given the "Laura Lee Hope" designation, probably to link it with the Bobbsey Twins books. I think these books are aimed at readers of the same age range. Bunny and Sue are 5 and 6, and have to have their adventures and solve mysteries without the help of the older brother and sister that the Bobbseys have. So these are small adventures, and to us, quite cute. Another difference between these and the Bobbseys, is that I don't think there were any further editions of the Bunny Brown books, so they're all oldies but goodies (1916-1924.) The covers are alike and extremely cute, showing a pair of chubby children looking like Dottie Dimple and a friend, in their big hats, sweet clothes, and sandalled feet. Sue is holding a doll and Bunny has a sandpail and shovel, as they walk along the sandy shore. These are paste-down color pictures that cover nearly all the front cover of each book. The books range in condition from fair to very good. The books have pretty frontispieces and a few glossy internal illustrations by Walter S. Rogers, Florence England Nosworthy and Thelma Gooch. The books include: Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue (first book in the series) And Their Shetland Pony At a Sugar Camp Keeping Store At Christmas Tree Cove On an Auto Tour 6 Bunny Brown books, $21.00 for all 5 NOW FOR MORE SERIES BOOKS -- Some of the (sadly defunct) Whispered Watchword articles rated the Marjorie Dean highly! Loyal friends, high morals (except for the girls who have low morals!) parties, schooldays, clothes, and a tad of romance. Life of upper-middle class girls in the 2nd to 3rd decade of the 20th century. I'll try to include more Marjorie Dean books in a future list! DANA GIRLS MYSTERIES!!! By "Carolyn Keene," so if you love Nancy, you'll love Louise and Jean. The entire series has been re-written, edited, and dressed in a new look, several times over the decades. But always, the 2 sisters are students at Starhurst boarding school (when they aren't on vacation, or taking a trip, or otherwise off campus!) Orphans, their home is with their Uncle Ned, a sea captain, and his sister, Aunt Harriet, that is, if they're ever home very long. They love mysteries but have to ward off the bumbling and jealousy of another student, the ever-hated Lettie Briggs. These are the basic facts, but what a lot of interesting, entertaining, and fascinating plots come out of those facts! If you haven't tried this popular series, here's your chance! By the Light of the Study Lamp (Dana Girls #1) hardcover with a laser copy of the original dust jacket, showing the picture described above. $4.50 Mystery of the Stone Tiger (Dana Girls #1 in the 1972 edition) Picture Cover shows the girls in antique costume, watching a caped figure sneak past a tiger statue in front of a brick mansion. Good cond, except for some rubbing of the cover color, and bumped corners. $4.00 Another copy of Secret at the Hermitage, in fair condition. Cover is good, frontispiece and internal illustrations are good, binding is fairly tight, but some of the pages are stained. Doesn't impede reading pleasure! $2.00 Secret at the Hermitage (Dana Girls #4 in the original thick purple cover.) I'll have to call this a reading copy. Sturdy enough, but worn, and some of the pages are stained. A rousing adventure -- as the Dana sisters always have! The original texts are most people's favorites, including mine. Wish I had a DJ for this edition -- does anyone have a DJ on their copy and might like to trade a laser copy for one that I do have? HB, fair condition, $4.00 The Secret at the Hermitage, #5 in the later edition. Picture cover (which has been sealed in transparent protective covering -- it looks very pretty!) Fair condition due to loose binding inside. Good reading copy. $2.00 Ghost in the Gallery (Dana Girls #17 in the numbering.) The girls' school is putting on a play -- but the theater seems to be haunted. Well, Jean and Louise will do something about THAT! Tweed cover, somewhat worn but tight and firm. $2.50 Winking Ruby Mystery (Dana Girls #19) The book has some wear along all the edges, but the binding is tight. There is a laser copy of our attractive dust jacket. The picture shows the girls, immaculately in style as always, kneeling in front of an ancient ruin and gazing at a fallen statue. This mystery takes place in Italy while the girls are traveling on their uncle's ship. HB, LDJ, $6.00 Secret of the Swiss Chalet (Dana Girls #20) Continuing their travels with their uncle Ned and his ship, the girls next stop is Switzerland. The cover shows how exciting their visit turned out to be -- the girls are in snowsuits, walking up a snowy mountain with the trusty St Bernard, but all 3 are in imminent danger of being buried by an avalanche. Chalet in the background. Tweed book in pretty good condition, laser copy of our very good DJ. $7.00 The Haunted Lagoon (Dana Girls #21 in the original numbering) "Pirate treasure! cried Jean Dana." And they are searching for it on Chincoteague island, the place that's famous for the wild ponies, which can be considered treasure themselves. Shipwrecks, a phantom ship, and a frontispiece showing the Dana girls in shorts and bare feet -- something to see, since they are usually impeccably dressed in twin sweater sets and nylon stockings! HB, misty picture cover, fairly good condition, with some wear along the edges of the cover and spine. $8.00 END OF DANA GIRLS BOOKS, NOW BACK TO SOME OTHER GOOD SERIES BOOKS! Swallows and Amazons (Ransome) The first book in this once-again popular adventure series. Hardcover with dust jacket. There are attractive small illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. HB, Xlibrary, fair condition, with a fair but pretty complete dust jacket. Love it! $2.50 We Didn't Mean to go to Sea (Arthur Ransome) first published in 1937, this is a very nice fairly recent paperback reprint. From the Swallows and Amazons Forever Series. In this one, the children are having fun in a boat, when it is blown by a gale across the channel to Holland. They have many close calls and dangerous encounters along the way, great adventure story! Very good and large PB -- and you can get all the books in this series in the same attractive format. $2.50 We didn't Mean to go to Sea (Arthur Ransome) original hardcover, first printing of the American edition, from 1938. Interesting from a historical view, also a nice copy although it's formerly a library book. There are dozens of beautiful maps, charts, pictures, many of them very clever and nautical. HB with library printed picture cover. Some staining to the pages, overall condition is good. $3.00 Polly French is a 3-book series, here are 2 of them. This series revolves mostly around the high school group that does a lot of things together. In the first of this duo, "Polly French Takes Charge," Polly becomes vice president of the class, and "takes charge" of lots of activities. Nice cover picture shows her at what should be a very informal meeting, since it is held in her home in front of a fireplace, but look at those boys in their suit jackets and ties!! And the 2 women who look a lot like chaperones! The endpapers show kids walking in the HS corredors, also rather well dressed (even in 1954, when this book was written, we did NOT wear high heels to class!) The second of this duo is "Polly French and and the Surprising Stranger." (1956) An exchange student from Peru is arriving in a few days, and the family who was supposed to give her a home, backed out. Polly's family welcomes the girl to their home. As you might imagine, things don't always go smoothly. I remember when one of the exchange students who came to our HS, just didn't work out with their host family, and a more congenial family had to be found. Well, the Frenches are very congenial, but 2 teen girls in the same class -- bound to be a few tiffs! Cover shows Polly welcoming the new girl right off the plane another thing that makes you know this is a vintage story!) Nice endpaper pictures of a party where one of the girls keeps everyone's attention with her guitar playing and singing. Nice! 2 hardcover books, these started life as cheap, cheap editions, and they are somewhat worn just by their age. Most of the problems are that the covers are separating from the page block, but everything is still intact, just treat them carefully. I'll wrap them very carefully. 2 Polly French, $5.00 All-of-a-Kind Family UPtown (Taylor) 1958. Wonderful Mary Stevens illustrations. How much I love these stories! I discovered them years ago when our daughters were reading them, and loved every one of the series. In this one, read about a new neighborhood, all kinds of new neighbors. Even romance for the oldest girl! PB, fairly good cond, $2.00 Here are some books by Dorothy Whitehill, who wrote lots and lots of good books -- or at least someone did, whether she was a real person or a pseudenym. Anyway, they're always fun to read and exciting to follow through the years. If there aren't any left here, I hope to have more very soon. The Twins and Tommy Jr (Dorothy Whitehill)1922. There are 13 books in this series, this is the 6th. The twins were separated at birth, and know nothing of each other until they're 13. Once they're reunited, the fun begins! Tommy Jr is their older brother, and responsible for several of their adventures. This is an imaginative and quite interesting seris. This copy of Twins and Tommy Jr is in fair cond, perfectly readable and firm, but not pretty! $3.00 The Twins' Wedding (Whitehill) 1926. One of the rather unusual series in which the girl (in this case girlS) marry. Of course there are numerous problems to iron out and adventures to enjoy before the Big Day. Nice solid book (with a pretty book plate inside front cover, black Scottie dog design.) Small outline of the twins looking very 1920s on the front cover. HB, $3.00 The Twins Adventuring (Whitehill) 1927 You wouldn't believe the adventures and dangers these people get into! Already married, the twins still have just as many adventures as their slightly younger collegue, Judy Bolton, and are separated from their husbands just about as often. A kidnapping is the central theme of this one. A few nice Western-looking illustrations in this book, which is in fair condition -- could be called good except for a loose binding at the back. $2.50 Joy and Pam (Dorothy Whitehill) 1927. If you've read Joy and Gypsy Joe, this is the next in the 6-book series. All the books describe both the life of a regular "All-American girl" and her family, along with the story of a Gypsy boy. The dust jacket picture on this book is especially stunning -- 2 girls (dressed not as in 1920s but in probably late-'30s to mid-40s dresses and saddle shoes) sitting in a woodsy glade with rays of the sun behind them. Stunning artwork! Book in very good condition, with laser copy of the original DJ. $5.00 Another copy of Joy and Pam, same description as above, but book in fair cond with laser copy DJ. $4.00 Joy and Her Chums (Whitehill) 1928. 3rd book in the series. Joy and friends to away to school, but there is time to spend with the boys whose pictures, along with the girls', decorate the very colorful and interesting DJ for this book. Also, more about Joy's very good friend, Gypsy Joe. All the fun of boarding school, organizing a "sale of articles" with dainty refreshments, summer plans, all kinds of interesting things! Book in fair condition, with separation of the page block from the front and back covers. There's a laser copy of our beautiful DJ. But it holds together, and with the LDJ, it looks nice. If you buy both Joy and Pam, and Joy and her Chums, you'll have an attractive duo! $3.50. HERE ARE SOME MORE SERIES BOOKS! Lassie (yes, the collie dog!) stars in a series of Whitman Authorized TV-related books. Beautiful cover pictures -- especially if you're a dog lover -- and the pictures wrap around to the back. These 3 Lassie books are written by 3 different authors, but all star Lassie plus a variety of boys who love her (and of course who are rescued by her one way or another.) Very nostalgic books. They are: Lassie, Treasure Hunter (in Quite good condition.) Lassie and the Mystery at Blackberry Bog (also in very nice condition for its age.) Lassie, Trouble at Panter's Lake (this one has a loose spine due to very cheap construction, but cover and pages are very nice.) 3 Lassie Series books -- $8.00 for the set. The Girls of Central High on Track & Field (subtitle, Champions of the School league.) 1914. In this year of its centennial, this book is still fun to read! 5th in the series, it obviously features sports, but here are some of the chapter titles -- The Gypsy Camp and The Gypsy Queen, Five in a Tower, Margit's Mystery -- and others that don't have much to do with sports, either. But at the time this book was new, girls' sports were in their infancy, and very exciting for girls who had always wished they could get out there and DO things. Have fun with them, yourselves! HB, printed picture cover showing girls in long dresses, equipped for various sports. Amazing! Good condition for an oldie, has a glossy frontispiece and the occasional internal illustration, too. $4.00 The Girls of Central High at Basket-ball (subtitled The Great Gymnasium Mystery)1914. This must have been a very tasty book for some dog, who took nips out of 2 back corners and the bottom of the spine. The book is perfecly readable, anyway, and still has its pretty full-color frontispiece. And a clever, mysterious story. HB, poor condition due to dog-bites, but otherwise rather cute. $1.00 The Motor Girls on the Coast, sub-titled The Waif from the Sea (Margaret Penrose) 1913. #6 in series. DJ flap has to assure the reader that even though these girls drive around the country in a car, they are still "wholesome, everyday girls... shop for the newest in hats.. give mavelous parties... what girl doesn't enjoy these things?" In this one, while on one of their trips, they help a working girl who may have been framed. HB, pretty good condition for its age, nice attractive laser copy of the original DJ. $4.00 The Motor Girls in the Mountains, sub-titled The Gypsy Girl's Secret (Penrose) 1917 10th and last book in the series. Decent copy for this series (which was printed on fairly cheap paper which darkens and gets brittle.) There is a dust jacket, minus the front flap but otherwise pretty nice. $5.00 NAN SHERWOOD SERIES! Nan Sherwood is a nice old series (there are 7 in all) about a girl who starts out facing poverty but like most of these old series, eventually can go to boarding school and chase around the world. I'd like to have more Nan Sherwood books for you in the future! (Written by Annie Roe Carr.) Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp, subtitled The Old Lumberman's Secret. 1916. Are there any other series books that take place mainly in a northwoods lumber camp? This is the book that gives you the background of the rest of the series, but of course any of them can be read separately. Book is in OK condition, maybe a little better than is typical for these really oldies. $2.50 Nan Sherwood's Winter Holiday, subtitle: Rescuing the Runaways. 1916. The girls do good deeds while having fun -- now that's the way to live your life, isn't it? The book is quite firm, though edges of the pages are brown and the cover has a few "age spots." #3 in the series. $3.00 (2 copies available) Nan Sherwood at Rose Ranch, or The Old Mexican's Treasure. 1919. Nice book -- quite amazingly firm and clean for its age. Snobbishness is dealt with quickly at Lakewood Hall School. The girls are invited to the former snob's ranch home and there, they encounter a mystery! Good HB with a pretty good DJ, too. $5.00 Nan Sherwood at Rose Ranch in a nice repro DJ -- this book is in very nice condition, too. $4.00 Nan Sherwood at Lakeview Hall, or The Mystery of the Haunted Boathouse. The pretty DJ picture is the same for all of the Nan books, but some of them, including this one, have different frontispiece pictures. This one has a picture of girls during a boarding school initiation, including someone in a ghost costume. HB, nice laser copy of the original Dj, book in very good condition. $4.00 MORE SERIES BOOKS -- Grace Harlowe series -- one of the longest of the old, old series. Takes Grace through high school, college, helping out during the Great War, and into the world. It's unusual to find any of these books in good condition, as they were not made to last through the ages. However, they hold together, and are complete and readable. Beginning in the year of 1910 and continuing through 1924, with several coming out in some years. I hope to have more Grace Harlowe books soon. Grace Harlowe's Plebe Year at High School (Jessie Graham Flower) 1910. If you like reading about jolly doings of high-school girls who are fairly rich, but like to help people who aren't as fortunate, you will want to read this and all the other books in the series. This is an elderly book, somewhat worn and with brownish pages from age. But it looks really nice with a repro of the original style DJ showing a group of girls sitting on a brick wall with a misty rendition of the high school in the background. One reason I describe these DJ pictures in detail, is that they are artistic and often very beautiful. They show styles of the era when they were painted, clothes, hair, shoes, etc. I like this one a lot! By the way, a plebe is like a freshman! HB, LDJ, $4.00 Grace Harlowe's Junior Year in High School (Flower) 1911. Some lucky girl got this book as a prize for perfect attendance -- it doesn't say where, but it was in 1915, so this book is a survivor! Hardcover with printed picture cover showing 2 girls playing tennis, long dresses, big hats, pointed shoes and all. This is what girls of that day wanted to read about -- they were beginning to understand that they could enjoy sports and adventure, not just being decorative and subservient. And they discover that they have to solve social problems and mysteries along with the boys, too! These books were full of excitement and interesting projects. HB, with PC, fairly good condition for a book that is 98 years old! $3.00 Grace Harlowe's First Year at Overton College (Jessie Graham Flower) 1914. Adjusting to college life, Grace does what she does best -- helping other people to get along with each other and behave nicely. She certainly has her work cut out for herself to effect these changes in Elfreda. There's also studying, sports, and the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas play a big part in most of these older series, to my delight.) HB, good condition, with a copy of the original dust jacket, making this a very attractive-looking book. $4.50 Grace Harlowe's Second Year at Overton College (Flower) 1914. Forming a club, helping the Freshmen now that the gang has a year under their belts, making Christmas brighter for less fortunate people -- you wonder how they ever get any studying done. Book is in fair condition (like any book that might be as much as 100 years old! Printed picture cover of Grace, reading in a window seat $2.00 Grace Harlowe's Third Year at Overton College. No date listed, but presumably 1914 or 1915. Campus problems and rivalries, an Alice in Wonderland Circus (you'll have to read it to find out what THAT is!) More Lady Bountiful acts of mercy, lots of Christmas fun, and maybe some classes in between? Fairly good condition, some of the pages are brown and spotty, but not too bad. $3.00 Grace Harlowe's Fourth Year at Overton College 1914. I can honestly say that this book is holding together OK, and that there are several illustrations including a frontispiece, and that Grace's senior year is as exciting as her previous college years! HB with printed cover picture of Grace reading, in a nice window seat. $3.00 END of GRACE HARLOWE BOOKS. MORE Series books ahead! Gypsies of the Air (Bess Moyer))1932. This is listed as being part of The Girl Flyers Series, and lists another book in the series -- On Adventure Island. It's a small hardcover book with most of a dust jacket. The DJ picture shows 2 girls --I think they're girls, though their clothes wouldn't give you a clue! -- they're wearing full aviation suits including boots and helmets. They are tending a cooking fire in the woods, after their plane was forced down by some of the crooks that are trying to thwart their plans for an air rescue. Great story! Lots and lots of adventure and danger -- these girls are as brave as any boys! Small HB with DJ. Top 2/3 of the front of the DJ is really nice, and that's where most of the picture is. The bottom 1/4th or so is messy with a chunk missing. This book matches Wings of the North, which is about boy aviators. $2.50 Gypsies of the Air (Moyer) 1932. Another copy -- this one with a copy of our "real" dust jacket which is in good condition. $3.00 Wings of the North (Harris Patton) 1932. From Young Eagles Series (there are 2 other books listed in the series.) Adventure flying in many jobs, air mail, rescue of a lost friend, etc. A small hb with a pretty good DJ except for a small piece of paper stuck on the front cover, about one square inch. This book matches Gypsies of the Air, which is about girl aviators. $2.50 Polly Brewster Series -- 1920's and '30s. Polly lived at Pebbly Pit in the Southwest, where her family owned a mine. Soon though, she branched out, and lived the life that seemed to be so dear to the hearts of rich series book girls in those days -- traveling, dabbling in business, giving and attending grand parties, going everywhere with a group of loyal friends. She still loved The Southwest (Colorado in this case) and returned there from time to time. I'll try to have more "Polly" books very soon. Author is Lillian Elizabeth Roy. Polly of Pebbly Pit, #1 in the series. 1922 Polly lives on the ranch, and loves it there -- adventure is everywhere. A city girl spends the summer, and they become friends. Each one has something to offer the other, a bit of sophistication is traded for knowledge of the mountains, woods and ranching. You CAN understand the rest of the series, but as always, it's more interesting to read the first one first, to understand "where she's coming from." In this case, that overused phrase really means something. The first book tells about her simple life on the ranch, while later on, she lives pretty much all over the world. Her heart is always in Pebbly Pit, though. So now you can read about it.. in this book, which is in fair condition -- luckily the pages are all firm and intact. Cover is good, and I've mended the spine so it looks good, too. HB, $2.00 Polly of Pebbley Pit with a very romantic picture of Polly on the dust jacket. Good Condition book, fairly good cond DJ. $4.00 Polly in New York (Lillian Elizabeth Roy) 1922. #3 in the series. Polly leaves Pebbly Pit to get an education, along with her friends, in New York. School, setting up an apartment, learning about interior decorating and antiques (which are very important in future books in the series.) Going to auctions, last-minute rescues, and lots of mystery. And such pictures! The DJ picture alone is worth getting the book for. 2 long-legged model-looking girls in designer dresses and fancy shoes, one on the phone and the other waiting to find out what very important thing the other is hearing. hearing about. Very bright colors, amazing! HB, pretty good condition, with a laser copy of the original DJ. $6.50 Polly in South America (Lillian Elizabeth Roy) 1924. Polly and her friends are off again, in their Beverly-Gray-esque world travels. Eventually in other volumes they go to the American Southwest, to Alaska, to Egypt, and to lots of other exotic places. In between, they spend some time setting up an antiques and decorating business, and solve quite a few mysteries. HB, with some spots on the covers, from extreme age, but a very solid binding. With a glossy frontispiece and occasional exciting glossy internal illustrations. $3.50 Another series by Lillian Elizabeth Roy -- The Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts at Dandelion Camp (Roy) 1927. Dates from somewhere near the origin of the Girl Scout movement in America. The troop goes to a mountain camp, and enjoy all the things that Girl Scouts STILL do at camp! I love reading about camping, don't you? And these girls are lucky (?) enough to find a mystery out there in the wilderness! HB, with a copy of our dust jacket. You have to know that the DJ we took a copy of, has a torn spine, but of course the laser copy is on a undamaged piece of paper, so it looks GOOD! The book itself is on fair condition. Nice front cover picture -- pretty girl wearing something that doesn't look like any GS uniform that I've seen, but does include a scarf. $4.50 THERE ARE MORE SERIES BOOKS AHEAD! ENJOY THEM A LOT! Five Little Peppers Series by Margaret Sidney. This is a very early series book, that seems to have been in print ever since the first one came out at the end of the 19th century! About 5 kids in one family who have tons of small adventures. Despite their age, these books are easy enough to read, and one of the good things about them is that there are a lot of these books, so you can follow them through the years. Of course there are attitudes that seem dated to us, but you find things like that in the early Nancy Drews and Bobbsey Twins books. These books are long enough that you certainly get your money's worth, up to 300 pages in each one. I'll be keeping an eye out for more Peppers in the future! The "Melody Lane" series by Lilian Garis is quite unusual. I guess it's one of those series that you either love or hate. I happen to like it VERY much! It's atmospheric and creepy in some ways, but very down-to-earth and realistic on others. Like Judy Bolton, the girls of Melody Lane lived during the Depression. Carol, the main character has to work at least part time, but has many chances to solve mysteries and expose the same type of evil-doers that Judy does -- scam artists, fortune-tellers, fake ghosts, and people who prey on innocent children. I highly recommend the books, but be aware that some people find them less snappy and concise than the Nancy Drews. 1933 and 1934. I'll try to have more Melody Lane books in the near future! In the meantime, good luck finding some yourself -- I think you will really enjoy them! While you're looking, try some of Garis' other books, which are similar but present other characters. Lilian Garis wrote a lot of very short series, though I wouldn't be surprised if she would be more highly thought of today, if she'd put them together into one single long series (she did write the Melody Lane books, but the rest of her series are only 2 or 3 books long.) I'm sure I'll find some for you pretty soon! MORE SERIES BOOKS! Heaven to Betsy (Maud Hart Lovelace) 1945. Have you been wishing you could upgrade your copy of this book from a soft-cover to a hardback? Here is a beautiful copy of the book, which tells about Betsy (and friends, of course) during their freshman year at high school. Yes, it's a former library book, but it was well taken care of and has a very good dust jacket. Slightly loose binding, but everything is firmly attached. $9.00 Betsy-Tacy Books by Maud Hart Lovelace, just about the best of all series books in the whole world! Shame on you if you haven't discovered them, but I can't say much, since I didn't read them until I was an adult. My daughters loved these books when they were young, and Carrie even read them to our oldest grandson when he was little (I like to think that it's one reason he's grown up to be such a nice young man!) About 15 years ago, Dave and I were going to our first PF reunion, in Mankato MN where these books are actually set (its called Deep Valley.) I started to read them out loud to him, After this, I'll always take my daughter's recommendations about books! There's one thing you need to know before you start -- the first book is just right for early readers, and each book gets just a little bit more advanced, until the last book, which is about Betsy's first year of marriage. All the books are indescribably good, but it's best to read them in order, as I fortunately did. They have all been reissued in the past few years, so you can do just that. And remember, they are incredibly good! (If I don't have any Betsy-Tacy books for sale, watch for some in the future!) Betsy-Tacy (Lovelace) 1940 PB in OK condition. $1.25 Betsy-Tacy and Tib (Lovelace) PB $1.25 End of Betsy-Tacy books +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Beany Malone and Belford family series by Lenora Mattingly Weber. OK, I'll say it again, this is one of my all-time favorite series, beginning when I was a high school girl myself. Correction -- there are NOT two "series of books," they're the stories of real people (aren't they?) who will never leave your mind once you've read all the books in the series. They are available in beautiful PB editions from Image Cascade, but most of us want to have the original HBs in our collections. There's just something about touching and owning "the real thing!" There are 2 series by Lenore Mattingly Weber, the Beany Malone (or Malone family) books, and the slightly later, slightly more edgy, Belford family (Katie Rose and Stacey) books. I hope you can take my word that these are just about the 2 best series in the world! I certainly hope to add more Beany books and Belford family books in the near future! Leave it to Beany! (Weber) 1950. This one is a lot of fun! The family's distant cousin arrives from Ireland. Beany's mental picture of her is sooo far from reality that Beany just can't adjust. So, the 2 girls' relationship starts out on very shaky grounds. Add a "stray" baby that Beany brings home to this mixed-up household. I love this story! HB, former library copy with small picture of Beany on the cover. Many library patrons loved this book, so it's well worn -- but the pages are sturdy and the binding is tough. We've made a laser copy of the beautiful dust jacket, so the book looks very nice. Front cover shows beautiful, pensive Beany with her freckles and the coronet of braids. Back cover shows all the main characters in the book, Johnny, Mary Fred, Elizabeth, Norbett and so on -- all inside big stars. I'm so glad I can include this excellent dust jacket because I've always loved it. Gertrude Howe is the illustrator. HB with laser DJ, $8.50 Beany Has a Secret Life (Weber) 1955. Beany's life is falling apart. Norbett has moved away and suggested that she date other guys. And that's far from all that's wrong! Her father (whom many of us have considered to be a less-than-stellar father) comes home with a new wife -- surprise! The wife and Beany are not immediate buddies, to put it mildly. So it's no wonder that she jumps at the chance to join a secret society, even though they are not allowed at Harkness High. The Gertrude Howe cover shows an adorable, but gloomy Beany, surrounded by symbols of the story -- a car, typewriter, clothes, palette, and more. I truly love these stories, and this one is extremely good! HB in very good condition, XL, good DJ, $8.50 If there are no Weber books available, I certainly hope to have more at another time. MORE SERIES BOOKS AHEAD! The Maida books are So Beautiful! By the way, the Maida series is just about my favorite series, along with Judy, Trixie, and Beany. Maida is different from any of the other series, and entirely loveable to me! The author is Inez Haynes Irwin. I would like to explain that some people just don't care for this series. Quite different from any other big series, it's about a group of children, probably aged about 12 to 14, who live together in a lovely environment and learn by doing things themselves (with expert adult supervision.) They are enthusiastic and cooperative, and it isn't until well into the series that they start to solve mysteries! After reading all the Maida books, I collected my observations about them, and realized that the overall idea behind the "school" system was that children learn through experiencing and experimenting. Don't worry, there isn't a single line of boring philosophy in the books. Outwardly they're stories of a group of really nice children, having fun and exploring their world. The latter books in the series are nearly impossible to find, or at least at prices that most of us can afford. Since I love the series myself, I do recommend that you try them. I'll TRY to list more Maida books in the future, but in the meantime, maybe you'll spot some and give them a try. Maida's Little House (Irwin) #2 in the series. Maida's friends from her little shop, are invited to visit her at her father's estate, where they eventually spend the rest of their childhood. The sweetest of stories! Book looks rough, but is firm and clean. Nice picture of 4 children, one of them a baby, sitting on a brick wall in front of the "little house" which isn't small except in comparison with her father's mansion. Laser copy of the original DJ. $5.00 Maida's Little House -- "Polka Dot edition" thick yellow covers, with dj bordered in yellow with white dots, and dotted endpapers. Fairly good condition, laser copy of the original DJ. $5.00 Maida's Little School (Irwin) #3 in the series. This is the book that establishes the educational system which is developed all through the series (don't worry, there isn't anything boring or obvious about the way they do this!) Maida's friends spend the winter at The Little House, where various adults entertain them with interesting projects and games. The children love these activities never quite knowing that they're learning things better than they ever would have done in a regular school. I especially like the way the girls "helped" the boys learn to do a few chores around the house! HB, pretty nice condition, with a laser copy dust jacket showing several of the children reading a map that seems to be leading them to a treasure chest! Spine shows several other children sitting with a lady who's reading to them. The DJ that we copied was in fair condition, but the laser copy looks better than the original. Front cover is especially nice. $5.00 Maida's Little Island (Irwin) #4 in the series, 1939. This book is in fair condition, but looks much better due to the copy DJ that we made for it. The book is in OK readable condition, the DJ shows 5 of the Big Eight in what looks to me like mid-1940s casual wear, at a picnic on the island. What a wonderful setting! Their own little island (Spectacles Island) with a cottage where they can spend a few days exploring, swimming, surfing, and -- solving mysteries! The DJ shows 5 of the Big Eight in what looks to me like mid/late 1940s casual clothes (they look like what I wore when I was a kid) sitting or standing around a picnic basket with the Atlantic in the background. As always, the cover is really beautiful. HB in fair condition, LDJ, $5.00 Maida's Little Camp, 1940. #5 in the series. Wonderful combination of one of my favorite settings (a "camp" in the Adirondacks, in one place it's described as a chalet) and Maida's group, the Big Eight. Nature, small adventures, and in the end, a wonderful surprise which I won't spoil for you. Polka-dot edition, good condition, with a near-good dust jacket showing some of the kids on the bank of a stream, with a dream view of the mountains and cottage. I want to go there NOW! $8.00 Here's a somewhat more recent edition of Maida's Little Camp. Exactly the same text, a different format and dust jacket picture. In this one, the children are sitting indoors, around a blazing fireplace, with an interior decor that reminds me of Adirondack camps that I love to look at and wish I could own! There are fine details, one is reading a map, one a book, one is sketching, and someone has just put down some knitting. There is a window looking out at a rustic scene. Thinner book in fairly good cond, map endpapers, laser copy DJ. $7.00 Maida's Little Houseboat (Irwin) #7 in the series, 1943. Can you think of anything more exciting for a group of kids, than their own houseboat? Maida's father bought an old, out-of-commission scow, and fitted it out for the Big Eight to use as a summer playhouse. In the great tradition of series books, the boat drifts away from its mooring, and a lot of the rest of the book is a Robinson Crusoe adventure! These kids are always resourceful and imaginative, but I won't say anything more -- you will love reading about it! HB, fairly good condition, with a good-looking laser copy of our DJ. DJ picture shows 4 of the children in play clothes, enjoying the boat and seashore. $7.00 Maida's Little Theater (Irwin) #8 in the series, 1946. Good condition hb book except for uniformly age-browned pages. Nice laser copy of our DJs, showing the children in costumes for a Shakespeare play! The Maida books start to be harder to locate about this far into the series. HB with LDJ, both in good condition, $7.50 MORE SERIES BOOKS AHEAD!!! Lots of books by Catherine Woolley, who was one of my very favorite authors! She died only a few years ago, after living to be 100 years old! One whole issue of Whispered Watchword was dedicated to her, with many very loving reviews of her books (some written by me because I love her books so much!) Now you can read some Woolleys to honor her along with people on Cape Cod, who all celebrated her birthday at the time!!!) All the Ginnie and all the Cathy, Ginnie and Libby series go on my best-loved lists! First, a single-title Woolley book that you might not even know about. This is SCHOOLroom Zoo, from 1950. Iris Beatty illustrations. It starts when the girl finds an eft (it's a kind of lizard) during a family picnic. Escalates when there is a pet show at the park, where the girl wins 3rd prize -- a homeless cat! Then, there is the tiny mouse -- she can't let her cat catch it, can she? That's just the beginning of this story. If you aren't fond of animals, this would be a great story to catch the reading interest of a pet-loving kid. Like me. And you know that any book by Woolley will involve interesting family dynamics. HB with printed picture cover, XLibrary in good condition, $4.00 Next, some books from THE CATHY LEONARD series! A Room for Cathy (Woolley) 1956. A hugely favorite book! Cathy and her family move to a new home where she gets her own bedroom for the first time. Then -- well, you can discover what happens with her wonderful new privacy! In the end, things turn out very much better than she had feared! PB in very good condition. $2.00 Cathy Uncovers a Secret (Woolley) 1972. An elderly friend spends Thanksgiving with the Leonard family. She somehow remembers that there was some kind of secret associated with the family's house. Now and then, she remembers fragments of whatever secret it might be, which intrigues Cathy enough to start her on an avid search for the history of the house and the town. And -- yea! -- a bit of Christmas, though never enough. XL hardcover with a printed picture cover. All in good condition. $6.00 You should look for books from the LIBBY WARREN series by Woolley (I hope I'll have some of them again sometimes soon!) There are four books in the Libby searies, each one including a mystery for her to solve, as well as lots of fun, friends and great settings, including Cape Cod. I think maybe the Libby series are my favorite Woolley books. She's a bit sophisticated (originally lives in New York city) and the mysteries are a tiny bit more edgy and slightly more dangerous than the mysteries in the Cathy or Ginnie books. Wonderful fun! Here are some GINNIE FELLOWS books by Catherine Woolley. This is Woolley's longest series (10 books) and probably her most popular. Sweet, family stories, simple problems, loveable characters. Good reading for kids and their parents and grandparents (I read these books during each of these periods of my life, and loved them every time.) Ginnie and Geneva (Woolley) 1948. I've discovered that this book seems to be scarce, and quite expensive to buy in good condition as a hardcover with dust jacket. This one is a personal copy in very good condition, with a laser copy DJ that looks really nice. The Iris Beatty Johnson illustrations are simple, beautiful and truly right for 1948. I was around the same age as these girls, so I'll guarantee that we looked and dressed like them and our homes looked like theirs. Nice story about a girl who had been home-schooled until she started 4th grade and had a bit of trouble adjusting to the roughness of social life when she did start school. Lots of cats, food, Christmas, school and vacation fun. HB with LDJ, $9.50 Ginnie Joins In (Woolley) 1951. Gentle lessons about not being too wound up in your own problems! But that doesn't in the least get in the way of the joy of this story. The cover shows Geneva dressed up as Huck Finn for the Dance of the Books. This didn't work out quite right for Ginnie, and she felt more and more left out of everything. A summer at a lake cottage gives her new confidence - as she slowly learns to swim. Nice summer-cottage setting for most of the book. HB, former library book, in fairly good condition. Lovely illustrations by Iris Beatty Johnson, who illustrated many of these books. $5.00 Ginnie and the New Girl (Woolley) 1954. Ginnie is unhappy when her best friend, Geneva, befriends a newcomer to the school. Great fun eventually comes from this triangle! PB fairly good condition, $2.00 Ginnie and the Mystery Doll (1960) An antique doll that mysteriously appears after being lost for a very long time. THEN -- it disappears again! Ginnie, Geneva, and their family are spending summer vacation on Cape Cod, and the girls are thrilled when the doll mystery comes their way. Auctions! Antiques! Fun! PB, fair cond, $2 Another pb copy of Mystery Doll in good condition -- $3.00 Ginnie and the Mystery Cat -- Woolley -- 1969. Paul Frame illustrations (think: Trixie and her friends.) This cat is a little figurine, just a souvenir, right? Or maybe there is something much more interesting about this kitty. Ginnie and her family go to Europe, and there is another wonderful surprise that will make the trip much more exciting (to say nothing of that mysterious cat!) Xlibrary HB with printed picture cover. Fairly good condition. $5.00 Ginnie and the mystery House (Woolley) 1957. Kids scare themselves by saying that the creepy old house is haunted -- but sometimes it really does seem like one! And being a book by Catherine Woolley, there are wonderful family scenes, cozy adventures, a sleigh ride, friends and food. PB in good condition, $2.00 Ginnie and her Juniors (Woolley) 1963. Very nice hardcover, personal copy. Book is in very good condition, the DJ is in good condition. Lots of clever illustrations by Liz Dauber. Cover shows a smiling Ginnie with a bunch of kids happily following her around. Those kids attend her day nursery! She's very young for such a job, but what could possibly go wrong??? She (and you) will soon find out. HB with DJ, both in good cond, $6.00 Ginnie's Baby-sitting business, which is the paperback edition of Ginnie and her Juniors. (Catherine Woolley) fairish condition. $1.25 (2 copies available) YES, EVEN MORE SERIES BOOKS AHEAD!!! CHERRY AMES -- the most popular nurse series ever printed, a nurse with 1,000 specialties, all of them interesting and romantic -- and connected with fascinating myseries! I'll try to have more books in this series very soon! Did you know that you could buy 4-book boxed sets of new hardcover reprints of Cherry Ames books? They are very close to the originals (but not close enough to fool us!) The printed picture covers have the same picture as the vintage copies, maybe a bit more glossy. The texts of the books, as far as I could tell, are precisely the same as the originals. The set that I have for sale includes the first 4 books in the series -- Student, Senior, Army, and Chief Nurse. The books are in wonderful condition (a few pages are creased, but other than that, they look like new.) The slipcase is red, with a gold picture of Cherry in her cap, on both sides. The back of the box, the side that shows when it's in a bookcase, has the same picture, but smaller, with the title and Volumes 1-4 printed on it. Slipcase with 4 hardcover reproduction Cherry Ames books -- $12.00 Cherry Ames #2, Senior Nurse. The beautiful cover picture of Cherry in her cap and cape, the story of her 2nd year in training. Good condition, a few slight flaws, but a good, solid, attractive copy! $3.00 Cherry Ames #3, Army Nurse. Cherry and her whole graduating class join the Army Nurse Corps, during WWII. They go through basic training, and have to face a lot of things they never dreamed of in the protected world of nursing school. And of course they run up against a mystery, even in wartime. Red cover, fairly good condition, perfectly good for reading! $2.00 Cherry Ames #7, Private Duty Nurse . Cherry's first job after her years in the Army. Cherry's patient is a pianist who has heart problems -- and some worse problems -- which are the basis of the mystery in this story. Good one, especially for a musician! HB, pretty good condition, nice copy of my good dust jacket. $5.00 Cherry Ames #10, At Spencer. After the war, Cherry goes back to work at the hospital where she trained. It's always been a good place, especially for mysteries. The cover picture is of a darling little girl in a wheelchair, with of course a very handsome doctor aiding Cherry in taking care of her. Picture Cover edition, in excellent condition, $5.00 Cherry Ames #11, Night Supervisor. Dr Joe assures Cherry that by the end of this assignment, she'll be able to qualify as an obstetrical nurse, as most babies are born during the night. This hospital is in a poor, rural community, but it has a very modern hospital, so Cherry feels she's fortunate to get the job. But before she has a chance to deliver one baby, she is immersed in another mystery -- what a surprise! HB in fairly good condition, with a laser copy of our nice dust jacket, showing Cherry trying to help an obviously reluctant patient. Makes you wonder if he's the first man ever to resist Cherry's charming personality and appearance? HB, Laser copy DJ, nice-looking $6.00 Cherry Ames #12, Mountaineer Nurse. Cherry's next job takes her to Appalachia, where she is appalled at some of the sad conditions she runs into -- as well as being impressed with some of the wonderful people she meets. Cover picture shows Cherry waving at a little waif in the dirt yard around a saggy cabin, chickens running all over, but a beautiful background of hills and trees. I'm pretty sure you will love this story, really different and touching. The book is in very good condition except for a very small piece missing from the top of the spine. This doesn't affect the picture cover or the words on the spine at all. Quite a good copy overall. $4.00 Cherry Ames #15, Rest Home Nurse. Several interesting intertwined plots, very fascinating story, and -- who is that good-looking older man that Cherry is waving so happily at, on the cover picture? How does she do it, finding a man to date in every one of her stories? This aspect of the stories might well have led a few teen girls to take up nurse training. Book in generally good condition, wear at the corners and a crease down the spine, but tight and clean otherwise. $4.00 Cherry Ames #17, Boarding School nurse. For me, this is an especially appealing story. I guess we series-book people always love a boarding school story -- add a nurse and a mystery to the mix, and we couldn't be happier. Nice picture cover showing Cherry and a tennis-playing student, smiling up at a young man in bow tie and happy face, who is running towards them under the fall leaves. By the way, how do you feel about perfume? HB with PC, good cond except for some wear around the edges of the cover. $5.00 Cherry Ames #19, Camp Nurse. I'm re-reading this book right now, and remembering how much I have always liked it. All the camp fun (hikes, crafts, swimming, and of course dances with the boys' camp across the lake) and a serious mystery. Plus the first-aid and nursing that Cherry does so well. This tweed-covered copy is in pretty good condition, except for a mended spine. $4.00 Cherry Ames #19, Boarding School Nurse with a printed picture cover. Cherry and one of her campers, with - you guessed it -- a good-looking buy running toward them with his hat raised on high! Wearing a bow-tie, no less! Fairly good condition, a bit of roughness along the spine and at the corners. $6.00 Paperback Cherry Ames book, The Case of the Dangerous Remedy . This pb format gives the books new titles and numbers. The original title of this one is Cherry Ames, Rural Nurse. The amended title has more pep, and really describes the plot more accurately -- fascinating story! The original is #22 in the series. PB Cherry, $3.00 Another format for Cherry Ames books -- a small hardcover with a romantic picture cover, I think it's a library rebound copy of a small paperback. Originally this book was called Cherry Ames, Island Nurse, and was #21, Island Nurse. A good way to get to read this fairly scarce number in the Cherry Series. $3.00 END OF CHERRY AMES BOOKS. OTHER SERIES BOOKS BELOW! BOOKS BY HARRIET PYNE GROVE -- unlikely name, and I've heard that it wasn't even a pen name! She did write very good stories. I especially like them because they are the attractive, thick Saalfield editions with colorful dust jackets. Some of the different books have the very same DJ pictures, some have their own. I guess in the 1930s, publishers like everyone else did what they could to keep prices low and attract the few dollars that were around. I can't really promise that there will be more of these good books on my list very soon, but I will promise that I'll do my best. She also wrote the Betty Lee series of books. The Amy And Laura series by Marilyn Sachs is aimed at a younger reader than the Maltshop books, but they appeal to the same audience of adults. 2 sisters move to a new apartment in NY, and deal with a number of problems, including a mother who has to spend a long period in a hospital, being the new kid on the block, and a bad bully. But there are wonderful, nostalgic scenes of jumprope rhymes, school adventures, pets, lots of family scenes. Laura's Luck is a camp story -- always popular! If you like the same books that I do, I can almost guarantee that you will like these books very much. I'll try to have more Amy and Laura books soon! Amy and Laura (Sachs) 1966. Their mother had a terrible accident, but now she's home, in a wheelchair, and everyone's waiting on her and being quiet and good. The girls' aunt takes care of them, and she just isn't Mother. The girls are at sword's point, but they can't fight it out. PB, good condition, $2.00 The Meadow-Brook girls series is an early outdoors-adventure series, based in New Hampshire (I think it's the only relatively major series that is mainly set in New England.) Enjoyable in the mould of the first few Ruth Fieldings or the Outdoors Girls. I hope to have more from this series, quite soon. Meadow-brook Girls across Country (Janet Aldridge) 1913. Anyone who loves camping, would get a kick out of the cover picture on this book. Very beautiful, as well as nostalgic, showing 3 girls in regulation campfire clothes (sailor middy with a necktie blowing in the wind dangerously near the fire, but that's my opinion!) Cooking around the fire, with an open tent to one side, a beautiful lake in the background, girl in a red boat waving to those on shore. So idyllic! Of course the girls have some less-than-idyllic moments, this IS a series book, right? But they keep coming back for more adventures. The sub-title of this volume is The Young Pathfinders on a Summer Hike. Book in good condition, remembering that it might be as much as 101 years old! Laser copy of the original DJ looks great. HB, LDJ, $7.00 Meadow-Brook (or sometimes spelled Meadow Brook) Girls Afloat by Janet Aldridge. 1913. Sub-titled The Stormy Cruise of the Red Rover. This copy has a revised dust jacket picture since the girl looks more like the 1930s than 25 years previous to that time. But the exciting story is the same as the original! Book is in fairly good condition for its age and the cheap Depression-era edition. The Dust jacket has some wear at the extremities, but it's all there except for the corners and the top and bottom of the spine. Fairly nice package! Ads for other series on back and flaps of the DJ. I always like to see those, as they give me just a few more things that I "need" to find! HB, DJ, #3.50 LOTS MORE SERIES BOOKS! Kim Aldrich series -- There are 4 books in this series, written for somewhat older readers than a lot of our books, but certainly within the teen years. The Girls' Series Companion compares them somewhat to Nancy Drew Files, but I like them better. Kim Aldrich Mystery -- Miscalculated Risk (Jinny McDonell) 1972. First paragraph -- "Some people are accident -prone, Kim, but so help me, you're adventure-prone" said by her father. They were going to have a nice, quiet day, but you know how seldom that happens to girl sleuths! Cover shows Kim in her wet suit. HB, picture cover, good condition, $3.00 (2 copies available) Ruth Fielding series. Ruth starts out as a motherless girl, just like Patti Fairfield and a lot of other old series heroines! But she goes in a different direction, after the first few books full of rollicking adventures in boarding school, in the north woods, and at the shore. In later books of this very long series, she becomes a career girl, role model for feminists, and pre- courser of Nancy Drew and other series females. Yet, she keeps her femininity, and eventually even marries (take notice, Nancy!) I've enjoyed all the Ruths that I've read, from beginning to end. I'll add books about Ruth when I find them for you! Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall, or Solving the Campus Mystery. #2 in the series. Ruth gets a chance to go to boarding school, don't they all? And how do all the series book girls get so lucky that their boarding schools provide them with exciting mysteries? I never went to boarding school, but did live in college dorms for 4 years, and the only mystery I ever ran into was how to pass a few of the hardest exams. This is far from the only mystery that Ruth will ever solve, as she finds them everywhere -- and solves them handily! HB in the usual vintage-book condition, with a copy of our pretty-good DJ, showing a lovely Ruth in nautical attire, sitting prettily under a tree by a stream, with a book in her lap. She won't pass those exams if she doesn't pay more attention to that book! HB, LDJ, $5.00 Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp, subtitled Lost in the Backwoods, 1913. Ruth #3. Don't you love to sit in your cozy. warm house and read about people lost in the snowy forests? Or cringing in cabins while the blizzard roars around them? The book is in moderate condition (worn corners and edges, pages slightly loose, but everything holding together OK. Brown but clean pages.) Covered by a laser copy of the original DJ, which was in fair condition itself, but the LDJs always look better than the originals because they don't have any tears or holes! Front cover picture intact, 5/6ths of the original spine is showing. $5.00 Ruth Fielding #5 -- At Silver Ranch (or, Schoolgirls among the Cowboys) 1913. Ridin' Ropin' and Russlers! This book hardly misses a Western Cliche-- and no doubt helped Ruth think up plots for her future movie-making. Book in fairly good cond, printed picture cover (Ruth in front of the moon.)$3.00 Ruth Fielding #8 And the Gypsies, subtitled The Missing Pearl Necklace. More adventures than most of us meet in a lifetime, all in one book! A pivotal story because it tells of the circumstances that allow Ruth to start in the movie business. HB in good cond, with a laser copy of our beautiful multi-pictoral dust jacket. $5.50 Ruth Fielding #18, On the St. Lawrence Subtitled, The Queer Old man of the Thousand Islands (shades of Judy Bolton!) 1922. Book in good condition, with a very good ("real") DJ, multi-pic style. $8.50 Ruth Fielding Treasure Hunting -- #19 in the series 1923. Good condition book, nice looking repro dust jacket. Ruth and own her newly organized motion picture company, head for the Bahamas, where of course they are plagued with problems including a hurricane. Like true troupers, they turn the bad luck into good! HB, LDJ, $7.00 Ruth And Her Great Scenario -- #23 in the series, 1927. This one is getting right up there near the end of the series! This one is especially appealing to me since it takes place on the Maine coast! Book in fair condition, with loose hinges, but it's all there and holding together. Laser copy of the original(older style) DJ. $7.00 End of Ruth Fielding books. OTHER SERIES BOOKS HERE -- Betty Gordon series -- Betty was a penniless orphan, staying with horrid guardians who also had young Bob working for them, and they treated him terribly. Betty and Bob eventually find a much happier home with her uncle, who owns oil wells and takes them all around the country where they help him out by solving mysteries. This series is similar to the Ruth Fielding books in appearance as well as age, and a little like it in plot. I'd love to have more Betty G books soon! Betty Gordon in Washington ((Alice Emerson) 1920. 2nd book in the series. Betty and Bob both run away from the cruel farmer who is mistreating them and also his livestock. They find a safe place to stay, but still want to find their own relatives. One adventure after another. HB in very nice condition. $4.00 Betty Gordon at Mountain Camp (Alice B. Emerson) 1922. 5th book in series. All kinds of coincidences and adventures, a beautiful spot for camping, a missing gold locket, and best of all, a pennyless young woman who needs the help of the wealthy, generous Betty and her friends. HB in surprisingly good condition, with a laser copy of our beautiful dust jacket -- one of the most romantic scenes I remember on any series book. $5.00 Betty Wales, Senior (Margaret Warde) 1907. One of the very popular college girl series, obviously this one is the 4th in the series. The series eventually goes on to 10 books, but any one of them can be read separately. Also, there is a 2-page summary of what's happened so far in the series. This is a HB book in very nice condition for an oldie. There isn't a DJ, but the endpapers have a very attractive picture of a girl who is dressed more in the fashion of the 1930s, as this is a later printing of the book. $3.50 Jean Craig series by Kay Lyttleton. This 5-book series is actually about the whole Craig family, and a lot of their friends. Jean features prominently, but all the rest of the family is part of each book. Fairly recent dates, but the books are re-runs of an earlier series, Greenacres. Only the names have been changed to protect the plagerist or at least borrower. Very entertaining, whatever the story may be! Look for Jean Craig books on a future list! Here is the whole series of Jean Craig books! There are 5 books, published by the World company, and called Falcon books (Just to identify this format, since they do come in at least 2 different formats.) Each book has a different color of striped background, and a square picture on the front. The books are in good condition, with some wear along the spines. Nice set! $17.00 for all 5. The books in this set are: Jean Craig Grows up Jean Craig in New York Jean Craig Finds Romance jean Craig, Nurse Jean Craig, Graduate Nurse Here are some Jean Craig books that you can buy individually -- Jean Craig in New York (1948) Jean has a chance to live in NY with some relatives, and sample what the big city has to offer. Her family, back at home in the country, have their own fun and adventures. Book in good condition except for tilted slightly, with picture cover showing Jean foreground, skyscrapers background. $3.50 Jean Craig Grows up (1948) First in the Craig family saga, they move to the country for their father's health when he comes home from the war with injuries. Book is in pretty good condition except that an inch or so of the cover's spine is gone. Find out if you like the series, with this low priced book! $2.00 MORE SERIES BOOKS! Billie Bradley Series by Janet D. Wheeler. Between 1920 and 1932. There are 9 books in this series, which take place in suburban NY state, probably not terribly far from Trixie and the Bob-Whites, and they also follow the adventures and mystery-solving of a group of young people. These books are green, with a printed picture of Bilie (and you understand that this is a GIRL named Billie?) in darker green. PATTY FAIRFIELD series. Patty starts out as a motherless girl who stays with various relatives, and is a simple, sweet young thing. She soon becomes acquanited with life in the lap of luxury, and you can visit her there in the many books in this series. Descriptions of parties, costumes, mansions, travels, decorations -- I've never read of more opulant settings! Of course there are adventures and mysteries, friendships, and romances. Patty ends up married in the end of the series. Due to their original good quality, they are sometimes found in fairly good condition, considering their extreme age! Interesting series. I'll add more Patti books as soon as I can, in the meantime, try to find them yourself, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading these extravagant stories! Author -- Carolyn Wells. I will list more books in the Patty Fairfield series as soon as possible. Also by Carolyn Wells (a very prolific author, if that's her real name) is the Marjorie Maynard series. This is aimed at younger readers than some of our favorite series, but much more fun to read than some of the younger-kid series! This one is about a family with 4 kids who love to do things together. No twins -- this isn't about the Bobbseys, though the time is just about right for the beginning of that series. They're a lively bunch "The fundamental principle of Mr. and Mrs. Maynard's training was common-sense, and this, added to deep parental love, made their discipline both wise and kind." But they get into all kinds of scrapes, anyway, while having a great old time together. I believe these books are written for kids between the Bobbsey Twins' age, and the teens. They are 240 to 280 pages long. Frontispiece, but no internal illustrations. I will be listing more Marjorie books from these and other of her series, as soon as I possibly can. Marjorie's New Friend (Carolyn Wells) 1909. 3rd book in the series. New friend starts out on the wrong foot, but eventually everything evens out. The interesting thing about this book is the way that you learn how serious the precautions, quarantines and laws are, when someone in a household has diptheria. Fairly good condition, $3.50 Marjorie in Command (Wells) 1910. 4th book in series. Marjorie is 12 when her parents leave her (sort-of) in charge of the other 3 children while the parents take a long trip. The older lady who is actually in charge, finds this a very peculiar arrangement, and indeed, there are amazing adventures. HB, moderately good condition, with a laser copy of the original DJ showing Marjorie next to the gatepost, with a lovely house in the background. $3.50 Marjorie's Maytime (Wells) 1911. 5th in the series. All kinds of early-summer, late spring activities for the family! In case you think the books in this series are short because they're about some fairly young children, think again! This one has 241 pages, and is full of nice descriptions of pleasant places, exciting little adventures, family happenings. HB, old but holding its own! $2.00 (2 copies available?) Marjorie's Maytime with a beautiful DJ! The picture shows 3 girls dressed in the lovely long white dresses that girls wore in those days, having a picnic in a flowery glade amid trees and vistas. The colors are sepia or mauve, so I'm not sure if this is how they originally were, but it makes a lovely atmosphere. Book in very good condition, with laser copy of original DJ. $5.00 MORE FASCINATING SERIES BOOKS! Peggy Stewart is a series that takes place in the Anapolis area, where Peggy is a naval officer's daughter, and later, at a private school. The description describes the setting as "an old southern estate." There are 3 books in the series, all have the same picture on the cover, Peggy looking serious and dressy, sitting down -- in a carriage? with a cane or whip in hand. You'll read about rich girls and fancy parties and homes, while you'll have to have a tolerance for southern attitudes of a century ago, and occasional dialect. Certainly they are period-pieces and enjoyable as such These books appeal to me especially, since my mother's first and middle name were Peggy (or Margaret) Stewart. I'll try to have more Peggy Stewart books soon. Peggy Stewart at Home IGabrielle E. Jackson) 1920. Fairly good condition book (pages are age-browned, or I'd drop the "fairly" and call it "good.") Has a laser copy of our good dust jacket as described above. $4.00 Ginny Gordon Mysteries (by Julie Campbell, hooray, a Trixie author!) Ginny is another Schoolgirl Sleuth, part of a group like Trixie's Bob-whites, called The Hustlers. They are always looking for ways to make money, and run into plenty of mysteries while doing so. Some of their ventures include a "swap shop" which you might term a sort of antiques or highclass thrift shop, a snack shop, and a used book booth. I'll add more Ginny Gordons as soon as I find them! Ginny Gordon and the Mystery at the Old Barn (Campbell) 1951. This one is about the snack shop that the kids open in an abandoned barn -- first they renovate the barn, then they outfit it, decide what to serve and how much to charge -- then comes the opening day! Then.. the mysteries and problems start (of course!) If you love reading about kids who run businesses, I'm pretty sure you'll like this series. Continuing characters like John's rich grandmother and her employees, among the things that resemble Trixie stories and give both series depth. HB, with picture of the old red barn, someone trying to get the door open, and Ginny watching from behind the trees. Fairly good condition (this is the condition of most books in this series.) $3.00 Ginny Gordon and the Disappearing Candlesticks (Julie Campbell)1948. First book in the series. If you, like so many collectors, love thrift shops, this book will be a treat to read! The group of kids (which sort of resembles Trixie's Bobwhites) have to raise money and the swap shop is their first project. Beset with mysteries, of course. HB, worn along the edges but otherwise nice. $2.50 "The Mexican Mysteries" series is about 3 American girls (main character is Jo Anne) who spend their summers in Mexico, helping people and having rather wild adventures. A really great series, I only discovered it a few years ago, but loved it immediately. These are beautiful books, in the thick Saalfield formats, with rather brittle pages, but good sturdy bindings. I'll try to have more Mexican Mysteries (by Randolph) soon. Peggy Lane Theater Series By Virginia Hughes. These books are to a theater career what the Vicki Barrs are to stewardess career, or the Connie Blairs are to an advertising career. The books even look the same as those series, with similar attractive picture covers. The books all look good, they are almost always in very good condition, standing up well over the years. They're the story of a young girl who starts out in her career, and enjoys a variety of theatrical experiences as she advances in the theater world. As in almost all series books, there are mild mysteries in all the books. Series book collectors need to have these interesting and attractive books on their shelves! Of course, they're especially fun to read if you're interested in the theater. But they're entertaining even if you aren't a theater fanatic! I'll add Peggy Lane books when I have more of them. Peggy Plays Off-Broadway -- #2 in the series. Condition is fairly good, edges are worn but the cover picture is nice and bright, and the interior is good. $4.00 Peggy Goes Straw Hat (Peggy Lane #3) HB in very good cond, nice printed picture cover showing Peggy and a handsome-and-he-knows-it man, with another girl and a great Woody Wagon and rustic barn in the background. Yes, Peggy is joining a summer theater group at an Adirondack resort, and immediately becomes part of a controversy in town. Theater, mystery, romance! HB, PC, good cond, $4.00 BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THERE ARE STILL MORE SERIES BOOKS TO GO! The BEVERLY GRAY series is fabulous! It's a long series that was popular from the 30s through the 50s, and is still very much read, especially by subscribers to Susabella Passengers and Friends magazine. Beverly Gray on a Treasure Hunt -- #8 in the series. Cannibals??? If Beverly gets out of this predicament, she'll have plenty to write about for her newspaper job. This is one of the most unusual of all series books, very entertaining. The book is in moderately good condition (firm, complete, clean pages that are somewhat age-darkened, a few spots on the cover.) There is a laser copy of our excellent dust jacket, showing a girl looking down from a cliff, overlooking a beach full of men with spears "escorting" another girl toward the shore of a tropical isle. $5.00 Beverly Gray's Challenge -- #15 in the G&D system of counting these books. Don't worry about the numbers! Just look for titles that you don't have, and enjoy the books in or out of order. Nice Montana ranch setting. Green cover. $3.00 Beverly Gray's Surprise (#26, final book in the series.) Yet another exciting and dangerous adventure for Bev. Very interesting picture on the cover of this Clover Edition. Bev on a horse somewhere up the side of a mountain, looking down on a valley where a Land Rover and a cute teardrop trailer are parked. HB, PC, $4.00 We will try to list more Beverly Gray books soon -- they've been very popular! MORE SERIES BOOKS RIGHT HERE! Dorothy Dixon Series is about a very adventurous 16-year-old who gets her pilot's license and flies around solving mysteries and rescuing people, little things like that! There are 4 books in the series (and a phantom title) all from 1933. They were cheap books to start with, and pretty much always have brown, slightly brittle, pages. I will try to have more Dorothy Dixon books very soon! Dorothy Dixon Wins her Wings (Wayne) 1933. That's just what happens -- she learns to fly after she meets "the famous Bill Bolton" (who happens to have his own series of books.) And of course she doesn't escape danger and adventure even in this first book in the series. Book in good condition, with a copy of our very nice laser dust jacket showing a scene that shows how very dangerous and thrilling her adventures might end up being! $4.00 Shabby but readable copy of Dorothy D wins her wings, $1.00 Dorothy Dixon Solves the Conway Case (Dorothy Wayne) 1933. Fairly good book in a good DJ, altogether a nice presentation. $4.00 (2 copies) Dorothy Dixon and the Mystery Plane (Wayne) 1933. The book is somewhat worn, but it DOES have at least 95% of a dust jacket, and looks pretty nice. $5.00 Dorothy Dixon and the Double Cousin (Dorothy Wayne) 1933, last of the 4 books in the series. book in the usual condition -- brown-toned and brittle pages, binding a bit loose, perfectly readable and attractive with the laser copy Dust jacket. $4.50 A series of 3 books about a pony, written by Henry Larom -- all attractive small Scholastic editions with interesting cover pictures, moderately good condition. Mountain Pony Mountain Pony and the Pinto Colt Mountain Pony and the Rodeo Mystery 3 Mountain Pony books for $5.00 Nurses Three is a short (7 books) but very good hardcover nurse series. There are 3 sisters, all nurses, all daughters of a famous doctor that they seem to want to live up to. The 3 girls have different personalities and interests, and each one has a couple of books all to herself. A unique idea for a series, and quite wonderful! The books have attractive picture covers, in a different color for each of the girls. Written by Jean Kirby. Each has several nice internal illustrations. If there aren't any Nurses Three books here, I hope to have more to offer soon! A Career for Kelly -- Nurses Three, a Kelly Scott Story (Jean Kirby) 1963. First book in the series, first sister to go out on her own. Mild mystery, career. Very nice picture cover, front and back. Good condition. I get a kick out of the various original 1961 price tags on the covers. Your 2013 price -- $5.00 First Assignment -- Nurses Three, a Penny Scott Story. Nursing, solving mysteries, a very interesting setting in the Ozark wilderness, and of course, always trying to prove to Dad that she has what it takes to be a devoted nurse. HB with happy nurse in uniform on the picture cover -- all in excellent condition. $5.00 Tracy's Little People, a Tracy Scott Story. 1965. A new job at Children's Hospital, and some very difficult new challenges, one of which starts in the very first chapter. She loves the children, and wants to be the best nurse she can be, but it's sometimes hard! Wonderful story, beautiful book with a nice picture cover showing Tracy caring for a young patient on a hospital bed. HB, PC, very good condition, $5.00 Olympic duty, A Penny Scott Story, 1965. To quote from the blurb in the front of this, the last of the Nurses Three books, "The suspense, the fun, the heartbreak of Olympic competition form a thrilling background for Penny's first overseas assignment." It's the winter Olympics, set high in the French Alps, where Penny finds mystery and romance. HB with beautiful picture cover (these books were really well done in every way!) $5.00 STILL MORE SERIES BOOKS! Polly series by Lillian E. Roy. Mostly with light blue covers. The Polly series tells about a girl who started out on a ranch in the southwest, and really loves her life there. The first 2 books are set on the ranch. Many adventures, and a bit of romance. After that, Polly goes out into the big world, and is very successful in every way, but of course it never changes her sweet nature! In a later book that I don't have for sale, she goes back to the ranch for a while, and then sets off for fantastic trips and adventures. Romance intrudes, but as in all of these very old series, it's very mild and treated a bit humorously. Eventually, she marries. This is a fairly long series, and worth collecting and reading. I'll try to list more Polly books very soon! Kathy Martin nurse series. Kathy Martin books are like slightly more modern Sue Barton or Cherry Ames. A long and very interesting nurse-mystery series.) They were written by Josephine James, starting in 1959. Kathy has a very interesting family, who live on an apple farm in California, she has a nice boyfriend (but just can't make up her mind to marry him!) and she is just as good as Cherry Ames at nursing and finding mysteries to solve. All the books have attractive picture covers, and are Golden Press HB editions to match several other popular series that you probably already have in your collection. I certainly hope to have more Kathy Martin books in the future. A really good series, you should try it! One of the good things about it is that there are 13 books in the series, so you won't run out of them in a hurry! I hope to have more Kathy Martin books very soon! Junior Nurse, Kathy Martin #2. You guessed it, Kathy is in her 2nd year of nursing school. Like the rest of the books in this series, her interesting family is a part of the book, and her doubts and human foibles. As I described above, this is one of the best nurse series, full of fun, real nursing situations, and romance. HB with picture cover showing Kathy (so pretty!) at the hospital. Very good condition, $5.00 Assignment in Alaska, Kathy Martin #5, 1961. Very exciting! Even Cherry Ames never went to Alaska but Kathy and her friend Kelley are eager to start working at there for a government agency. They soon realize that a lot of their training won't be all that useful, but Kathy is a resourceful, loving person, and overcomes a lot of problems -- proving that she really does have a lot in common with Cherry Ames, who never skipped a beat when she met new situations. HB, PC, very good, $5.00 An Affair of the Heart, Kathy Martin #11. "Heart" has various meanings in this book, from the human heart in a medical sense, to the heartaches of men and women. Quite an exciting story! HB with PC, looks very good except for a name in black ink on the first internal page. $5.00 End of Kathy Martin Series A big lot of Anastasia Krupnik books by Lois Lowry. What good books! Anastasia's a smart, sassy, inventive girl with an interesting family and a ton of clever ideas! This lot includes books about Anastasia and some about her much younger brother, Sam, who is as interesting as she is. And I won't even start in on her family! If you're like me, you'll read through this set of 5 books and set out to find the rest of the Anastsia books in a hurry! Three of these are former library books, 2 are personal copies that are pretty close to new. All of the books have dust jackets. The books in this lot are: Anastasia Again Anastasia At Your Service Anastasia's Chosen Career Anastasia At this address Zooman Sam 5 books about Anastasia and her family -- $8.00 MORE SERIES BOOKS AHEAD! Sue Barton Nurse stories! In my opinion, this is the best of all the nurse series. Yes, they are outdated as far as the nursing techniques and information, but the human interest is exceptional, and the writing is beautiful. If you read them in order, there's no other series that keeps your interest as compellingly as this one, unless it's Beany Malone. One of the things I like best about this series, is that lots of the books take place in New Hampshire. I'd like to promise that I'll have more Sue Barton books soon, but that's a hard promise to keep. I'll certainly try! Timber Trail Riders. Timber Trail is a horse farm, and there are both boys and girls in the riding club. I only started collecting this series recently, but I do enjoy them and want to share them with my friends. They were cheaply made and cheaply bound, so they're never in excellent condition, but they have very attractive picture covers, and well-illustrated interiors. Whitman "cellophane" style. I'll try to include some more Timber Trail Riders books as soon as I can. Complete set of 5 Timber Trail Riders books! These are in fairly good condition, better than you usually find them. Each one has a beautiful picture on the cover, and a firm binding. One of the books has been mended, and isn't in quite as good condition as the rest, but overall they look good and are a nice set. The titles are: Luck of the Black Diamond -- Sunny Saunders story The Long Trail North -- Mike Casey Story The Mysterious Dude -- Dave Talbot Story Texas Tenderfoot -- Dave Talbot story Mystery of the Hollywood Horse -- Peggy Lewis Story 5 Hardcover Timber trail Riders books from 1963 and 1964. $10.00 A FEW MORE SERIES BOOKS FOR YOU TO LOOK AT! BOOKS BY L.M. MONTGOMERY -- The author of "Anne" was a very prolific writer! Here are a few! BUT -- first a book about Anne of Green Gables, but not written by L.M. Montgomery. This is "Before Green Gables" by Budge Wilson, subtitled, "The Prequel to Anne of Green Gables." I'm sure you know that the Anne saga started when she was eleven and sent to live with Matthew and Marilda, after years of living in various homes and orphanages. But what happened before that? Here you'll have the answer, in 387 imaginative and interesting pages! In fact, it starts even before Anne is born, with her loving parents. Sometimes sad, sometimes optimistic, this is quite a story! HB, XL, very good condition with a very good DJ. $3.00 AND! A wonderful biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery by Harry Bruce, 1992. A fairly short book, probably written for young adults, this story certainly gives you a very good idea of what inspired "Maud" (the name of the book) when she wrote Anne, and her other books. A really unpleasant childhood brought up by a grandmother who had all of Marilda's less pleasant characteristics and absolutely none of her redeeming ones. A tormented love life. Years and years of writing before she hit the best-seller list with Anne of Green Gables. There are photographs and a long list of Maud's books, and a map of Prince Edward Island. HB, XL, with a nice dust jacket. $2.50 Anne of the Island (Montgomery) 3rd book in the series. This is a very nice hardcover copy of the book from the Grosset and Dunlap edition of 1970. Green cover with a pasted-down cameo picture of Anne on the cover. Very good condition. $2.50 Anne of Windy Poplars (Montgomery) I think this is the 4th book in the series. It's from the 1970 hardcover Grosset and Dunlap edition of all the Anne stories. This copy is in very good condition, with a DJ that's also very good except for a small mended rip at the top right next to the spine. The book also has a cameo picture of Anne on the green cover. I think it looks like what Anne if she'd been a teen in about 1970, but it's pretty anyway. $2.75 Rainbow Valley (L. M. Montgomery) 1919. 7th book in the Anne series. At this point, Anne and Gilbert have children who get into scrapes, just as their mother did at their ages. Attractive hardcover edition with dust jacket showing a bunch of children (only 6 of them are the Blythe kids, the picture includes their friends!) They're doing all kinds of things, fishing, reading, eating -- and 2 of them are either squaring up for a fight or playing stones, scissors, and paper. Book and dust jacket are in excellent condition. $4.50 Any of these PB books by the author of Anne of Green Gables -- $1 each Emily Climbs (Montgomery) PB $1 (2 available) Anne Of Green Gables $1 Anne of Avonlea $1 Anne of the Island $1 Anne of Windy Poplars $1 (2 available) Anne's House of Dreams $1 (2 available) Anne of Ingleside $1 Rainbow Valley $1 Rilla of Ingleside $1 (2 available) Chronicles of Avonlea $1 Emily of New Moon (Montgomery) PB. $1.00 (2 available) Rilla of Ingleside (Montgomery) very nice PB. $1.00 The Story Girl $1 A Tangled Web $1 The Golden Road (about the Story Girl) PB $1.00 (2 available) Anne Of Windy Poplars (Montgomery) PB $1.00 Pat of Silver Bush $1 (2 available) Mistress Pat $1 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MORE, MORE, MORE -- SERIES BOOKS OUTDOOR GIRLS is a very long series, 23 books in all, about an adventurous group of girls -- if you like the older series about girls who seemed to be paving the way for today's active women, you ought to start collecting these books! Oh yes -- they're really interesting and fun to read, too, historical impact notwithstanding. They can be read out of order with no problem, though later books add characters as the original girls marry and leave the group. By the way, both this series and Moving picture Girls are for much older girls than "Laura Lee Hope's" Bobbsey twins. I'll add more Outdoor girls as soon as I can find them! Outdoor girls in the saddle -- 1922 -- YYou won't even have to open the book before you know that this will be an exciting story! Four girls on horseback, with what must be a killer avalance bearing down on them. You don't have to worry, since you know there are lots more books in the series, so they couldn't have been killed, but it's a wonderful action picture in sepia tones. Subtitled, The Gold Miner of Gold Run, and is 12th in the series. Book in good cond except for cracking at the hinges (covers are still strongly hitched.) Laser copy of our very good-looking dust jacket. $4.00 Outdoor girls on a canoe trip, subtitled The Secret of the Brown Mill, #20 in the series, from 1930. You can tell from the cover picture that times have changed. Instead of the sailor dresses worn by the girls in former pictures, this cover shows the girls in tank tops and shorts, appropriate for wearing on a canoe trip, though still modest and seemly! Beautiful canoe, by the way. The adventures these girls can find on a wilderness river trip! The book is in good cond except for the age-toned pages -- and in my opinion that gives the book a nice vintage look. Laser copy of our beautiful dust jacket. $4.50 THE MOVING PICTURE GIRLS books by Laura Lee Hope. The author's name is fictional, here and in the Bobbsey Twins series. This series is for older girls, and is very interesting. The Moving Picture girls were way before their time, and very modern in their day. I'll add Moving Picture Girls books when I come across any. Good luck finding them yourself, in the meantime! BLYTHE GIRLS are supposed to be written by Laura Lee Hope, but if you're thinking "Bobbsey Twins," forget it! This long series appealed to teens of yesterday and appeals very much to myself and others today! The girls are in their late teens, there are no slapstick situations like those the Bobbseys were always involved in. Mystery, yes, but much more "mature" sleuthing. The girls have been orphaned, and actually have to work hard for a living! Each has a totally different type of job, so there are lots of opportunities for interesting mysteries, and a fascinating look at careers open to girls at that time -- hat saleswoman, personal secretary, artist. You might almost call these books career-romances, but the romance aspect is subdued. Boyfriends and their careers are very much a part of the stories, but as far as I can remember, no Great Romance, mainly parties, fun and adventures. These Depression-era books were not made to last through the decades, so most of them look pretty "well read." But they are still readable, and all worth reading! I'll add more Blythe Girls books as soon as I can! Blythe Girls -- Helen's Strange Boarder -- this is in bad condition, Spine is missing for instance. But all the pages are there, so you can read it. FREE with any other series book purchase. Somewhat better copy of Helen's Strange Boarder. This book wasn't well made in the first place, but this copy does have all its spine, and would be fine until you find an even better copy! It's a very clever and catchy story. $2.00 Blythe Girls: Rose's Odd Discovery, subtitled The SEarch for Irene Conroy-- #7 in the series. This copy is in fair cond; but it'll stand up to several more readings! Starts with a car accident and goes on from there, at a rapid pace. HB, fair condition, actually the binding is pretty firm and the covers look good. $2.50 SOME MORE GOOD SERIES BOOKS AHEAD HUGE LOT OF 8 POLLYANNA, OR "GLAD BOOKS" This big lot includes a good portion of the Pollyanna books, all blue vintage hardcovers in at least fairly good condition. No dust jackets. Before you snicker about what you think this excellent series is about, let me tell you the truth about "Pollyanna-ism!" She does what she calls playing the Glad Game, which is to try to make the best of a dicey situation, all the while trying to make things better for herself but even more, for everyone else around her. I'm as guilty as anyone of calling someone "a pollyanna" when that person is too, too sweetly optimistic, but when I do, I know I'm doing a dis-service to a lovely character. Pollyanna grows from an orphan girl in the first book, to a grown-up, to wife and mother, goes through good and bad times, helps people in almost every book. When her beloved husband has to be away, she supports her family, sometimes as a social worker -- what a perfect occupation for her! I think if she'd been named Judy or Nancy, no one would be making fun of her today, only enjoying her books. Which, by the way, are written by several people. Most of the books are in the Grossett and Dunlap editions. Here is the big lot -- Pollyanna, 1912, by Eleanor H. Porter Pollyanna Grows Up, 1914, by Porter Pollyanna of the Orange Blossoms, 1924, by Harriet Lummis Smith Pollyanna's Jewels, 1925, by Smith Pollyanna's Western Adventure, 1929, by Smith Pollyanna in Hollywood, 1931, by Elizabeth Borton Pollyanna's Castle in Mexico, 1934, by Elizabeth Borton Pollyanna's Golden Horseshoe, 1939, by Borton 8 Pollyanna books, good condition, 20.00 Pollyanna's Debt of Honor (Harriet Lummis Smith) 1927. HB with a laser copy of our very nice dust jacket, showing a pretty, smiling Pollyanna in cameo, with yellow birds all around the background. #5? in the series. HB, LDJ, $4.50 Pollyanna's Golden Horseshoe (Borton) #11? in the series, with most of a dust jacket. Pollyanna is a wife and mother, and social worker who helps people attain happiness, but these books are nowhere nearly as sappy as their reputation. In fact, they are quite wonderful career and family books. Nice condition book, DJ has a piece missing from the front cover, otherwise it's quite nice, very colorful, with birds on branches. $3.00 Pollyanna's Western Adventure (Harriet Lummis Smith) 1929. The Sixth Glad Book. The family goes to live for a year in a minding camp "in the far west." They take a mother's helper for the 3 children, and a lot of this story deals with the young men who like this girl. Lots of other threads to the story and Pollyanna's lovely personality makes them all enjoyable. HB in very good condition, with a beautiful dust jacket. $4.50 Pollyanna's Castle in Mexico (Borton) 1934, the 8th Glad Book. Pollyanna takes her loving talents to Mexico and finds lots of scope for making other people Glad, as well as having lots of adventures with her family (her husband and 3 kids!) HB, very good condition, with a laser copy of our very good DJ. $4.50 MORE SERIES BOOKS -- Donna Parker series. All are Whitmans editions with picture covers. You'll probably never see any books from this series in perfect condition. They've deteriorated with age, and weren't too sturdy to start with. But they're colorful looking and very good stories! The books are dated between 1957 and 1964 Donna Parker -- The Camp Summers, a 2-book set. If you, like a lot of us, love to read about summer camps (campfire songs, hikes, bunks in cabins, mess hall food, frightening mysteries, hostile campmates.....) you should start your Donna Parker collection with these 2 books about her 2 summera at camp. In the first, Cherrydale, she is a junior counselor in charge of 4 little girls. She meets a boy who plays a big part in the other books in the series, and together, they solve a really perplexing mystery. In the 2nd book, Arawak, she is a somewhat less junior counselor at another, bigger and more elaborate camp. Her bunkmate and fellow young counselor, is obnoxious, and Donna ends up doing work that both of them should share. The reason for all this, is the basis for the mystery. I think I didn't figure this out until the last minute. Really interesting! 2 HBs, good cond, $5.00 Set of 5 Donna Parker books, all hardcover, all in fairly good condition! Each one has a pretty picture cover, 2 of the books were illustrated by Mary Stevens who also illustrated most of the Trixie books. All 5 of these books for $10.00. They include: 1. A Spring to Remember, 2. On Her Own, 3. At Cherrywood 4. Mystery at Arawak 5. In Hollywood 5 Donna Parkers -- $9 for all Donna Parker at Cherrydale (1957) First in the series! Donna gets a job as a junior counselor at camp. Creepy man is watching the camp from the woods, so Donna and her friend Ricky solve their first mystery! Very nice cover on this cello edition, square dancing picture goes around to the back cover, shows the campers in their wonderful "hillbilly" '50s outfits, in a barn, with a couple of cute old guys playing the music. Pretty good condition! $3.50 (2 copies available) Donna Parker, A Spring to Remember -- was reviewed in 's Whispered Watchword and given high grades as a well-written book, a good link between Maltshops and series books, and all-around enjoyable. Cover shows Donna and a good-looking boy, in front of a fence. In this book, Donna is called on to help both this boy, and her girlfriend Ricky, with weighty problems, while growing up considerably herself. Fairly good condition HB, $3.00 End of Donna Parker series! SOME MORE SERIES BOOKS HERE! If you like to read about the outdoors, camping, jolly fun and dangerous adventures, then the Campfire Girls stories will please you as they please me! There are several Campfire series, from various years and by various authors, and this can be confusing, but just dig in and enjoy them when you find them, don't worry about reading them in order or anything. Usually, they're episodic and unrelated to one another, and also, there's always plenty of explanation and descriptions of personalities, so you can catch right up on the previous books if necessary. I'll try to add more Campfire Girls books very soon. The Camp Fire Girls in the Outside World (Margaret Vandercook)1914. Set in New Hampshire. You'd think from the title, that this would be the last book in the series, but actually it's the 3rd in a 14-book series. Pretty good condition, though these books are very, very seldom found in better than "OK condition." Cover shows 3 girls dressed in the Camp Fire girls' Indian costumes, in a canoe. A Campfire Girl's First Council Fire (Jane L. Stewart) First in this CFG series. This is more than a story of rituals around the campfire! There is a little abused girl lost in the woods, and found by the CF girls who are camping out. Nice story. One thing is really strange about it -- the cover says "A Campfire Girl's First Council Fire" both on the front and on the spine, as well as inside, the front cover, where there is a list of other boks in the series. However, at the top of every page in the book, the title is "Camp Fire Girls In The Woods." This seems like a more appropriate title, and from what I can find out, it makes this volume a first edition -- if anyone cares. These CFG books are full of publishing surprises! This book is in good condition, another surprise. $3.50 A Campfire Girl's Chum (Jane L. Stewart) 1914. #2 in the Stewart Campfire Girls series. This book is in good condition except that the pages are brown and the binding is just a little weak. It's holding together nicely! Hardcover. $3.00 A Campfire Girl's Chum (Stewart) in good condition with a laser copy of our very nice dust jacket. Showing girls around the campfire, making dinner. $4.00 Campfire Girls in the Maine Woods (Hildegard G. Frey) 1916. First in this particular Campfire series. When I bought this copy, someone cheated me out of the first few pages. Luckily, I had another copy that was all there, so we made copies of the missing pages for you. It's complete now, and you can read the fascinating story of the girls in Maine nearly 100 years ago (I don't suppose the woods have changed all that much, anyway.) Nice copy for one of these originally cheap vintage series books -- picture cover with a nice printed picture cover, girls in amazing camp outfits, tents, a cook fire, etc. $3.00 Campfire Girls do their Bit (Hildegard G. Frey) 1919. Picture cover (most of them are generic, showing girls swimming, wearing enough clothes to go to a party, with tents and canoes in the background.) They do their bit for the soldiers, while also having parties and meetings, and solving a mystery or 2. Not beautiful, but it's all there and holding together. $3.00 Campfire Girls on Ellen's Isle (Frey) 1917. Father of one of the girls buys a small island in Lake Huron and the whole group can spend this record-breakingly hot summer camping there. Fun! Campfire cooking! Danger, of course ("We're in a fine pickle!") In the usual condition of a book this old, not too attractive, but holding together well, with surprisingly clean white pages. $3.00 Campfire Girls at Camp Keewaydin (Frey)1920. 10th and last in this wonderful series! Slightly different printed picture cover -- 2 girls doing dishes in the creek, wearing middy blouses and short skirts. I've just read a book about the history of children's clothes, and the date of this book corresponds with the age of the middy and the shorter skirt. Interesting! Book is well bound. Not beautiful, but clean and neat inside. $3.00 MORE SERIES BOOKS! Jane Allen, Center (Edith Bancroft) 1920. Jane is an active, sports-loving young woman who is forced to leave her ranch home and go to an Eastern college. She is sure the girls will be terrible snobs and she'll hate it there. She has ups and downs, friends and enemies -- this is the 3rd in the 5-book series, and by this time, things have calmed down somewhat. "Center" of course referes to her place on the basketball team. Mystery, helping more unfortunate girls, a bit of sports -- what a lot to love! HB in fairish condition, with a laser copy of our very colorful Dust jacket. $4.00 Mary Jane Merrill (Clara Ingram Judson) 1918- 1930. Mary Jane is a little girl, who is just turning 5 in the first of the 19 books in this series. . By the time she and her family have had a great many adventures and traveled all over the world, she's about 9 years old at the end of the series. She has the kind of adventures that the Bobbsey Twins and Honey Bunch have, innocent but a bit scarey, involving animals, being lost, misunderstandings, usually cute and innocent. But you also learn a lot about the countries where they travel, at least what they were like pre-WWII. Nice series for kids or nostalgic adults. I'll try to have Mary Jane books in future lists. Mary Jane, Her Visit (Judson) 1918. Second book in the series. Mary J visits her grandparents on the farm -- back when it seems that all grandparents lived on farms! Very nostalgic story, simple farm pleasures with grandparents who really are crazy about their grandchild. Quilt-making, raising baby animals, learning to cook, a strawberry social! A bit of trouble to spice things up. Glossy frontispiece. HB, clean pages and firm binding, but a bit of damage to the spine. $2.00 Mary Jane at School (Judson) 1923. Finally the family stays home long enough for Mary Jane to go to school (3rd grade this time.) There's a wedding (flower girl) and Christmas at the grandparents. So you see, there is some compensation for staying home once in a while! Nice HB with a beautiful cover picture -- girl in that SO popular style of the day, the sailor suit and beret, playing with a dog in a pretty garden. HB in OK condition, with a laser copy of the original DJ. $3.50 MORE SERIES BOOKS FOR YOU! Kay Tracey mysteries ("Frances K. Judd") If you haven't read the Kay Tracey mysteries yet, you're about to get a treat. They are among the long series from what I think of as the Golden Age of "classic" girls series books, the 30s through 50's. Actually, I love all of the series from that era, but Kay is one of the really good ones -- possibly that's because there are quite a few of them, so when you get interested in them, you are happy to find out that there are lots more! You are probably like me, and never want to get to the end of a series, so I'll certainly try to include Kay Tracey books in future lists. There were several editions of the Kay books, from dust-jacketed hardcovers, through attractive picture-covers, to a couple of paperback editions. The books were updated off and on and the numbers were changed from one edition to another. I will try my best to have more Kay Tracey books in the near future! The Sacred Feather (in the original numbering, this was #14. This is the Books, Inc edition, and is #1 in their listing.) This is a large paperback, in fair cond, mainly because it was cheaply printed and is showing the effects of age. A few of the pages are loose, but as far as I can see, they are all there. The cover is the same as on the hardback version, a very, very dramatic scene of a man in cape and mask, hodling a feather in front of Kay -- who is tied up dangerously near what is probably a sacred flame. You really need to read this one to find out how she escapes such a situation! PB, fair cond, $2.00 SOME MORE SERIES BOOKS FOR YOU! Linda Craig -- get acquainted with this good series!!! It's gone through several incarnations, including a beautiful hardcover edition (which is pretty hard to find,) a beautiful PB printing of the original edition, and a new, slightly smaller PB set, with mostly new titles and quite a few changes. I've read all of them, and I will admit that I liked the older ones better, but even for a non-horsey gal like me, the new ones were good reading, too. If there aren't any Linda Craigs listed here, look for them when you have a chance, and I'll try to list some of them next time! Linda Craig BIG LOT! These are the smaller paperback editions, from the 1980s. If you've read the old editions, you might want to read these. I'll tell you about some of the differences (I think of these are "Linda Craig Lite" or Linda the Younger.") In the originals, she's 16, in the newer ones, she's 12. The originals have around 200 pages, the newer ones have more like 120 pages. Those are unimportant changes, you can just figure the new ones are about Linda when she was 4 years younger. However, in the newer ones, her horse is named Amber, instead of the wonderful name of her horse in the originals -- Chica D'Oro. Despite all these differences, the new ones are worth reading, and a great suppliment to the older ones. Here's the big lot - 10 paperback books in the Linda Craig series, all in good condition except for #2, which is a little beat-up. The titles include: 1. The Golden Secret 2. A star for Linda 3. The silver Stallion 4. The Crystal Trail 5. The Glimmering Ghost 6. The Ride to Gold canyon 7. A Horse for Jackie 8. A Star in the Saddle 10. Anything for Kelly 12. Kathy in Charge Big lot of 10 Linda Craigs, $21.00 Linda Craig #1 in the attractive Wanderer tall PB edition (revised 1962.) The Palamino Mystery. Nice condition. $2.00 Linda Craig #4 in the attractive Wanderer tall PB edition 1963. Fairly good cond. $1.25 Linda Craig, Clue on the Desert Trail, taller pb, 1962 edition. PB, former library book, but in good condition. $2.00 Linda Craig, newer pb #10 Anything for Kelly. Try this horse series, see how much you like it! Good condition, $1.50 Linda Craig #6 in the 1982 Wanderer PB edition. Very nice copy with a Ghost Town hotel on the cover, as well as Linda and Chica D'Oro (her horse.) $2.00 CONTINUING THE LIST OF SERIES BOOKS! The Callahan Cousins series (Elizabeth Doyle Carey) This is a "new" series, which isn't what I usually offer for sale, but what the heck -- it's a New England series, and the books are very attractive, and you'll like them! There are 4 young cousins who don't know each other very well, until their grandmother invites them all to stay with her for the summer at her seaside estate. The cover pictures give you a good idea of what kind of story you'll find inside -- girls sailing alongside the dock, with the town spread out above. The 2nd book shows a nice white picket fence, a flowering hedge, and a very typical Cape Cod house in the background. Penny of Paintrock series by Jane and Paul Annixter. Unfortunatly there are only 2 books in this series! They're very attractive, with strong bindings and beautiful picture covers (they are in the Golden Griffin edition, like a few Trixies and all the Kathy Martin series for instance.) With a Wyoming setting, these are mysteries, horse stories, tales of ranch life. They have something of the "Maltshop" about them, and they're good family stories. I am pretty sure there were supposed to be more in the series, but for some reason they just didn't get off the ground. Too much like Trixie's maybe? I'll try to have more Penny of Paintrock books in the near future. The Phantom Stallion (Penny of Paintrock Story #1, 1961.) Beautiful hardcover with picture cover showing Penny and her horse, with a cowboy on horseback riding toward her, his hat raised in greeting, and snow-covered mountains in the background. Very Western-looking scene -- the series is set in Wyoming. 1961. The book is in good condition, though the pages have turned light brown with age. $3.00 MORE, MORE, MORE SERIES BOOKS AHEAD! The Adventure Girls (Clair Blank) A short series by the author of the superb Beverly Gray books. You'll only have to find 3 books to complete the series! The name says it all -- they have adventures. HS and early college age girls. If there aren't any Adventure Girls books listed here, I'll try to add some to the next sale list. In the meantime, you can be looking for these interesting books yourself -- good luck! By the way, one of the best things about this series is that the girls live in Maine! But they travel far and wide. I hope to have more Adventure Girls books in the near future. The Adventure Girls in the Air (Clair Blank) 1936. Never a dull moment! The first chapter is "The Crash" which makes you wonder why the girls ever want to be "in the air." But remember, they are Adventure Girls, so up they go. The cover shows parachutists floating through the clouds. And there is romance in this story, too! Who could ask for more? HB, binding is weak, but the book is firm enough. Laser copy of the DJ, which is in very good condition. $4.50 Vicki Barr series. This is a major series from the same era as the Cherry Ames and Connie Blair books. If you don't have this series, GET STARTED ON IT!!! Vicki is a flight stewardess. This might be one of my very, very favorite series -- I re-read the books every few years, because they are so beautifully written and such great mysteries. If I don't have any Vicki books for sale, I'll certainly be looking for them during our book-searching travels. In the meantime, now that you know about this series, maybe you'll find some yourself! Good luck! Silver Wings for Vicki (#1 in the Vicki Barr series) 1947 Vicki becomes an airline stewardess. And solves the first in a long line of mysteries! And meets various people who will be important in her life throughout the series. Pretty nice copy of this book, no DJ, but a neat small picture of Vicki on the front cover. $3.00 The Clue of the Gold Coin (Vicki Barr #12) Set mostly in Tampa, during the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. But there is a side trip to Havana (this is 1958) and plenty of very exciting and dangerous adventure before solving the mystery of those missing gold coins. Book is in good condition, with a very colorful DJ (laser copy) showing Vicki and just about everyone else in costume. Fairly scarce book, as are all the later-numbered Vicki Barr books. $9.00 ----------------------------------------- Connie Blair series was written by Betty Cavanna under the pen name of Betsy Allen. There are 12 books, from the 40s and 50s, and they're all well written (of course,) neatly bound, and very attractive if you can find them in DJ. The titles all have colors in them. Connie's an artist who gets involved in various mysteries through working for an ad agency. I hope to have more books from this series to offer you very soon, but they're very popular and not always available. Good luck -- they are really good reading!!! Connie Blair #1, Clue in Blue -- Connie gets a summer job in Philadelphia at the store where her aunt works. It's the start of a long career at an advertising agency, art school, travel, and plenty of mystery for Connie! HB in fairly good condition, with a laser copy DJ. $5.00 END OF CONNIE BLAIR BOOKS -- I'll try to have more Connie books soon! COMING UP -- MORE SERIES BOOKS! Here's Barbie: Stories about the fabulous Barbie and her boyfriend Ken. Yes, that's the whole title, all on the front of this full-length hardcover book by Cynthia Lawrence and Bette Lou Maybee, dated 1962. In fact, it's the first book in a 12-book series! Barbie is a real person, not a doll, though of course the character is based on the super-doll. She has various jobs, takes trips, had dates with Ken, and has a whole family, and of course solves mysteries! HB with picture cover. Slightly musty. $4.00 (prices on ABE start much higher than that, since this book and others in the series, are rather hard to find.) Meg Duncan series (Holly Beth Walker) This is a wonderful series about a "schoolgirl Sleuth," set in Virginia. Other than the setting, these books remind me of Trixie's or Robin Kane's or a few of the other series from that wonderful era of sweet, mild, friendly girl detectives! The books started out in hardcover editions, with very pretty picture covers. Then they came out in nice paperbacks with different, but also attractive, pictures on the covers. If you like YA mysteries and Siamese cats, you can't help loving the Meg books. I hope to have more Meg books soon. Meg Duncan #2, The Secret of the Witch's Stairway (Walker) 1967. I can't describe this better than the description on the 2nd page -- "Lost family silver, a family of little old Civil War Dolls, riddles written more than 100 years ago... a hidden staircase.. a mystery!" If you like classic cars, you will really love the picture cover of Uncle Hal, driving Meg and her friend past farmlands in his vintage Duesenberg! HB, good cond except that the "hinges" have been carefully taped. Picture cover, front and back. $3.00 Meg Duncan # 3, The Treasure Nobody Saw. "It was a dark and stormy night..." As Meg was watching the storm from her bedroom window, she saw a car pull up in the driveway of a supposedly deserted house, and a light go on inside. You've read enough mysteries to know what that means! Meg and her Siamese cat are on the case by morning. #6 Meg Duncan by Holly Beth Walker -- Mystery in Williamsburg. 1972. Meg and her friend dress up to help in the historic restoration at Colonial Williamsburg. Lots of mysteries crop up, including one involving those ever-popular antique dolls! PB in pretty good cond, $2.50 MORE OF THE NEVER-ENDING LIST OF SERIES BOOKS! Robin Kane Series (Eileen Hill) mid-1960s. These books are very much like the Trixie Beldens, as they are about a group of kids who have fun and solve mysteries, ride horses, and generally have a wonderful time. Like Trixie, Robin's best friend is rich, while Robin's family live a middle-class life (though they feel poor, maybe in contrast with her friends.) There are superficial differences from the Trixies, such as the California setting rather than Hudson River area. I think that if there were 39 Robin Kanes, as there are 39 Trixies, this series would be every bit as popular as Trixie. Trixie. Alas, there are only 6 in the Robin Kane series. The real author is Nicolete Meredith Stack, who also wrote some Trixies and some very good Maltshop type books. Try these Robin Kane books: #1 -- Mystery of the Blue Pelican, 1966. The kids get to act in a movie with one of their favorite stars (thanks to Mindy's father.) Mystery and danger crop up, and Robin leads the assult on these problems. Nice cover picture if you aren't afraid of heights (a canyon, but also a beautiful redwood forest with a cabin under the trees, and Robin leading Nugget, her palomino.) Good condition, $2.50 #2 Mystery of the Phantom, 1966 This book got good reviews in a recent article in The Whispered Watchword! Really nice California setting, and some interesting characters throughout. Fairly good condition -- $2 (several copies available) #3 -- Mystery of Glengary Castle. The creepy cover picture is a good indication of the very good story inside! It looks exactly like a site on the Southern CA shore where we used to walk when my parents lived there and were agile enough to climb a bit. Except for the castle -- unfortunately there wasn't a castle where we hiked! Robin and Mindy have to figure out what's causing an apparent haunting in the castle, so Mindy's father can use it as a movie set. HB, PC, pretty good condition, $3.00 The Ranch Girls series. The ranch is in Wyoming, but as usual in these very old series, the girls soon branch out and travel, first in the SW, then later in Europe. I'll try to add some Ranch girls books very soon! END OF SERIES BOOKS FOR SALE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ __________________________________________________________________________________ REFERENCE BOOKS TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE SOCIAL LIFE OR AUTHORS FROM THE ERA WHEN MANY OF OUR FAVORITE BOOKS WERE WRITTEN! AND A FEW OTHER REFERENCES FROM MORE MODERN TIMES. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN LOOKING AT THE NONFICTION SECTION OF THIS LIST, WHERE THERE ARE BIOGRAPHIES AND BOOKS ABOUT AUTHORS WHO WROTE FOR YOUNG READERS. Dear Genius: The Letters of Ursula Nordstrom, collected and edited by Leonard S. Marcus--1998. This is one of the most interesting and important books about children's books written during the 20th century. I've read it or checked with it, numerous times as I realize that yet another book I'm reading is explored in the letters that Nordstrom wrote to her authors. She was the director of Harper's publishing company Department of Books for Boys and Girls -- holding that post from 1940 to 1973. Interestingly, this period covers all of Dave's and my childhood and much of our daughters' childhoods, all of us reading many of the books by the authors whose letters from Nordstrom are compiled in this huge volume. To name a few who are listed at the beginning of the book -- you'll surely recognize many of them -- Jean Craighead George, Mary Stolz, Jane Langton, artists Margaret Rey (Curious George) and Maurice Sendak, E. B. White, Margaret Wise Brown, Shel Silverstein, artist Garth Williams -- and she was editor and friend to hundreds of others. Great reading, a book that takes you behind the scenes and gives you another reason to be very glad we lived in, or can read books from, the mid-20th century. Large, heavy book -- $4.00 Joan Lowery Nixon: Masterful Mystery Writer (Mary Dodson Wade) 2004. This biography was written for teens, but Dave and I both enjoyed reading it (and we've been out of our teens for a very long time!) Nixon wrote at least 140 books, mostly mysteries and mostly for children. All the while, she was sustaining a long marriage and bringing up 4 children! This bio portrays her as a lovely person, very concerned with social issues -- especially about children -- and very generous. There is a very long interview with the author, timelines, lists of her books, awards, etc. HB. XL, very good condition, $2.50 And while you read the biography of Joan Lowery Nixon, you can read a few of her wonderful mysteries -- Here's a big lot -- 8 of them! They're all paperbacks, their conditions range from Just-like-new, to could-be-better! Settings range from a fake-murder weekend at a hotel, to a boat trip in the Bahamas. Reading levels range from grade school to mid teens. The books are: The Other Side of Dark The Ghost with the Firey Eyes The Island of Dangerous Dreams The Bodies inside the Bessledorf Hotel The Weekend was murder! Secret, Silent Screams Adventures of the Red Tape Gang The kidnap;ing of Christina Lattimore All 8 of these paperback books by Joan Lowery Nixon for $10.00 MORE REFERENCE BOOKS! Great Books for Girls (Kathleen Odean) 1997. Interesting, though you may disagree with some of the choices -- or rather, with the omission of a lot of our favorite books. This is a large paperback, with (to quote the cover) "more than 600 books to inspire today's girls and tomorrow's women." $2.00 Writing for Children and teenagers (Lee Wyndham) 3rd edition. Wyndham has written dozens and dozens of books, many of them career-romances and maltshop books. And not just written, but had them published! So she must know what it takes to be a successful juvenile author. This new-looking large paperback should certainly help you do the same. Incredibly full of information, advice, examples for writing and marketing your stories. $2.50. Red Letter Days: A Book of Holiday Customs (Elizabeth Hough Sechrist) Revised edition from 1965. Tells the stories behind an large number of holidays and special days. Might be helpful for a teacher, as well as fun for reading by one's self. HB with interesting dust jacket. Good condition. $2.50 MORE REFERENCE BOOKS OF MANY KINDS. Book Finds: How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books (Ian C. Ellis.) This is not a brand new book, about 20 years old, but you can learn a lot about the book business from a pleasurable perusal of this volume! Included is a list of 1,000 Most Collectible Books and Authors. This list might have changed somewhat, but it does give you a sort of guide for the types of things you might look for at a book sale. By the way, you won't be in competition with me at that sale, because I obviously start my search at the kids' book tables, while this author is mainly interested in books for adults. Have fun! Large pb in v good cond, $2.00 Put your Best Look Forward: A Guide to Good Looks, Good Health, Good Grooming. by Glynne Hiller, 1956. The author wrote a column for American Girl magazine, and some of the chapters in this book are from her articles in that same wonderful magazine. Teens must have lapped up chapters like "You're Going to Wow that Man right into your Lair!" and "Cheers for the Feminine Touch!" This copy of the book looks brand new, despite its age. Has a nice DJ, and lots of fanciful/fun illustrations. HB DJ $3.00 Date Talk (R. N. Lawrence) How to talk to a boy ... to a girl. 1967. It's always interesting to see what kind of advice the "experts" were giving out at various times. This one is now going on 50 years old, which certainly makes me feel like the grandmother that I am! This Scholatic book is illustrated with cartoony pictures and includes a number of easy-to-remember Rules, like "Gossip is not Conversation" and "In speech as in life, make haste slowly." And there are quizzes, short plays and illustrations. Full of fun, but both the front and the back covers show a couple who look as if they certainly need the advice in this book -- they look as if they're very unhappy. I hope the book helped them, and some of their contemporaries! PB in good condition, $2.00 MORE REFERENCE BOOKS The Explorers' Handbook: How to be the Best Around the World. 2009. Brand new HB book gives you some very practical information -- How to say Hello Around the World, How to Beat Jet Lag. And some information that I hope I never have to use, but which makes interesting armchair reading -- like How to Row across the Atlantic, and How to Survive the Big One in San Francisco. Or fun -- How to Take part in Carnival in Rio and How to take Part in the Highland Games. I really don't think this was written with tongue in cheek, but there is a rather serious disclaimer of liability at the beginning of the book. This attractive and highly illustrated book would make a great gift for an adventurous teen! HB, like new, $2.50 Just for Fun: A collection of Games and Entertainments for use in Home and Church. IHelen J. Currier) 1916. This is a quaint and attractive book with chapters of games for parties, camp, church entertainments. Plays, quizzes, puzzles, riddles, songs, Christmas parties -- I could go on and on! Bright red book looks a lot like letters, has gold lettering, and a red witch riding past a golden lantern. If you love the older series books, like Patty Fairfield and Marjorie Dean, you'll be reading about elaborate parties -- here's the book that these series book characters probably consulted. HB, $2.50 Children's Plays from Favorite Stories (edited by Sylvia E. Kamerman) "Royalty-free Dramatizations of Fables, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales and Legends." 1959 and 1970. A huge book! There are 50 plays, all written for children in lower and middle grades of school. Some of the familiar stories dramatized in this book -- Princess and the Pea, Three Little Kittens, Robin Hood, Pandora's Box -- you get the idea! Some of the stories are less familiar to us, maybe from other cultures, or other times, but all of them would be very interesting for school-age children. 582 pages, with a long section of production ideas, costumes, lighting, etc. HB, XL, very good DJ, $4.00 MORE REFERENCE BOOKS -- Singer Sewing Skills Reference Book, 1955. A large PB that teaches techniques of sewing the types of clothes that we wore back in the Maltshop years. There are lots of small sketches of people wearing the types of clothes that they're teaching you about (even one in a bridal gown, if you look closely!) This was someone's home ec manual, so there are notes written in some of the exercises, but otherwise, the folio is in great condition for being 50 or so years old. If you're interested in how really fine clothes were tailored, or if you need to make costumes for the Maltshop era, this is your book. $2.00 Play a Part (Bernice Wells Carlson) 1970. There are quite a few plays, puppet plays, and "playlets" in this book, but it's more than that. Instructions, suggestions, and fun! Also a glossary and a bibliography. Cute illustrations. HB, XL, PC, $2.50 That Girl in your Mirror (Vonda Kay Van Dyke) She was Miss America in 1965, and she'd like to tell you what teens of that era needed to know! On the cover it says that she talks sense to every girl about popularity, poise, faith, dating, goals and individuality. From the picture, I wouldn't take advice from her about hair styles, but that was 1965! HB, DJ, $2.00 Special Plays for Holidays -- a Collection of One-Act Plays for Young People. (Helen Louise Miller) 1986. 15 short plays for young people of varying levels of acting ability (according to the introduction.) Plays for quite a few holidays, and even one for Book Week! Suggestions for props, costumes, and sets. Hefty PB, XL, but in good condition, $2.50 MORE REFERENCE BOOKS! Best Books for Children, A Lively, Opinionated Guide, for listeners and readers from birth to Age 14 (this is the title and some of the description from the front cover of this very large paperback book.) By Valerie V. Lewis and Walter M. Mayes. 1998. See if you agree with these authors' opinions -- I'll warn you in advance that our beloved series books do NOT form a big part of these lists! That's MY opinion, for what it's worth. Otherwise, a very, very interesting book of about 700 pages! Huge PB, XL, $2.75 Dear Gay Head: Questions from the Mail Box, answered by Gay Head. This cute little book answers questions mailed to various teen and slightly pre-teen magazines in the 1950s -- the era of our favorite Maltshop books. Dates, school, clothes, family, all the things that concern kids the most. PB, a little old but I'm not kidding when I say it's cute! $1.50 You're Asking Me? Questions from the Mail Box (Gay Head) 1958. Small PB Teen Aged Book Club (TAB) with chapters about families, dating, proms, the future, etc. Also a section of quizzes (for example, "Do you use deodorant after you bathe? ... Do you often have original ideas? ... Can you say NO to a goodnight kiss, and still leave your date feeling happy?" PB $2.00 _________________________________________________________________ "MALTSHOP BOOKS" --TEEN NOVELS FROM THE NOSTALGIA YEARS, AND OTHER GIRLS' ROMANCES AND NOVELS OF THE LAST 65 YEARS!!! Please note that I have mixed hardcover and paperback books in this portion of the list. There will be an indication of whether it is HB or PB A Batch of the Best: Stories for Girls. 1970. Various authors. This book contains 12 short stories with maltshop appeal! Enough sweet romance to satisfy, some career decisions, family problems, pets, humor -- it's all here! HB Whitman edition with picture cover, $3.00 Big Doc's Girl (Mary Medearis) 1950. Plenty of romance! Her father is a doctor in a rural Arkansas area, and she gets a medical education just watching her Dad. But she loved music more than medicine, and wondered if she loved it more than any of her suitors! PB, good condition, $2.00 Nancy Paschal wrote a lot of Maltshoppy type books, all of them really, REALLY good!!! They usually involve a career, a bit of mystery, and a romantic situation. I'd love to have more Paschal books for you in the future. MORE MALTSHOPS AHEAD A 2-book Maltshop set by Jane S. McIlvaine. This set includes "Front Page for Jennifer," and "Stardust for Jennifer." 2nd book is illustrated by Beth and Joe Krush. Dates, 1950 and 1956. First book covers Jennifer's senior year at HS, when she became very involved with the school newspaper, as well as "the boy next door." In the 2nd book, she's finished her first year at college, and thinks there will be another enjoyable summer like the last one. But then .. a movie company comes to town and Jennifer's summer plans turned upside-down. Will her head be turned by the Stardust? Front Page -- HB, library copy, pretty good cond, with a laser copy of our very good dust jacket. Stardust-- HB, library copy in good cond, with a good DJ. 2 Maltshop books with DJs, $10 for both of them. Stardust for Jennifer singly, without Front Page -- (Jane S. McIlvaine) 1956. Girl figures this will be another summer of interesting work, dating, and fun. Then a Hollywood film company decides to make a movie in town, her boyfriend takes a job elsewhere, and her job turns out to be much more amazing than she had ever imagined. Very clever plot that you won't expect -- and a very interesting picture on the back cover of the DJ. Have fun with Jennifer! HB, Best Loved Girls' Books publication, with a laser copy of our DJ (showing lots of movie details in an unusual design, plus a girl who looks just a little star- struck.) $4.50 Practically Twins (Viola Rowe) 1963. A Whitman Novel for Girls edition. "She had always wanted a at least she was to have one..." A new stepsister that her grandmother promises should be as good as a twin. After all, they are the same age!Of course problems start almost immediately. Tiny things at first. Then -- more irritating. And eventually, very painful. Can these girls ever be anything at all like twins? Nice picture cover of 2 very different teen girls in a mirror. HB, Good condition, $4.00 THE FOLLOWING MALTSHOP TYPE BOOKS ARE BY BETTY CAVANNA BETTY CAVANNA, who died several years ago, was one of the most popular teen authors from the 1940's through the 1960's. She is still extremely popular with all of us who love the "MALTSHOP" type of book. Her earlier books are absolutely wonderful, perfect reading for nostalgia and simple romance. Later, she wrote a lot of mysteries, including the Connie Blair series under a pen name. Every collector of old girl's novels ought to have every Cavanna title! And you can afford them at these prices! Scarlet Royal (Betty Cavanna) 1952. Especially good for horse-loving readers, but I'm not especially interested in horses and I loved it! After the father died, the family's financial situation is dire (I won't make jokes about how they had to let the cook, maid and all the other servants go...)so the mother and kids had to give up everything except the farm and their horses, to make a living running a riding academy. So besides being a horse-filled novel, this is about kids helping to make a living, and inevitably, troubles, good times and romances! HB in good cond, DJ in fairly good condition. $4.50 Black Spaniel Mystery (Cavanna) 1945. Wonderful, innocent, mysterious. Friends, dogs, bad guys. Betty Cavanna eventually wrote a lot more mysteries, after her very successful Maltshop career. This one is different than her later mysteries, but entirely enjoyable, even for people like me who aren't big dog fans. Cover shows boy and girl (twins) looking up in fear at someone -- or I think there's someone there since only his long legs, scary, are showing behind the kids! In the foreground, a couple of cute black Cocker Spaniels behind a chain link. Nice edition, not in perfect condition, but everything's there. $2.50. Girls Can Dream, Too (Original Title, A Girl can Dream) Betty Cavanna, 1948. Girl enters a contest at her high school -- and wins the prize of flying lessons. She gets a lot of teasing and even anger at this unladylike activity, but she is determined. Scholastic PB, fairly good cond, $1.75 A Girl Can Dream (Cavanna) 1948,Book is in fair condition, former library copy. It has a copy of our beautiful dust jacket, showing a girl and a boy on bikes, with an airport in the background. Very nice 1940s outfits, attractive hair styles, and bikes that would now get you big bucks as nostalgia! Airplane's kind of antique, too! $3.50 MORE BOOKS BY BETTY CAVANNA Love, Laurie (Cavanna) 1953. Girl's mother has died, she and her father decide to build a new house where there aren't all those memories. Then the father has to go away on a business trip, and the girl has to oversee the construction project. So interesting to learn, with her, about planning and working on a new house. And some of the young men who work on the house are... well, also interesting! Really nice story. Berkley Highland paperback edition, good cond, $2.00 Love, Laurie (Cavanna) hardcover book in excellent condition, with an excellent DJ! Best Loved Girls' Books edition. $4.00 Jenny Kimura (Betty Cavanna) 1964. Using her own experiences to help make this authentic, Cavanna writes about a dear young girl from Japan who comes to spend the summer in the United States with her American grandmother. Grandma doesn't seem to approve of anything Jenny does, and seems a very unbending character. The mother of an American boy who falls for Jenny, also is biased against her. I hate to think that these 2 women are typical, but maybe it was a less tolerant age? "In this.. story Jenny compares Kansas City and then Cape Cod to her home in Tokyo, giving readers the... opportunity to see their country through another's eyes...." Fortunately the story is far from sad or serious -- it's lovely in places, and full of romance. Very clean copy in excellent condition -- it was in a library, but the slip indicates that it was only borrowed once. Some library patrons missed a very good story! Dust jacket in excellent condition, too. $6.00 A Time for Tenderness (Cavanna) 1962. Takes place in Rio, Brazil, where a family from North Carolina is spending a year while the father does some work there. The young boy quickly adjusts to the mixing of several races, and the girl eventually falls in love with a Brazilian, but the mother has a hard time with all this. Then the girl starts to volunteer at a clinic for the poor -- and how do you think her mother feels about her tending filthy, neglected babies among other tasks? A very unusual book, but full of the human interest that pervades all Cavanna's works, romantic twists, family interaction. HB, with very nice picture cover, all in very good condition. $4.00 Time for Tenderness (Cavanna) Berkley Highland paperback copy of this Cavanna book, see above description. I did ask several people whether they thought the girl on the cover looked like a 16-year-old, and they all agreed that she looked more like 35. If you can get past that, here's a book you'll like a lot. $2.50 More Betty Cavanna books -- Boy Next Door (Cavanna) 1956. What can I say? It's a Cavanna from her best Maltshop period -- from the best of the Maltshop era, actually! He's only The Boy Next Door, the boy she played with when they were both kids, certainly not someone she could possibly have any romantic ideas about! She could date much more interesting people, and she wouldn't mind at all if he dated interesting girls, right? Well, you know the answer, but reading Cavanna's take on this wonderfully familiar plot, is a comforting and loveable experience. HB, XL with a dust jacket over a picture cover. The interesting thing is that they have different pictures! Neither picture is from the original edition, but the one on the dust jacket is quite appropriate. The picture printed on the book itself, is my least favorite of the cover art for this book, but it's interesting to see it (it's from the last hardcover edition, I think) and you can leave the pretty DJ over it. Good condition Hb with good cond DJ. $5.00 Lasso Your Heart (Cavanna) 1952. Not only a really good book to read, but also it has one of the most interesting DJ pictures of all Cavanna's books. The title is written within a lasso or larriet, and under it, in cowhide brown, is a picture of a cowboy with 10-gallon-hat and guitar, and a girl dressed in what probably was a fashionable square-dance outfit at that time. Girl and her cousins visit each other, the ranch girl trying to fit in at her rich cousin's debut, then the city girl learning how much she loved living on the ranch. Cavanna was the greatest maltshop writer (don't try to argue with me -- she WAS!!!) so this story is about a lot more than that, and a lot of surprises. Oh, and the endpapers show beautiful scenes of ranch life. HB, DJ, very good condition. $5.00 MORE BETTY CAVANNA BOOKS COMING ALONG' Mystery on Safari (Cavanna) 1970. Kim's grandmother is a cool character, who persuades the headmistress of the girls' boarding school that Kim can go on an African safari during the school year. It's the trip of a lifetime, but it's marred by the realization that someone is poaching and killing precious animals. When I think about this book, I have a vision of the girl and a boy that she meets on the trip, sitting on the 2nd story deck at night, watching the animals drink at the oasis beneath the deck. Very romantic -- very scary! The mystery is dangerous and serious, not a kiddie story -- but just right for teens, and something of a Maltshop for us. This copy has a very good DJ -- not for the squeamish, but realistic picture of a wild animal (Range Rover in the background) XL, HB, very good cond, $5.00 Spurs for Suzanna (Cavanna) 1947. This is one of her early, really great, books! Suzanna is a city girl, living the good life, maybe a bit spoiled. Does she need a "spur" to get her going? Well, things are a little unsettled in her family, so she is sent to spend the summer in the country with a big and busy family. There, she has to take responsibility, learn to put up with teasing. But there are compensations -- mainly beautiful horses to ride and train -- and maybe a small romantic interest in one of the country cousins??? HB, XL, fairly worn copy. Has a laser copy of my original DJ, which has a very colorful and exciting picture of 3 riders jumping a fence. $4.00 Spurs for Suzanna (Cavanna) paperback copy, fairly good condition, nice vintage cover on this small Scholastic edition. $2.00 Angel on Skis (Cavanna) 1957. The 3 divisions of this book take Angela from age 14 to 16, and tells about her mother's purchase of a ski lodge in Vermont, the work and fun of running it, and Angel's determination to learn to ski. She didn't have any spare money, so this took a lot of time. On the way, you will enjoy the family, and their new venture. And did I mention a light, typically Cavanna,romance? PB copy of Angel on Skis in good condition. $2.00 (2 available) Even more Betty Cavanna Books --- Every Maltshop collector should have a copy of Going on Sixteen, it's just about the definition of the late 40's teen novel! School life, family, dogs, clothes, dates, a little sweet romance. It's a wonderful early (1946) Maltshop type book. Going on Sixteen -- personal copy, good condition, with a nice laser copy of the original DJ. $4.50 (2) PB copy of Going on Sixteen in good condition, with girl, dogs, and a tree, on the cover. $2.00 (2) END OF THE BOOKS BY BETTY CAVANNA. NOW FOR THE CAREER-ROMANCES AND MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS! ---------------------------------------------------- CAREER-ROMANCES ... and other career novels! ...And I want to apologize in advance if there are very few books left in this category by the time you get to it. They sell out FAST FAST FAST! Sometimes even before I have time to delete the titles. I almost never sell a book from this category if I don't have another copy of it in my own collection! They are a wonderful adjunct to your Maltshop books, as they have the same appeal, while also being accurate descriptions of what it's like to work in a specific occupation (at least at the time they were written.) Check out some of the Maltshop authors for more career-romance, though not officially designated as that category. Jan Nickerson is a good one to look at, and if there are ever any books by Marjory Hall. Cavanna does well with that sort of subject, and so does Marjorie Holmes, and --- and --- Just take a look! OK, here are the Career-Romances! In Her Father's Footsteps (Bianca Bradbury) 1976. Bradbury is one of my special favorite authors. This one isn't billed as a career-romance, but so much of it is about the girl's work in her father's veterinary practice, that I wanted you to find it here! There's plenty more, too -- romance, family relationships, tragedy, school, everything that it takes for the Maltshop side of this story. HB with a pasted-down picture cover, Xlibrary copy in good cond. $4.00 Candy Stripers (Lee Wyndham) 1958. Girl volunteers at a hospital as a Candy Striper, and learns a great deal -- including some hints about what she may decide to study after she graduates from HS. Romance, yes, Career, definitely. HB with a very nice cover picture showing several aspects of her job, plus a vibrant picture of Bonnie in her Candy-Striped uniform. HB, XL, attractive book in fairly good condition. $4.00 PB copy of Candy Stripers -- good condition, very attrative cover (both front and back.) $2.50 More Career-Romances -- Here's a big lot -- 10 Nurse/Doctor career/romances! These are pbs, in good to fair condition, Great fun to read around the fireplace during the winter, when you don't want anything heavy to burden your mind! Or for the summer, when you are lounging around the beach (don't we wish!)Most of these are from the 1960s. $10.00 for the whole bunch. They are: Jill Nolan, R. N. by Adeline McElfresh District Nurse by Faith Baldwin Chole Wilde, Student Nurse by Joan Turner Seacliff Nurse, by Peggy O'More The Nurse Made Headlines by Adelaide Humphries Cheaspeake Doctor by Adelaide Humphries The Young Doctors by Sheila Douglas Once a Nurse by Willo Davis Roberts Resident Nurse by Frances Dean Hancock Hill-top Nurse by Peggy Gaddis SOME MORE CAREER STORIES Tomboy Teacher (Miriam Parker Betts) 1961. A Messner Career-Romance for Young Moderns. Girl goes back to her home town to teach first grade, and has trouble convincing her old acquaintances that she isn't a tomboy any more. And what about the new teaching techniques that she'd learned in college? Former library copy, a little shabby, with some slightly worn and stained pages. Covered with a laser copy of our very good dust jacket -- wonderful, happy classroom scene. $7.00 Mary Ellis, Student Nurse, sequel to A Cap for Mary Ellis. 1958. Her 2nd year in nurse training, and there are plenty of things to learn, some of them to learn the hard way. There's enough lighthearted student fun and romance, to make this short series quite exceptional. HB, XL, good printed picture cover, very good cond. $4.50 A Cure for Nurse Evans (Darla Neidrick) 1964. Why on earth she was attracted to this surly, verbally-abusive doctor, I'll never know, but it's pretty exciting to read about it and finally discover what (flimsy) reason he has for disliking her -- at first. Anyway, very nice scenes in the pediactric dept for contrast. HB in nice condition, with a very good DJ. $2.00 Dr Kildare Takes Charge (Max Brand) Remember Dt Kildare? I used to watch that show a lot, though I liked Ben Casey even better. This one says "Kildare's choice, his career and a beautiful nurse, or the salvation of two young lovers." I bet he'll figure out a way to have all 3. Original from 1940, this Dell PB, from 1962. $2.00 Some Career-Romances are more "romance" than "Career," but they are similar to the ones that describe careers in detail. Many of these are about nurses, as this was a wildly popular genre for about 30 years from the 40s through 60s. I always enjoy reading these light novels, as they are fairly similar to Maltshops, though aimed at adult women. These "Nurse-Romances" and other adult career-romances, were very common at one time, but are getting harder to find due to their being discarded from many libraries in the past 10 or 15 years. I've read most of these, and I admit to getting drawn into the stories, many of them written by really good authors who use pen names for writing these pop-culture books. Here are some of the most interesting: Conflict for Nurse Elsa (Jeanne Bowman) "Something was vitally wrong in Port Haven Hospital, but Nurse Elsa wasn't sure she wanted to learn what it was." Southwest setting. PB $1.50 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ END OF CAREER-ROMANCE BOOKS -- BACK TO A VARIETY OF MALTSHOP BOOKS BY VARIOUS AUTHORS!! Never Jam Today (Carole Bolton) 1971. This isn't a true Maltshop, since it starts in 1917. But the author wrote several really nice Malts, including Christy, which is really popular and very close to the definition of a Maltshop romance. So I'm including this story of a teen who decides it's worthwhile to get into the fight for women's right to vote, despite the opposition of her father and her boyfriend. If it sounds like heavy reading, fear not! You'll sail through it and feel as if you probably would have been right there in the midst of things with Maddy and her friends. HB, XL, with DJ, all in excellent condition. $3.00 Classmates by Request (Hila Colman) 1964. 2 girls, one white, one black, become good friends when the high school is integrated but their friendship is tested by events. Hila Colman writes beautifully and humorously, books that many of us love a lot -- Julie Builds her Castle, for instance. Any time you see a book written by her, grab it and start reading. This copy is a hardcover formerly in a library, in fair condition but with a very good laser copy DJ. $3.50 Julie Builds her Castle (Hila Colman) 1959. Girl has to move along with her father after Dad (an intinerate artist) moves almost all the way across the country to Cape Cod. I've said it before, but it bears repeating -- some people don't know when they're well off, knowing how most people love "The Cape." Julie is very unhappy but she learns the eternal truth about Cape Cod -- it gets to you with its combination of beauty, hard work for the natives, and vacation fun for the tourists. Very romantic, too! Great story, HB with DJ, all in very good cond. $5.00 Also a very nice paperback edition of Julie Builds her Castle -- $3.50 Mystery at Lane's End (Evelyn Fiore)1968. OK, when the front DJ blurg of a book about 1968 says "an exciting mystery story dealing with today's problems," you will rightly guess that these problems include some that were being explored in the '60s like a girl working with minorities at a settlement house, and some marijuana (which certainly wasn't legal anywhere at that time) and very mean villians. Girl goes to work for VISTA and encounters people who don't like what she's doing. HB with DJ, a Doubleday Signal edition, XL but in very good condition. $2.00 AHEAD -- MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS FOR YOU! Best Friend (Shirley Simon) 1964. It's one thing after another for this nearly-teen girl. Her best friend moves to a different apartment house and makes friends with another girl -- and both of them snub our girl. Then her grandmother moves in with them, and is that woman ever embarassing! This is a book for slightly younger readers then the average maltshop book, but I found it a lot of fun to read, and I've had good reviews of it from other maltshop fans. PB copy of Best Friend -- Good condition -- $2.00 (2 copies available) The Unchosen (Nan Gilbert) 1963. Gilbert wrote excellent Maltshops -- I wish there were more for you right now. In this one, 3 "unpopular" and probably fairly unlikeable girls team up and try to help each other learn to get somewhere in the social life of their High School. When this scheme actually starts to help, there is some inevitable jealousy. If your favorite Maltshop books are about trying to break into the social scene, and about teen social concerns, you'll like this book as much as I did! If I've made it sound like a bitter story, don't worry! Scholastic PB, $1.50 The Unchosen (Nan Gilbert) see description above -- this is a hardcover copy with a printed library picture cover showing 3 girls -- you won't wonder why they are "unchosen" when you see how morose and annoyed they look. Thank goodness at least one of them learns how to present herself in a much better way. And you'll have fun learning how she did just that! HB, XL, PC, $2.00 Adele De Leeuw wrote lots of books, and so far, I've liked every one that I've read! She wrote good career books, Girl Scout stories, just plain Maltshop novels, and more. I certainly hope to have more books by her, very soon! MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS, ESPECIALLY SOME BY the wonderful MABEL ESTHER ALLAN. Mabel Esther Allan wrote over 100 good books for young adults! Some are romances, some are more travel stories than anything else, some are mysteries. Most take place somewhere in the British Isles, but there are some taking place in Europe and a few from the US. I'll try to have more Allan books really soon, because I really love them, and I think my book friends will love them, too. The Sign of the Unicorn (Mabel Esther Allan) 1963. Like so many of Allan's heroines, the girl wants to go somewhere far from home to escape an unhappy situation. Paris is her choice, and by chance, she ends up boarding at the house with the Sign of the Unicorn above the gate. And never experienced the fun, danger, and finally romance that she never thought she'd find again. HB, good cond, printed picture cover. $3.00 The Flash Children (Mabel Esther Allan) 1975. The family has to move to a new home, with is right next to a railroad. Also, there is a beautiful "flash" or salt marsh full of waterbirds, very close by. The back flap of the DJ notes that Ms Allan had visual handicaps all her life, and wrote about a partially sighted young man in this book -- along with a mystery and a fascinating project of restorning a historical home. HB, XL in super condition, with DJ. $3.50 Drina #2, Drina's Dancing Year (Jean Estoril, who is actually Mabel Esther Allan) 1958. "Now that Drina's gotten her big break, does she really have what it takes to be a dancer?" -- as described on the back cover. PB in good cond, $1.50 Drina Dances Alone (Jean Estoril) 1959. You might wonder why I'm listing these books along with Mabel Esther Allan's books -- well, Estoril is one of her pen names, and there are 9 Drina books about a young ballet dancer. I'm not sure how many of them made it into paperback, but this is listed as #3. Fair condition, $1.00 Romansgrove (Mabel Esther Allan) 1975. Father is advised to live in the country, after an illness, so the family moves to a wonderful estate where he's found a job. The children discover a strange secret from the past. Mysterious, lovely, set in the Cotswolds. HB, XL in very good condition, very good dust jacket. $4.50 (2 copies available) Time to go Back (Mabel Esther Allan) 1972. Rebellious girl joins some kind of protest group and ends up in jail for a night. She becomes very sick after being out in the rain and sitting in a cold jail, and gets way behind in her studies. Of course her parents are very worried about her attitude. So she and her mother go to spend time with the Grandmother far from the city and its problems. Girl becomes obsessed with mother's dead sister, who was a poet, and gradually changes her life and outlook. Mysterious, romantic and intriguing story. HB, PC, XL, good condition -- $3.00 MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS AND COLLECTIONS OF STORIES! Sometimes Magic: A Collection of Outstanding Stories for the Teenage Girl. Book was put together in 1965, but the stories are collected from many generations! Some are wonderful classics -- chapters by Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, Sarah Orne Jewett. Some are humorous -- I laughed very hard over the one by Shirley Jackson. Some of them remind you very much of a Maltshop! A beautiful big book, in very good condition, and with a pretty dust jacket (a dreamy girl, lots of flowers around her!)320 pages, 22 short stories, a foreward to give you an idea of why these particular stories were chosen, and an afterword to explain why all the stories were written by women! HB, $2.50 (2 copies available) Teen-age Companion: An anthology for Boys and Girls -- edited by Frank Owen, 1946. There are 20 stories in this book, and it would be fair for me to let you know that more of them are aimed at boys than at girls. But they are entertaining ("What Happened to Gene?") adventurous ("The Top of the Mountain,") funny ("Riot in Room No. 2") and even somewhat romantic ("Sophomore Picnic" or "Saturday Night at 8.") Set at school, home, out in the wilds, just about anywhere. And a few animal stories! Large HB book is firm and tight, with a few small pictures on the cover. $2.50 Holiday Storybook (complied by the Child Study Association of America) 1952. Illustrated by Phoebe Erickson (beautiful illustrations, by the way!) Huge book with stories for just about every holiday you can think of, patriotic, religious, international, fun, serious. Many well-known authors, and some that will be new to you. This is a huge book, former library copy. It's been mended and taped; I will admit it isn't beautiful, but we have covered it with a laser copy of our original dust jacket with its adorable cover showing a boy and a birl on a bench -- reading! Surrounded by a darling flower wreath. If you can ignore the mended cover, the pages are clean and fresh and the stories are excellent. Good for a teacher or parent as well as those of us who love to read sweet stories at each holiday. $3.00 Told under Spacious Skies 1952 (Selected by the Association for Childhood Education International) North South, East, West -- Regional Stories about American Children. Long Title! Big Book! Excellent selection of stories that I loved. This book is one of a series, all with titles starting with "Told Under." If the stories in the others are as wonderful and sweet as the ones in this volume -- look for them!! This book has 27 chapters from some of the best books for young readers available, all about life in various parts of our country. Some of the authors -- Elizabeth Coatsworth, Elizabeth Enright, Frieda Friedman, Marjorie Kinnin Rawlings, Marguerite Henry, Lois Lenski, and some of our favorite Maltshop authors. HB, in pretty good condition, printed picture cover. $3.50 MORE MALTSHOP TYPE BOOKS AHEAD The Golden Dream (Jean Nielsen) 1959. An excellent Maltshop author, using some unusual plots. In this one, the girl is her father's right-hand "man" in their family's orange grove. Cross My Heart (Naomi-John-Sellers) 1953. Front DJ flap says "it expresses all the inexpressible things about being 17.." Girl's senior year in HS, when she made the promise "cross my heart" to her father -- to get on the honor roll so he will send her to journalism school -- and to herself, to do several other important things. What can I say about it -- it's one of the books that make us all love Maltshops so much! Family, future plans, friends, school, and that "R" (romance of course) that's so important! Best Loved Girls' Books edition -- HB in fairly good condition, with a copy of our original dust jacket that looks beautiful. $4.00 BOOKS BY RUTH PARK: Secret of the Maori Cave (Ruth Park) 1964. Family inherits a farm in New Zealand, and find a ton of adventure, mystery, and fun. If you like to read about cave exploration -- you'll find plenty of it in her, plus a lot of family fun, and of course mystery. I've never read another YA mystery with this setting, so I learned something in my favorite way, by reading an entertaining book about it. HB, former library copy in pretty good condition, with a dj similarly in pretty good condition. $4.00 DON'T WORRY -- WE'RE STILL IN THE MALTSHOP SECTION!! BOOKS BY CAROL NORTON -- who wrote mysteries for girls, in the same era when Nancy Drew was getting her start. These books are large, attractive, and fascinating! If possible, I'll have more for you on the next sale list. Summer in their Eyes (Ethel Todd Anderson) 1952. A very entertaining book, unusual premise but lots of great Malsthop details! The girl and her brother want to spend the next summer on their uncle's ranch out in Colorado, but each of them needs to earn a substantial sum (for that time) to pay for the trip. OK, $250.00 doesn't sound like much now, but in the 1950s, babysitting netted us between 35 and 50 cents an hour -- do the math! And they only had 6 months to amass the money. So the girl gets creative, and starts her own business -- one of the things I really love to read about! And finds a talent that might help her decide what she wants to do in her future. HB, good condition, even has some illustrations. Covered by a laser copy of our original dust jacket, showing the brother and sister discussing their trip in front of a US map. Attractive book, full of surprises. $5.00 The Look of Love (Denise Cass Brookman) 1960. One of the really perfect Maltshop books! Girl has a wonderful boyfriend who is the most popular and influential boy in the HS class. So why is she discontented and uncomfortable with him and "the right crowd" that they go around with? And does the answer lie with another boy -- who is everything that her family and friends object to? Lots of fun, dating, family scenes, agonizing about the future -- everything we love to read about! This is a Best Loved Girls' Books edition, hardcover with very good DJ. $4.50 Books by Jane D. Abbott. She wrote before the era that we think of as the "Maltshop" years, but if you like those stories, you will really enjoy the cute books by Abbott. She wrote about girls in a variety of situations and settings, but I've liked every one that I've read. They are written for the teens of the early decades of the 20th century, co they are fairly long (you get your money's worth!) but fast reading since you are eager to find out what happens next. I hope to have more books by Abbott for you very soon! MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS! Wedding Song (Caroline Crane) 1967. HS age girl and her boyfriend decide they might as well get married now, since they are so happy together. They know their parents won't be happy, and the girl will have to drop out of school if the principal finds out -- so they keep it a secret. Not a very auspicious start to a marriage. One of the many books from that period when "young marriage" seemed to be a problem for parents, authors and editors to think about. My parents thought we were too young to get married at 21, with only half a year more of college to go. They were probably right -- we haven't quite made it to our 55th anniversary so far! But that's nothing to do with this story, just something to show how ridiculously worried that "problem" seemed to make people in the mid and late 1900s. An interesting book, good condition hardcover with a dust jacket. I will have to say that the DJ picture is a little strange, because you might come back to me with a comment on it if I didn't warn you! The pictures of the woods and lake are nice, but the young couple look unusual. Generally, though, a very nice copy. $4.00 Laura Cooper Rendina is the author of the popular Debbie Jones series. She wrote quite a few books about teen girls and their adventures, problems, romances, and mysteries! All with an interesting twist! I'll try to add more books by Rendina, as soon as I can. I think I've mentioned this story before -- but it is amusing to me, so I'll add it to my description of these books. When I was in 6th grade, the first book in the series (Roommates) was extremely popular. One day, a group of the most popular (bossy) 6th-grade girls surrounded me, and demanded that I return "Roommates" to the library, because THEY wanted to read it! I couldn't convince them that I did not have that book out of the library. I guess they thought I was the girl who read the most books, so who else would have borrowed it? That was in the early '50s. Wish me luck trying to find some more books by Rendina, so I can offer them to you! Love is a Blanket Word (Honor Arundel) original title, The Blanket Word. 1973 Scholastic paperback. I think of the Arundel books as British Maltshops. Sad things and happy things are happening to the girl in this book, causing her to wonder just what "Love" means. Romantic cover picture! PB, $2.00 MORE MALTSHOP TYPE BOOKS -- Seventeenth Summer (Maureen Daly) 1942. One of the first true Maltshops, this is an award-winning story of a girl's first romance, from June (when it all starts) through July (when things were so wonderful) to the end of August (when she wonders if anything ever again will be so wonderful as her 17th Summer.) PB, like new, $2.00 When Sara Smiled (Kathleen Robinson) 1962. When she smiled, she was transformed from a very quiet, shy girl, totally unable to speak with any boy, to pretty much a different person. But it took a beautiful horse, an exceptional boy, and a lot of time for her to feel like smiling! Golden Griffon paperback, $2.00 BEVERLY CLEARY'S MALTSHOPS are even better than her Ramona books, which are something wonderful themselves. I wish she'd written many more books for older girls, but unfortunately, she only wrote 4. Try them -- you'll discover books that are as good as Cavanna's early novels, or Emery's best. Fifteen is a true Maltshop classic! I think everyone who loves Cavanna or duJardin or Emery, should read this Cleary book, you'll be very glad you did -- and the others are very fine, too. A Girl From Yamhill (Beverly Cleary) 1988. Cleary had a strange childhood, really good in some ways, almost unbearable in others. You will understand her writing much better after you read this book. It covers her early childhood and on through high school, all in Oregon. This book will help you understand how Cleary could write with such poignant realism about the feelings of a little girl, Ramona. HB, XL, with nice DJ, in very good condition. $2.75 Jean and Johnny (Beverly Cleary) 1959. One of Cleary's wonderful Maltshop books! Girl is shy and scrawny, and she can't see a thing without her glasses. And the skirt she was wearing that day was one she'd made herself without remembering to match the plaids at the seam! She and her friend were only watching the glamour girls dance while they waited for a ride home -- so why does a very handsome boy ask her to dance? And why didn't she ever take dancing lessons? The explanations are full of Cleary's humor and understanding of young people, and the story is truly entertaining, one of the best Maltshops! HB, XL with DJ, everything is in very, very good condition. $4.00 The Luckiest Girl (Beverly Cleary) 1958. This is by far my favorite of the Cleary Maltshop books! Maybe because the girl gets to spend the school year in Southern CA where I have spent some wonderful time myself. She and her mother have had some "communication problems" -- the pink raincoat she's wearing in the DJ picture is the cause of the most recent one. So when her mom's old friend suggests that the girl might like to visit them from her home in Oregon, it seems like a good solution. Actually, she's a very, very nice girl! And has a very, very nice winter! It's hard to put my finger on what makes it so special -- maybe because it's quite reminiscent of Cleary's memoirs you'll realize that she is able to remember just what it feels like to be a teenager. HB in good cond, though cover is a little discolored. Anyway, you won't see the cover as the book has a laser copy of our very nice DJ. Best-Loved Girls' Books edition. $5.00 Sister of the Bride (Cleary) illustrated by Beth and Joe Krush. 1963. Her sister is going to get married! a lot of this book deals with wedding preparation and all the fun that goes with it. But there are a lot of High School and family scenes -- her younger brother and his friends have formed a folk-singing trio (though this does date this book, it feels very nostalgic for me!)And you can predict the uproar in the family when her sister anounces that she is going to be married -- she's too young, and still in college. (This also is all too familiar to me, but somehow Dave and I have managed to stay married for 55 years -- so far! I hope the girl in this story has just as happy a life after the novel ends!) Fair cond PB $1.00 Fifteen (Beverly Cleary) 1956. She starts to date, has to fight parents' about her rights to have a life of her own, and learns that there are ups and downs in adult life. PB, good condition! $2.50 End of Maltshop books by Beverly Cleary ******************************************************** Maltshoppy books by Phyllis A. Whitney. This author certainly could write well in a number of genres! Mysteries for teen readers, romances for young adults, and of course good novels for adults. In all of her books, there are central problems of family relationships, reactions to changes, and a strong sense of location -- often an unusual setting. All of these things play well in her Maltshop type books -- and I think Whitney's maltshop books are her VERY best. I'll try to add more Whitney maltshops as soon as I can! Willow Hill (Phyllis A. Whitney) 1947. Early treatment of integration in schools. Of course there are maltshop elements -- school, family, town. And romance! Very interesting view of Ms. Whitney's serious side. PB in good cond. $2.00 +++++++++++++++++++++++++ MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS.... Helen Girvan wrote some of the very best "Maltshop Mysteries." Her settings are always interesting, and her heroines are often trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. If I happen to have any of her books for sale, they will be here in the Young Adult Mystery section, since I've started putting the Maltshoppy type mysteries in this area. Lavinia Davis is one of the best Maltshop authors! She could write about families, horses, mysteries! She writes about teen girls and boys equally expertly. Plenty of humor, but not laid on with a trowel! Her families are funny and interesting -- you'll love most of the families that she writes about. Nice settings, too. Janey's Fortune (Lavinia Davis) 1957. Things weren't going quite as nicely as she could wish, at home in CT, so it was probably a blessing when the letters were forwarded, inviting her to spend the summer in New Mexico. Her grandfather had died just after he made the plans for her trip, and charged her with trying to find his hidden treasure. "Fortune" had several meanings, a town, a possible bonanza, and Janey's changed outlook for her future. She found a new outlook on her future, met quite a cast of interesting people, and, if you look at the beautiful dust jacket picture, she became a true Western gal. There she is, dressed in a western shirt and kerchief, jeans and a 10-gallon hat. Behind her, a ghost-town spread out, and on the other side of the picture, a smiling cowboy in his lively horse. I think Janey has a horse in the picture, too, but it's hard to make it out. Anyway, she's ready to ride! HB, with DJ, both in nearly-new condition. $6.00 Sandy's Spurs (Lavinia Davis) 1951. Written for kids just under the Maltshop age, this is a book that I liked even though I usually find horse stories a little repetitive. A boy goes to stay with a family that pretty much lives for horses, while he has no interest in them whatsoever. He does enjoy the family, and 4H, and the intriguing mystery that comes their way. A Beautiful book, with very nice illustrations by Grace Paull. I'm always fond of pictures of kids wearing clothes of the mid-20th century, cars from the same era, and a few interior scenes. There's a mystery in this comfortable book, too. Virginia setting. Laser copy of our DJ on this HB book. $5.00 MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS FOR YOU!! I love BIANCA BRADBURY's writing, and recently, one of my daughters discovered how much she loved Bradbury, too. She read 4 of her books during a very short visit w with us, and wants to read the others the next time she visits! There are usually several of Bradbury's books in various sections of my sale list. Mixed-up Summer (Bianca Bradbury) 1979. Girl's boyfriend wants to get married right away, and is building a house for them. She can't decide whether to marry or to go to nursing school as she had wanted for a long time. Lots of other issues in this intense and fascinating story. Family, jobs, relationships, fun. Paperback in fairly good cond, $2.00 Laughter in Our House (Bianca Bradbury)1964. You'll love this one! At least, if you like stories about kids who take over the family duties, move to Vermont, renovate an old country house, and do their very best to cure their sick mother. This much is described on the DJ flap, but of course there is much more -- this is a maltshop romance, after all! Book in good condition, with a good DJ. $4.50 Those Traver Kids (Bianca Bradbury)1972. Girl's father has deserted the large family, and her mother is remarried to a man the kids really don't like, and frankly, neither will you. The kids are neglected -- and possibly in danger. It's up to the older children to rectify the situation, protect the younger ones, and possibly create a better life for themselves, too. Bradbury's books are really, really good, and catch you up in situations that you hope you'll never be in yourself, but you certainly will or do know people in similar situations. And they are realistic without being brutal. HB, with DJ, very good condition. $5.00 Love is Never Enough (Bianca Bradbury) 1971. One of my all-time FAVORITE books! It's one of those books that are trying to scare teens out of getting married until they're old enough to make a good living, finish education, etc -- but I believe these books only make the whole situation look romantic and dramatic to teens, don't you think? In this case, the guy is in college, the girl drops out of HS because she is pregnant. They live with the baby in a little trailer on the college campus. Life is very tough. The story is full of domestic details, arguments and reconciliations, and of course a lot of learning about life. So interesting!!!!! This book was called A New Penny in the hardcover edition, I have no idea why the title was changed, because it was interesting and appropriate before. Paperback in very good condition, $3.00 (2 copies available) In Her Father's Footsteps (Bianca Bradbury) 1976. Her father is a vet, and she wants to join his practice as soon as she can. Then disaster hits, and they both have to make amended plans. There is more than one sweet, low-key romance in here, and a lot about running a veterinary practice. PB, fair cond, $1.50 MORE BOOKS BY BIANCA BRADBURY Two on an Island (Bianca Bradbury) 1965. Sister and brother are marooned on an island when their boat drifts away. They expect to be rescued in a few hours, but end up being there for days. They have never gotten along before, but they start to learn to depend on each other. Interesting take on the survival story. XL HB book in pretty good codntion, with a pretty good DJ. $2.00 Lots of Love, Lucinda (Bianca Bradbury) 1966. This Bradbury book is definitely a Maltshop, and very much also a romance! It also has a strong message for a book from the mid-1960's. Lucinda's a poor African American girl from the south, who is chosen to spend her high school years living with a Northern family, in a very affluent Connecticut suburb. It seems to us that the potential problems should be obvious, but to the teen girl in the CT family and her parents, it feels like "something we can DO to help." There are LOTS of lighthearted teen moments in the book! And you might be able to look at the growing tension between the girls as something that might happen to 2 sisters in any family, or to a couple of girls when one of them is a foreign exchange student. Of course there are a few complications that are unique to this situation, in the days when things hadn't changed quite as much as they have today. Thank goodness they have. I imagine people like the nice, average family in this story, helped make those changes happen. HB book with very nice library printed picture cover, showing the 2 teenaged girls reading a book together. $3.50 PB copy of Lots of Love, Lucinda -- very good condition, $2.00 (2 copies available) Lots of Love, lucinda, pb in poor condition, but this is a very good maltshop type book! Free with another book by Bianca Bradbury STILL MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS! Junior Miss (Sally Benson) early 40s stories.(Sally Benson)1939-1941 I think these stories appeared in magazines before they were put together into a charming maltshoppy type novel about a girl, her friends, her pets, and her family. Very funny, and very sweet. If you haven't read it, it's time you Maltshop fans did read it! Here is a beautiful hardcover copy with a DJ (moderately good cond.) The DJ picture is adorable! Pink, with an overall white flower design, there is a cute freckled girl in a fluffy white prom gown, surrounded by what we used to call "callow youths" mainly in tuxes, all obviously trying to figure out how to get the attention of a girl! Meantime, Judy looks unconcerned, her long hair in what I think was called a bob, and a pouf above her brow -- it's a period-piece for sure. There's a nice list of books "for modern boys and girls" on the back cover. I always love to read those, to figure out what books I "need" next, for my collection. By the way, Sally Bensen wrote Meet me in Saint Louis, one of the most amusing family stories I've ever read (amusing in a sly sort of way, and the present book is similarly funny!) HB, PC, good condition, nice cover graphics. $3.00 Another HB copy of Junior Miss, good condition, but the cover has white smudges here and there. HB, $2.00 PB copy of Junior Miss , good condition, $2.00 MILDRED LAWRENCE is one of the unsung Maltshop greats. Some of the settings sound odd but they aren't emphasized to the extent of overshadowing the lighthearted stories. If there are no M Lawrence books at this time, I'll add more as soon as I can. MORE MALTS AHEAD! MALTSHOP BOOKS BY JAN NICKERSON Nickerson was one of the finest Maltshop authors, on a par with Marjorie Hall and Betty Cavanna. She often starts by exploring a career choice, but includes lots of the best Malty aspects -- dating, family relations, "teen angst" and school situations. I hope to have more of Nickerson's books again soon! Destination: Success! (Jan Nickerson) 1959. This is a Maltshop with a very interesting premise. Self-centered girl has a high opinion of her talents. She is really mad that her boyfriend is going into the Navy instead of spending the summer after high school graduation at home having fun. So she reluctantly accepts her aunt's invitation to spend the summer helping with the aunt's project -- bringing disadvantaged but talented city girls to her country estate for a vacation from their hard lives. Our girl has plenty to learn. Very pretty DJ (though the edges are worn) showing girls in and around a pool -- a couple of boys, too, of course! Beautiful flowers floating around, and a large house in the background. HB, Best Loved Girls' Books selection, very good condition with a fairly good DJ. $4.00 Answer for April (Jan Nickerson) 1963. A story that makes you feel great sympathy for the main character, a motherless girl who feels that she can't leave home for college because her older sister has just married, and this girl is left at home to be in charge of her 2 younger sisters. The 3 girls get together and make a decision that will amuse and entrance you! But is it as simple as they hope it will be? Of course not! A very nice family in a tough situation. HB XL, in pretty good condition, with a laser copy of the unusual and attractive dust jacket showing a girl surrounded by Halloween-costumed revelers. $4.50 New Boy in Town (Jan Nickerson) 1960 From the DJ flap -- Afraid "that she will fall short of meeting John's standards, cause (the girl) to feel great despair." A shy and self-doubting girl meets a fascinating boy who is new in town and chased by other girls. She sabotages her own case by her hesitation! HB, Best Loved Girls' Book edition in good condition, with nice laser copy of our DJ. Cover picture shows a girl who has nothing to worry about as far as looks, an also-good-looking boy, and a "hot dog" pup. $5.00 Sycamore Year (Mildred Lee) 1974. A rather dark love story, but very entertaining! Girl's friend has a gorgeous voice, but no confidence and a tough family life. She falls for Mr Wrong. Both girls are impacted by this friend's subsequent pregnancy. Nice family scenes, including little kids. A serious growing-up story. PB copy, $1.25 Honor Sands (Mildred Lee) 1966. From front flap "a girl in her early teens...can be terribly tied up with whether or not you are invited to the prom...getting along with people.." A few interesting twists on these universal worries, including a crush on a forbidden man -- one of her teachers. Exceptional HB is in great cond except for the usual library markings. Has a beautiful, almost-new dust jacket, HB, DJ, XL, $4.00 MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS AHEAD! The Paris Hat (Mary Cunningham) 1958. To enjoy this one to the fullest, you have to understand that sometimes a teen girl will aspire to an unrealistic goal, because she has a crush on a boy! I imagine it's happened to a lot of us -- all of us? In this book, teen girl with a family full of characters and responsibilities, decides to become a ballet dancer at an "advanced age" and has quite a few adventures along the way. The Paris Hat refers to a hat in a beautiful box that's delivered to the home in advance of the arrival of her travelling brother-in-law, who helps her to see reality in a very upbeat way. Unusual but popular and lots of fun. This copy is in unusual condition itself, with a hole that was apparently bitten by the original owner's dog. Nice pup didn't chew through the text at all, just took a corner out of the pretty DJ and front cover of the book. HB, interesting condition, all for $1.00 The Paris Hat (see description above) in beautiful condition, with a lovely repo dust jacket. $5.00 _______________________________________________________ Books by Rosamond Du Jardin -- who is one of the 3 best authors from the MALTSHOP era of books for teen girls. Her 3 series, about Marcy Rhodes, Pam and Penny Howard, and Tobey and Midge Heydon, have been reprinted beautifully, but I still like to offer these relatively inexpensive vintage original editions that many of us bought from Scholastic or borrowed from the library when we were in school. Terrific family scenes, social life, school, friends, romance. Just enough serious thinking to satisfy teachers and librarians, but not so much that it even barely starts to get too heavy! I love these books, and my daughter loves them as much as I do. You can go right back to the whole world of the 1950s. Class Ring (Rosamond du Jardin) originally 1951. This is the beautiful and very authentic Image Cascade reprint. Wonderful cover picture of the Tobey and Brose right there in a Maltshop! He's wearing a tux and bow tie (though she has on a red blouse and black skirt.) He's holding one hand, and there on the other hand is THE ring. Which caused so much happiness and so many problems! Book is in near-perfect condition. $5.00 Double Date (Rosamond du Jardin) 1951. Twins look identical, but have differing personalities and ambitions. When they go to a new HS, they start to do everything together, but eventually they learn to be individuals. Plenty of bumps along the way. One of the things my daughter and I love about du Jardin's books is that she emphasises romance and doesn't go all serious about Life with a capital L. All the while, keeping those innocent Maltshop values that feel so nostalgic to us now. Wonderful book! HB with laser copy of our beautiful DJ. Cover pic shows twins, dressed just alike, looking like clones -- but -- only one of them is walking along with the tall, blonde and handsome boy gazing down at her. The other girl has that third-wheel look about her. HB, LDJ, $6.00 The Real Thing (du Jardin) 1956. Tobey Haydon story. She starts college with the understanding that she and Brose will make other friends. Is that a good idea??? Beautiful story, beautiful picture on the DJ showing a very happy couple greeting each other at the train station. That doesn't really spoil the ending of this book, since it doesn't tell you who the boy is! HB XL in fairly good condition, with a reproduction of the very good DJ. $7.00 One of the Crowd (Rosamund du Jardin) 1961. Midge Hayden's soph year at high school. She faces a choice between the sophisticated "in" crowd and her old friends whose values are different. Wonderful handling of this popular subject! And of course, being du Jardin, plenty more: lost and found friendship, family, school, planning for the future, and young love. HB, XL, good condition, with a copy of the original rather unusual dust jacket. $4.50 Practically Seventeen (du Jardin) 1943/1949. First in the Tobey and Midge Heydon series. Simple problems, simpler times, or at least it seems that way from our perspective. Tobey meets all kinds of situations including first romance. The reason for the uncertain publication date is that several of the chapters appeared as magazine stories prior to the full book, which came out in 1949. I read on the back of one of Du Jardin's books, that Practically Seventeen had been printed in Japan and Sweden, and set in Braille! Practically Seventeen (du Jardin) PB with ugly cover picture, but the same really good story inside. $1.25 ----------------------------------------------- ***The Following entries are authorized editions. Good, fanciful, often mysterious stories, supposedly about famous actresses or comic strip characters. Some are about TV characters or shows, others are about young women who were active in the armed services or the home front during WWII. Good authors! Some of these are MALTSHOPPY type stories. Lots of "atmosphere" in most of them. If you've read one of them and liked it, you'll probably like them all. I certainly do like them!!!! Many illustrations, some very artistic and romantic, some done in cartoon style. No DJs unless noted, but the books are in good condition. Some of the pages are a little fragile, due to the wartime paper they used. These Whitman Authorized editions always have wonderful cover pictures and internal illustrations. Glamour for girls in the 1940s! Ann Sheridan and the Sign of the Sphinx (Kathryn Heisenfelt, and illustrated by Henry Vallely) 1943. Described as An original story featuring Ann Sheridan, famous motion-picture star as the heroine. Well, maybe so, though I don't remember Ann Sheridan, do you? She is certainly beautiful, as the front cover photo shows, along with the sphinx! You probably remember how much I love the pictures in the books from this series. SO romantic, and I love the dresses, hair styles, and especially the hats. This is a very mysterious story, and some of the characters are really creepy! Heisenfelt was mistress of writing in ways to make things seem strange and dangerous. Very enjoyable book! It has a Dj that isn't perfect, but all of the front cover is there, with that photo of Ann, also 9/10ths of the back cover, and at least that much of the spine. The book is in good condition, and has interesting Egyptian pictures on the endpapers. $3.50 Another Copy of Ann Sheridan and the Sign of the Sphinx -- in a better DJ -- $4.50 MORE WHITMAN AUTHORIZED EDITIONS: Annette books by Doris Schroeder, from 1960 through 1964. These are not really about that popular girl, "Annette" Funicello, from the Mickey Mouse Club, so very recently deceased, but about a girl based on her character, and her adventures in the Southwest. Whitmen's Authorized Editions used Annette's popularity as a draw to sell books, while giving us a really well-written series of 5 books about this girl. They pretty much follow each other in order, but can certainly be read separately if you want to. The covers are very lovely, showing that pretty girl that so many young teen boys had crushes on, each one in a different situation. Two of them feature horses, one has her in a little sailboat, and there's an Elvis-look-alike on the back cover of the 4th. Each book has a picture cover that wraps all around from front to back. Nice-looking series, though they suffer as all the typical Whitman PC "cello" type books -- with weak bindings and mono-color interior pictures. I'll try to have more Annette books soon! Annette and the Mystery at Smugglers' Cove (Doris Schroeder) 1963. Cover shows the beautiful, happy Annette in a small sailboat, but one actual sailing trip wasn't quite as peaceful. The girls were stranded, the boat was damaged, and the girls ended up involved in an exciting mystery. Good condition! Nice picture cover! $3.50 Annette: Mystery at Medicine Wheel (Doris Schroeder) 1964. Annette spends more than she was supposed to spend on a prom dress, and her guardian decides she needs to learn about earning and budgetting money. She gets a job at a "guest ranch" in Wyoming, and learns more than her uncle/guardian had even hoped for. There are plenty of problems, but this girl was as resourceful and smart and nice as the Mousketeer that the character was modeled on. HB in good condition, with a picture cover showing horses on a trail ride, and that beautiful Annette that all the boys fell in love with. $4.00 Annette and the Mystery at Moonstone Bay (Shroeder) 1962. Cover shows Annette in riding clothes, on what looks to me (but what do I know?) like a beautiful horse. Back cover shows a pine tree, cones, mountains, and a cute chipmunk. Annette is at it again, solving mysteries and having teenage fun at the same time! Annette driveds a "neat little white sports car" and hangs out at The Choc Shop, so this can almost be classified as a Maltshop mystery. These books are fun! HB, nice picture cover, $4.00 Invisible Scarlet O'Neil, "Based on the Comic Strip by Russell Stamm." Wonderful pictures, especially the DJ picture of a voluptuous young lady walking beside a shadow of herself, background of a dark cityscape. Scarlet uses her gift of invisibility to help people who need her. This beautiful book tells about one of her best adventures. Book in fairly good condition, Laser DJ that looks really nice -- and on the back of the DJ, a long list of other Whitman Mystery and Adventure Stories, so you can check to see how many you still need. $4.50 Tillie the Toiler and the Masquerading Duchess ("based on the famous newspaper strip by Russ Westover" Whitman authorized edition from 1943. This one is an entertaining mystery, with a clever and very attractive DJ picture of the characeters from the comic strip (which I don't remember, do you?) and a crown and scepter. HB in fairly good cond for one of these wartime-paper books, with a laser repro dust jacket that looks wonderful. $4.00 MORE WHITMAN AUTHORIZED EDITIONS, MOSTLY SOMEWHAT "MALTSHOPPY" Janet Lennon at Camp Calamity -- subtitled, Singing Star from the Lawrence Welk Show, but in this story she is just Janet, a camp counselor at a camp that's NOT really named Calamity, but that's what it turns out to be when a rich camper is kidnapped, and Janet has to help figure out where she can be. Most of us love stories with a summer-camp background, and this is a very good one. Front cover shows Janet helping a girl learn to float in the pool, and back cover shows a dream-come-true log lodge, with many log cabins around, and in the background, trees, green hills, and high, snow-topped mountains. Let's have a PF meeting there very soon! Good cond, which isn't always the case for this series of Whitman Authorized TV Adventures. $3.50 Janet Lennon and the Angels ("Singing Star from the Lawrence Welk TV show" as subtitle) Fourth in a 4-book series about Janet and her sisters, who are presented as singers who are not working at the time the books take place. They're on vacation, or visiting friends. They are all mysteries, in the mold of the Schoolgirl Sleuths. In this one, Janet goes to a ranch, where she spends most of her timw with a Mexican-American family, the Angels. Such a beautiful cover picture -- Janet in a colorful and wide skirt with frilly blouse, by a fireplace, and next to a very handsome young man! HB, picture cover, Whitman Authorized TV Edition, good condition. $3.50 Janet Lennon: Adventure at Two Rivers (1961) The singing girls go on separate vacations. Janet's vacation takes her to a dude ranch belonging to relatives. Too late, she finds that the ranch is decrepit and actually dangerous, and someone is trying to drive her relatives off the land. From the beautiful cover pictures, you can tell that it's not all detecting and danger -- front cover shows Janet on a beautiful horse, and back cover shows square dancing and a darling puppy, as well as another rider, handsome male variety this time. HB, Whitman TV authorized adventure. Nice condition. $3.00 The Lennon Sisters: The Secret of Holiday Island. 1960. The sisters' father is thinking of buying a ranch, so the family goes to the ranch (on an island) to see if they'd like to buy it as a vacation home. Book is in good condition, with each of the girls' photo on the cover, looking like snapshots in an album, with those wonderful old photo corners holding the pictures in the album. Book in good condition, with a nice printed picture cover -- back cover has Janet's handwritten map of Holiday Island. HB, PC, $3.00 MORE MALTSHOPPY WHITMAN OR WHITMAN AUTHORIZED EDITIONS AHEAD! Ann Rutherford --This cover shows a very, very creepy dark house against a navy blue sky, with lights showing through a few windows and bright red shadows! Also, there's a framed picture of Ann Rutherford, I don't know anything about her, except that the title page says she's "a famous motion picure player." Written by the very talented Kathryn Heisenfelt and illustrated by the equally talented Henry E. Vallely. Book in fairly good cond, with a nice laser copy of the original dust jacket. $4.50 Patty Duke and Mystery Mansion (Whitman Authorized TV adventure) Good mystery, Beautiful Patty Duke picture cover. HB, not bad condition.$2.00 Patty Duke and Mystery Mansion in very good condition. $3.00 . The Beverly Hillbillies: The Saga of Wildcat Creek. 1963. By Doris Schroeder. Front and back covers show the Hillbillies looking just as you remember them, with a swimming pool (or is it?) in the back yard. Good condition. $2.00 I hope I'll soon have some more books in the following category: Books in the Whitman Fighters for Freedom Series weren't anything like the grim stories that you might imagine. They are wonderful stories about girls in various aspects of the war effort in the early '40s, something on the line of the Cherry Ames books from that era. There are books about Army Nurse, Canteen Girl, Sandra of the Girl Orchestra, etc. I'll try to have more of this interesting series very soon. ***End of Whitman and/or Whitman authorized editions.*** *************************************** RETURNING TO THE MALTSHOP BOOK AFTER LISTING THE WHITMAN BOOKS! Mystery in Mission Valley (Grace and Olive Barnett) 1947. I've done some searching to try to find out who these authors are, but there isn't much to be found. Are they sisters? Mother and daughter? Or even a married team, since I did find one man named "Olive" on the internet. Anyway, their books are excellent adventures, with boys and girls equally involved. In this one, the father invites a boy to spend the summer with the sister and brother, while the family builds a cabin on a very remote lake in the Montana wilderness. They rebel at the idea of being babysitters for a weakling, but they're in for one of life's big surprises! Many mysteries surround the land where the cabin is planned to be built, especially after the father has to go home to take care of an emergency. Super story for anyone who loves reading about camping, outdoors fun, teens coping with life. I just finished this book, and really loved it. Another thing about the Barnett books is that they have wonderful cover pictures that wrap all around the front and back. I wouldn't mind framing any of them. Personal copy hardcover book with dust jacket, all in good condition. $5.00 Mystery of the Missing Wallet (Grace and Olive Barnett) 1946. Not very far into this story, the missing wallet becomes important. The father of a boy and girl, has been injured in a riding accident -- or was it an accident? The doctor, an old friend, can't understand where the wallet had disappeared to. After all, it seemed very important to him, and he was never seen without it. Was there something very valuable in there? And did someone else want it enough to cause that accident? The kids have to help run the ranch while their father is recovering, a very lengthy process. And they need to figure out why their father might have been hurt by someone whom he trusted. The dust jacket is one of the Barnetts' great beauties, showing the 2 kids on horses with mountains, trees, the desert floor, boulders, and in the distance, a tiny log cabin. If I had to choose my favorite book jackets, the ones on the Barnett books would be serious contenders. HB, personal copy in very good condition, with laser copy of our original DJ. $6.00 MARY STOLZ was my favorite teen-book author when I was a teen. Very emotional, even a bit heavy sometimes! Always extremely well written, realistic and worthwhile. Mary Stolz died, in her late 80s, in December of 2007. To Tell your love (Mary Stolz) 1950. Stolz's first book has several story lines, some ecstatically happy and some not so happy. Main characer is a nice teenaged girl who's in love with a charmer, who doesn't always act as charming as he looks! And her close friend is married (very young) with a baby. Really good contrast between their lives (Extremely realistic picture of the young family, by the way, emphasizing that fearful mistake that writers of that era loved to preach against -- a Young Marriage.) Main character has a wonderful family, including a sister who surprises everyone when she falls in love with... well, you don't need to know everything before you read it! I've read it many times, yet when I sat down to write this description, I had to read it again! a Scholastic PB $2 (2 copies available -- you'll be glad you decided to read it!) The Noonday Friends (Stolz) 1965. I've noticed that this book is often suggested reading on school lists -- though in my mind it's no better than a lot of Stolz's wonderful books. Like all her books, this one has lots of domestic details, the girl thinks seriously about herself and her family and friends, and there is a compelling story line. This was written for a somewhat younger reader than her earlier Maltshop books, so the problems are a tad less serious, and there is the possibility of a very happy ending! HB, XL, with a pretty picture cover. $2.00 Leap before you Look (Mary Stolz) PB $2 (2?) The Edge of Next Year (Mary Stolz)1974 Quite a hard story to read, as it's about a boy whose mother has just died. This is so different from the easy acceptance of parental loss that we see in series books ("her mother had died when she was very young, and a motherly housekeeper took her place...") All of Stolz's books are excellently written, as this one certainly is. XL with PC, also a very good DJ. $3 End of books by Stolz ******************************* MORE MALTSHOP-TYPE BOOKS... "Minnow" Vail (Winifred E. Wise) 1962. She's such a natural swimmer, and she's so tiny, that she's called Minnow ! More than anything, she wants to be included in the water carnival as a mermaid, but she's still too young. She thinks she won't participate at all if she has to continue to swim with the beginners, but things start to happen! A beautiful houseguest brings interesting guys -- and problems -- into their life, her best friend comes down with a serious disease, so the girl has to grow up and begin to understand how she can participate and help in a lot more ways than being the star of the production. Good book! Amazing, interesting cover picture!! HB, Whitman Teen Novel edition, $4.00
Marty on the Campus (Elisa Bialk) 1956. There are 3 books in the Marty series. They reverse the popular order of college, then career. In this, the 3rd one, Marty finally has a chance to go to college after being a reporter and even spending time in Hollywood and meeting a lot of real celebrities. Nice paperback with a rather sweet cover, fine to read without having read the other 2 first. $2.25. BOOKS BY BARBARA CLAYTON, one of the best of Maltshop authors. She wrote about my native New England (Maine, Mass, VT, for instance) And about changes that happen to teenage girls and lead to wonderful new ways to look at life. Some of her books are Skates for Marty, Halfway Hannah, Pepper Pot, Second Best. I'll try to add more Barbara Clayton books soon. Second Best (Barbar Clayton) 1963. So, do you love iconic Maine pictures on your dust jackets? Here it is, pine trees, sailboats, cookout on the shore, a long, busy dock, seagulls! The wistful girl (wearing something that suggests sailor type clothing) is very appealing, too. Yes, that pretty girl is sure she is just second best after her siblings an even her parents. Then they spend the summer on the Maine coast, and she decides to change her personality -- I guess most of us have had that kind of dream! And of course it isn't as easy said as done. I tried to figure out just where the fictitous "Kettle Bay" might be, but only figured that it's pretty far northeast of here, but still on Penobscot Bay. Enjoy this sweet book! HB (Best Loved Girls' Books edition) in V good condition, with a DJ in good condition with only a little stain on the back of the DJ. $5.00 Halfway Hannah (Clayton) 1964. Hannah's father thinks she's halfway about everything, opinions, decisions, whatever. When she and her father move from the south, to chilly Vermont, she isn't halfway at all -- she hates it. And her opinionated father embarasses her as usual. Until she learns to ski, and also teams up with a boy to solve a mystery in her new town, and starts to think the move wasn't all that bad. HB in fairly good condition, with a pretty good dust jacket (showing shy Hannah in the foreground, a background of mountains, and a boy looking over the fence!) $4.00 Tomboy (Barbara Clayton) 1961. There is a Maine connection with this book, shown by a nice lighthouse picture on the title page. Mostly, this is the story of a girl who really didn't want to be feminine if it meant she had to dress up, get crushes on boys, giggle, and stop playing sports. She disliked the way her friends have started to do all those silly things! The story is very well-rounded and realistic, with a musical brother, family troubles and successes, career exploration, and of course a new appreciation of the joys of being a woman. I may have told you too much about the plot, but it's pretty easy to guess what's going to happen -- the fun is reading about how this came about. And the Thanksgiving trip to that Maine lighthouse! HB in Very good cond, with its original DJ, which is also in very good cond. HB, DJ, $5.00. MORE MALTSHOP AND SIMILAR BOOKS Light a Single Candle (Beverly Butler) 1962. Teen girl gradually loses more and more of her sight, and finally goes to a School for the Blind. She is NOT a happy camper for a long time. You'll find this a very amazing book, partly due to the fact that the author writes from personal experience. Getting a guide dog is a very nice part of this story. A book that you really shouldn't miss. PB, $2.00 Along with Light a Single Candle, I'll list this non-fiction book by Beverly Butler, about getting acquainted with a new seeing-eye dog. The book is "Maggie By My Side, from 1987, a small hb with DJ. Ms Butler had just lost her beloved dog at the beginning of the book, and knew she needed to get another one in order to keep her independence. This book tells about going to the training school, meeting her new companion, and the process that gets each of them accustomed to the other. There are plenty of photos, and a bit of the legalities of taking a dog everywhere with a disabled person. This book was written for youngish readers, but both Dave and I read it with great interest as well as enjoyment. HB, DJ, XL, good condition, $2.50 Make-Believe Daughter ("A Mystery Featuring The Three Matildas") by Laura W. Douglas, 1972. A Whitman Teen Mystery. Would you believe 3 girls of nearly the same age, all officially named Matilda? Luckily they have different nicknames. There are lots of other good characters in this mystery, which makes you wish it really were the first of a series about The Three Matildas, as the cover would lead you to believe. Actually it's a single-title mystery, though it looks like a lot of the Whitman picture-cover books. You'll love the city neighborhood, which is described in detail. 'Tilda's father runs the International Restaurant, and the first picture inside the book is the girl, sitting at a restaurant table doing her homework, with all the condiments and bentwood chairs in sight. A tiny dog plays a big part in this mystery, too. Well, you'll like this book a lot! HB, PC that wraps all around the back, too. Fairly good condition. $4.00 Heart Specialist (Graeme and Sarah Lorimer) 1934. There are at least 3 books in this series about a group of teens, or sub-debs as they are called at that time, who get in and out of more adventures than you could imagine! Humor, romance, suspense. You can be sure of plenty of fun in books with titles like "Men are Like Stree Cars" and this one with at least a double meaning! Beautiful book, in ecellent condition, with a very clever DJ in very good condition. $4.00 MORE MALTSHOPS or similar books! -- Foster Child (Marion Dane Bauer) 1977. "Renny couldn't talk about what happened to her at the foster home..." from the front cover of this PB. I've read this book twice, it's fascinating and powerful, though simple and and easy to read. Young girl always lived with her grandmother, so when the grand has a stroke, she has to go into foster care. It's not a cozy place, to say the least, and there are things going on that shouldn't be happening. PB, fairly good cond, $1.25 Zoa Sherburne wrote quite a few very readable and entertaining books about somewhat serious subjects. You will be very glad you discovered this author of books from the Maltshop era. I hope to have more books by Sherburne in future lists. Too Bad About the Haines Girl (Sherburne)1967/ Nice, smart high-school girl finds that she is pregnant. Denies the evidence for a long time, doesn't want to tell her boyfriend or her parents. Her life starts to fall apart. Emotional ups and downs. This is one of those books that kept me up reading until 2AM, trying to finish it. I didn't quite make it before I fell asleep, but got up early the next day to finish. There is a slight odor to this copy of the book. Other than that, this is a nice HB, XL, book with a very good copy of our dust jacket. $4.00 Jennifer (Sherburne) 1959. Girl's mother has never recovered from a tragedy quite a few years ago. The family moves to a new state, but the girl can't seem to make friends, probably because she wouldn't want to invite them to her home. Sad but sweet story of family, a girl, new school, new friends, new beginnings. PB, $2 Almost April (Zoa Sherburne) 1956. Girl hadn't wanted to live with her father in Oregon, after all these years. It was just as she had feared, he thought he knew what was good for her (for example, he didn't think she ought to go around with a certain boy, but what does he know?) Then his new wife has a baby with some problems, which makes a lot of tension in the home. Will her love for a new baby brother give the girl the key to helping all these people become a real, loving family? And what about that boyfriend? PB in good condition, $2.00 Almost April hardcover, with laser copy of the DJ showing a girl and boy standing along the shore, windblown, gazing out at the waves, and wooded hills in the background. XL in fairly good condition (not beautiful but sturdy and perfectly readable) with a very nice repro DJ. $4.00 Stranger in the House (Zoa Sherburne) 1963. Girl's mother has had a mental breakdown, but now she's coming home for good. Girl feels she should be glad and welcoming, but she has one doubt or problem after another. Unusual for a maltshop story, but it does fit into the maltshop pattern. Plenty of romantic problems, friendships going awry over -- of course -- boys, a school play, family interaction, and so much more. XL HB with a laser copy of our original DJ. Nice condition! $4.50 Stranger in the house (Zoa Sherburne) 2 copies available of the PBs, fair cond $1.00 and better cond, $2.00 AHEAD -- MORE MALTSHOP TYPE BOOKS! Here is a BIG LOT! These 7 hardcover books are Avalon, Lenox Hill and Arcadia Romances, which are something of a cross between Maltshop Romances and career-romances. On the back cover of most of them, there is a list of other books billed as "Delightful Romances for Teenagers and Adults." So they are perfectly appropriate for teens, but with appeal to adults, too. These books are about young women who have various careers, some problems, a mystery, and a nice romance. There is often a very interesting house and a picturesque setting. A great many books of this sort were written in the 1940s through 1970s, and they are all quite well written. 2 of these 7 books are from the 1960s and the other 5 are from the 1970s. It really doesn't make much difference! They are quite addictive, to be truthful, and fill a spot that might be empty after you've read all the Maltshops that you can find! These 7 books are hardcovers. All have dust jackets, and all but one look almost new (the other one is good, too, just not as nearly new.) The book titles are: Ordeal of Love by Ruth McCarthy Sears The Legend of Devil's Doom by the same The Grangerfjord Monks by the same author The Doctor's Daughters by Rosamund Hunt The Amethyst Quest by Lois A. Sunagel Love Waits at Penrhyn by Pat Phyllips This Darkling Love by William Neubauer 7 Romances in great condition with very good DJs. $14.00 MALTSHOP books By JANET LAMBERT *************** Even though most of the Lamberts are now available in pb reprints, some of us still want to hold the old, hardcover, "originals" in our hands and feel the nostalgia that they generate. I've made laser copies of a lot of the Lambert DJs. They make the hardcover books look really nice! Star-spangled Summer (1941.) Parrish/Jordan series, and Lambert's first book! PB, good condition, $2.00 Star Spangled Summer (Lambert, 1941) Hardcover copy with a very nice laser copy of our dust jacket showing a girl and boy on horses, riding past the Army Base where the Parrish family lives. Lambert's first book, and you'd better read this one so you'll always know "who's who" in the rest of them! HB in fairly good cond, with good repro dust jacket. $6.00 Glory Be! (Janet Lambert) 1943. Penny is 18 and knows exactly what she wants to do with her life -- be an actress. Live is fun and the future is clear. Then Pearl Harbor is attacked, and her family (Army, all of them) have to go to war. This is one of the few Maltshop type books that deal with what happens in the real world, and how it affects teens and adults. It's a difficult but exciting time, and even with all that's happening, the girls -- including Penny and Carroll and their friends -- are teens with decisions to make and futures to try to plan. This book is near the beginning of an extraordinarily long series of stories that all link to each other, through the war and way beyond. Glory Be, paperback edition. See description above! Fair condition, $2.00 Glory Be! (Lambert 1943) Hardcover Locket edition, good condition, with a laser copy of our own good DJ. The cover picture is especially beautiful -- Penny, pinning a corsage in her hair in front of her mirror. Probably one of the prettiest girls ever to adorn the cover of a series book (and look at all those boys' pictures stuck in the mirror's frame!) HB, LDJ, $6.50 Candy Kane (Lambert) 1943. One of the best things about this book is the adorable picture on the DJ. Candy, the main character, is a very cute young teen with braids and bobby-sox, and the background is candy-striped! The spine features the famous locket design with a #4 in the center. The HB, XL book itself is pretty worn, but very sturdy and well-bound, the laser copy of the original DJ is really beautiful! HB, XL, LDJ, $4.50 Another copy of Candy Kane, HB in somewhat better condition, also with a nice laser copy DJ. $6.00 Up Goes the curtain (Lambert, 1946) Penny Parrish makes her stage debut, meets her future husband, and solves a mystery. Great story! HB locket edition, good cond, with a laser copy of our very good DJ. $8.00 Where the Heart Is (Lambert) 1948. Probably my favorite Lambert story, this one is part of a 2-book mini-series within the whole large series of Lambert books (The other book is Treasure Trouble.) Christy Drayton, main character. In the aftermath of WWII, there is a housing shortage, and the family can't find any place to live. In desperation, they move into the barn of a relative, who luckily doesn't happen to be at home just then. The dust jacket shows all the family in the beautifully repurposed barn -- I really love that picture! Former library book, with a laser copy of our dust jacket. $6.00 Miss America (Lambert 1952) Tippy is back in America after a year in Germany, and is surprised at the way everything has changed -- including her family and friends. A good way for you to catch up on all the Parrish and Jordan families. HB, locket edition, good cond (with a few library marks) With a laser copy of our good DJ, showing a cute Tippy in a sundress, and of course a hunk in uniform. HB, LDJ,$6.50 Don't Cry, Little Girl (Lambert, 1952) Of course YOU will cry, I do every time I think about this book. Beautiful, of course -- how on earth did Lambert write so many really great books??? HB locket edition in excellent condition, with a laser copy of our very good DJ -- cover shows Tippy waving good-bye to Ken at the airport. HB, LDJ, $18.00 Rainbow After Rain (Lambert 1953. Tippy's trying to remake her life after tragedy -- with the help of a good (male) friend, and a bunch of the old stalwarts from the many previous Lambert stories. Tippy's also working in that new and exciting medium, TV. HB, Locket edition, good condition, with a laser copy of our DJ. The original DJ had a few nicks and chips, which show up on the copy, but the lovely girl and some TV cameras look very good on the front cover. HB, LDJ, $12.00 High Hurdles (Lambert) 1955. 2nd in the 3-book Dria Meredith sub-series. After the summer on her grandmother's farm (where she learned to love riding) Dria is home and happy to be back with her friend, Boy Next Door, Rob. Things soon got more complicated! Riding in an important horse show, romantic troubles, and all those wonderful details and emotions that Janet Lambert always includes in her stories. This hardcover book has a laser copy of our DJ showing Dria on a brown horse (and "brown" is about the most that I know about horses!)There are a couple of sketches of racing horses in the background. I'm not always interested in horse stories, but even a horsey book by Lambert is usually better than almost anything by anyone else. HB, LDJ, Locket edition in good condition. $7.00 Here are some of the beautiful Image Cascade reprints of Janet Lambert books. These books are extremely faithful copies of the originals, from the covers to the content! The books are in new condition, bright and clean. Speaking of covers, they are very beautiful! Large pbs, new condition, $6 each Dreams of Glory 1942 Glory Be 1943 Candy Kane 1943 Don't Cry, Little Girl 1952 Confusion, By Cupid 1953 Welcome Home, Mrs. Jordan 1953 END of books by Lambert MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS BY VARIOUS AUTHORS AHEAD -- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Betty Baxter (assumed to be the same writer as Betty Baxter Anderson) wrote quite a few excellent career-romances, mysteries, and nurse novels in the '30s. They all feature girls, many of them in what have been traditionally male positions. I seriously doubt if you'd be disappointed in any of her books! Daughter of the Coast Guard (Betty Baxter) 1938. One of the girls is the daughter of a Coast Guardsman, the other girl's father is a newsman -- so they certainly do have plenty of scope for adventure! Like all of Baxter's stories, this one shows girls being brave, intelligent, and a bit reckless! Lots of fun. HB, fair condition, $2.50 (2 copies available) Becky Bryan's Secret (Betty Baxter) 1937. I have to tell you about the DJ picture first. You've never seen anything quite like it before. There's a girl, dressed in the extremely popular sailor middy of the period, but in very, very short shorts, tiptoing along an electric wire from the pole to a rooftop, to rescue a helpless little girl who is crying piteously from the very edge of the roof. Below, several helpless adults are looking on in horror. Beautiful trees, sky and water background. It's a winner! Other than this little adventure, Becky is a normal schoolgirl, with the normal activities like riding her horse, entering school events, helping with the school newspaper, solving mysteries... The HB book is elderly but holding together; the DJ is a laser repro of the original, and makes the book look great! $4.50 Becky Bryan's Secret in better condition, also in a stunning laser DJ. $5.50 Becky Bryan's Secret, hardcover in very good condition for one of the Depression-era cheap editions. Dust jacket also in good condition except for the very top of the spine where so many DJs are a bit torn. Good conbo -- $6.00 High Trail (Vivian Breck) 1948. Breck wrote very good books about the outdoors, for girls who may or may not ever climb a mountain or go white-water boating, but who sort of think maybe they would like it if they ever tried it. Girl is hiking and camping with her father in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevadas, when her father is injured. She has to find her own way out of the forest and get help. And would you believe that she found romance in these trying circumstances? Of course you would -- you are a Maltshop fan, aren't you? HB, personal copy, very good cond, with a dramatic DJ also in good cond. HB, DJ, $5.00 White Water (Vivian Breck) 1958. Girl had an accident and injured her leg, but still, her dream is to shoot the rapids in her foldboat with the others in her outdoors club. Good co-ed camping and boating trip through Colorado (there's a decorative map of their route, too in which the girl starts to change her bitter outlook. There's lots of teen fun, all the things you like in a Maltshop plus the boat trip! HB, XL, good condition, with a nice DJ that has just a few worn spots. $4.00 Another copy of White Water (Breck, 1958) also has a DG but about 1/5th of the front cover is missing and interior is slightly worn. #2.25 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ BOB AND/OR JAN YOUNG, a husband/wife team, wrote wonderful MALTSHOPS. Each book is different from the other, various settings, various problems to be faced, but these writers really know how to grip the reader. Try any or all and you'll be glad (that's not advertising, I just like to introduce Maltshop readers to the best books in the genre!) Janet Randall is the same as Jan Young Across the Tracks (Bob and Jan Young) 1958. This is the kind of story the Youngs did the very best -- typical Maltshop high-school days mixed with a bit of some more serious subjects. Mexican-American girl is very popular with both groups, but realizes that there isn't as much mixing as there should be. Football games, fiestas, Christmas celebrations, dances -- and a bit of serious thinking. Like any high school kid! HB with laser copy of our good DJ. $3.50 The Undecided Heart (Bob and Jan Young)1963. As their Spanish Club project, a group of kids take up the cause of migrant workers living in a very run-down camp. They're having a lot of fun and satisfaction with this project, but some other kids in the school don't like it very much and cause trouble. There's another really interesting plot that I won't spoil for you. PB, good condition, $2.50 Run Sheep Run (Bob and Jan Young) 1959. Near pristine copy of this popular book. Title is pretty much illustrated by the interesting cover picture -- a girl in playclothes, running along a beach with her hair flying out-- followed by a group of other teens running just behind her. Driftwood, gulls, waves. Girl's mother is sick, and they move to a secluded beach house so she can recover in peace and quiet. The girl develops a scientific and artistic interest in sea life, which causes her former friends to think she's gone crazy. Why follow the crowd like a sheep? But she still hopes her boyfriend can start to understand her. Then, there's the crisis when her sister goes into labor and no one else is around to help. HB, DJ, all in very, very good condition. $5.00 (another copy, nearly as nice, with laser DJ, for $4.50) I'll try to include more books by the Youngs in my next list. they are very popular! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MORE MALTSHOP BOOKS COMING UP! All of HOPE DAHLE JORDAN's books could go under "Maltshop Mysteries," but I'm trying them here in the straight Maltshop list, so you can decide which place they fit. Either way, they're suspenseful and wonderful reading. Haunted Summer (Hope Dahle Jordan) 1967. Girl driver hits a child on a bike, then runs away. This is the story of her summer, full of guilt and dread but hope, too. PB, fair condition, $1.00 Take me to my Friend (Hope Dahle Jordan) A Novel of Suspense, 1962. This is from the Best Loved Girls' Books collection, a group of books that are almost all maltshoppy and perfect for older teens. This one is also VERY suspensful. Girl and her grandmother set out to drive from Florida to Wisconsin in the winter. They pick up a hitch-hiker, and that's where the story takes off... HB, DJ, personal copy in good condition. $4.00 Merediths' Ann (Elizabeth Janet Gray) 1927. Cover says "They wished for mystery and adventure -- and found both in the White Mountains." It's a wonderfully readable book about kids who aren't prim or worried about the upper-class traditions that rule in so many of the girls' books from the '20s. Takes place in small-town New Hampshire, where Ann lives, and the others come for a winter vacation. Full of mystery, fun, and warmth. HB copy of Merediths' Ann, good condition, $3.00 MORE MALTSHOP TYPE BOOKS COMING UP! Dorothy Gilman Butters is one versatile writer! Her adult mysteries (dropping the
"Butters" part of her name, are world-famous. She wrote her YA books before starting the adult books, and of course I love them much more. She wrote very good historical books for girls, and only a few cherished Maltshops. Try them all! The Bells of Freedom (Dorothy Gilman ) 1774 Boston setting. Boy apprentice is having a terrible time, when he's rescued by a stranger who buys out his term, and gives him the job of a lifetime, in his printing shop. Boy has enough to eat for the first time, and would do anything for his master. As you may guess, he's put to the test. Lovely book by such a talented author. HB Young America Book Club edition. PC. $3.00 Snow Treasure (Marie McSwigan -- 1942. Pretty much a classic by this time, it's about a group of Norwegian children who eluded German forces of occupation in order to pull sleds with millions of $$ in gold bullion, bound for the US for safe keeping until after the war. Fact-based, this is a very exciting story, well written and beautifully illustrated. XL HB in nice condition, with a very good DJ. $2.50 Megan (Iris Noble) 1965. I'm including this in the Maltshop section of the list, because of the publication date, the fact that it's a Scholastic book, that it's about an teenaged girl, and that it will appeal to the same people who love maltshop books. However, it's set in 1902, and is about an orphan girl who travels from her native Wales, to western Canada to work and live on a ranch, and finds more love than she'd ever known before. Scholastic PB, very good condition, $2.00 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ANNE EMERY is one of the Big Three of MALTSHOP writing, and some of us think she was the best! If you haven't read all the Burnaby family stories, for instance, you have the greatest of treats ahead of you. She also wrote very good historical novels for teens! I have a DJ for Sorority Girl, and will give it away with the purchase of any book of the same Maltshop size (it has to be wrapped around a book so it won't tear any more than it already is.) This DJ has a hole and a few tears, but the front cover picture is all there, and the spine. It would be better than nothing if your copy of the book doesn't have a DJ. Senior Year (Anne Emery)1949. Burnaby Family, featuring Sally this time. She thinks her senior year is going to be terrible when her best friend moves away. And for a while, she is nearly right about that. A wonderful, excellent, perfect Maltshop book about school, family, friendship, love, and the things that make senior year special for almost everyone. HB, personal copy, very good cond, with a laser copy of our original DJ showing a couple dressed up for Senior Prom. $6.50 Going Steady (Emery) 1950. Hardcover copy of this wonderful book about a summer of dreams for Sally and Scotty. Sally's job, a wedding (I won't say whose, but it isn't Sally's!) and the lovely, terribly expensive Orrefors vase. When I read and re-read this, there's such a catch in my throat, tears in my eyes, for the nostalgia of it all -- though it's mainly a very happy book. Read it -- love it! HB, good condition with the small exception that a reader underlined the less familiar words she found, probably practicing up for SATs. It doesn't detract from the condition. DJ in fairly good condition, very romantic picture. $5.00 Paperback copy of Going steady, fair cond. Try it and find out how much you will love other Anne Emery books! $1.00 Mountain Laurel (Emery) 1948. Not typical Emery, but wonderful! Girl lives in a very remote mountain community, but has a chance to go to nursing school, giving her a way to live a better life and help her family. Tragedy strikes, and she can't take the scholarship -- has to stay home, keep house and care for her five younger siblings. You can tell by the cover picture that she is VERY unhappy and bitter. You'll find out how she copes. PB book in fairly good condition, $2.00 (2 copies available) Sweet Sixteen (Emery) 1956. "An Exciting, magical year in a young girl's life" is what it says on the cover of this paperback.. but like most teenagers, Jane doesn't really think her life is always exciting and magical. This is the 3rd and last book in the Jane Ellison series, and both true to life, and wonderfully nostalgic. Hardcover copy of the book, with a DJ picture that I've never seen before. It's lovely, though the girls and their dates look at least 18 to me. It's the same book inside the cover, anyway. XL book with quite a bit of wear, with DJ in good condition. $3.50 A Spy in old Detroit (Anne Emery) 1963. When Maltshop author, Emery, turned to young adult historical novels, of cousre she wrote some of the best. This one takes place in 1763, when fighting is tearing apart French, English, and Indians. The book is about a young boy who is in conflict about where his loyalties should lie, with his family divided.At that time, Detroit was at the frontier of the land, and pretty much controlled by whoever could wrest it from the others. Very accessible story, family scenes, beautiful illustrations. Clear and attractive maps and diagrams on the endpapers. Good personal copy of this book, with a good dust jacket. Add to your Emery collection! $4.00 A Spy in old West Point (Anne Emery) 1965. Boy is 14 in 1779, his father has him mending guns for the Army. In the Hudson Valley, where they live, families are even afraid of stating their loyalties to their own neighbors. But it's an exciting time for a boy, who can help his new country. Plenty of homey details, but plenty of action. You'll be reading about Benedict Arnold, among other real people, as well as our fictional hero. Good quality paperback in good condition, with some nice illustrations, $2.00 A Spy in Old West Point (Emery) Hardcover in fairly good condition, though the hinges are loose at front and back. Very attractive cover picture and map endpapers. HB with Laser copy DJ, $3.00 End of books by Anne Emery, more MALTSHOP books ahead ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Senorita Okay (Nancy Hartwell --1956) I led a discussion about this book one time, and except for some really tiny objections to the title, it was given a very high grade! American girl is amazed to find out that she has been given a small inheritance from a former art teacher, with the stipulation that she spend one winter in Mexico and study art there. She isn't too enthusiastic about going so far from Ohio, but it turns out to be by far the best thing that has ever happened to her. Much romance (and not much boring detail about her classes!) Interesting details and a mystery, too! Everything. This is a personal copy of a hardcover book from the Best Loved Girls' Books series, in very nice cond with a very good DJ. $5.00 The Almost Year (Florence Engel Randall)1971. About an African-American girl who was invited to spend almost a year of High School in the home of a very well-to-do White family in a suburb. She isn't happy with the arrangement, and the teens in the family are spoiled and resentful. Nobody knows just how to relate to any of the others. Interesting, sad, and believe it or not, something of a Maltshop book. PB, pretty good condition, $1.00 Books by Grace May North -- She wrote at least 2 series in the '20s. Here'e one of her non-series books that would have been a fine additions to any series! Well constructed coherent plot, with interesting characters and attractive settings. I'll try to add more of North's books very soon. Rilla of the Lighthouse (North) 1926. Do NOT read the DJ flap, as it tells far too much about the plot. Unless you don't like any surprises, it's better just to dig in! HB in pretty good condition, except for the almost inevitable separating at the "hinges" front and back. Actually, it's fairly firm anyway. Laser copy of the original DJ shows a boy and girl facing sideways, a common DJ picture for several of North's books, very artistic with a cove or bay in the background. HB, LDJ. $4.50 HERE ARE SOME MORE ***GOOOD*** MALTSHOP-ROMANCES AND SIMILAR STORIES!!! The President's Daughter (Ellen Emerson White)1984. Very timely story -- the girl's mother has been elected President and the family now lives in the White House. And the girl really doesn't like their life any more -- especially the way this has affected her dating life. Is a boy asking her out because he likes her, or because she is the President's daughter? PB, good condition, $2.00 BOOKS BY MARJORY HALL, one of the very, very best Maltshop authors (or would you call her a Career-Romance author?) Her books are all different, but similar in that they deal with a girl who has a lot to learn before she can be thought of as mature, and who is exploring options for her future, in both career and romance. Hall also wrote several historical novels for young adults, and these are very good reading, too! She even wrote several lovely books with slightly lighter subjects, under the name of Carol Morse. I will certainly add more Marjory Hall or Carol Morse books as soon as I can. Lot of 4 Historical Novels for young adult readers, by marjory Hall. If you like Marjory Hall, and you like to read books with a historical setting, here is the bargain of the year! All 4 of the books are about girls who do daring things, have adventures, help their country -- and of course have romances! As a fine author, Hall includes author's notes about the writing of these books, there are bibliographies and a bio of Hall herself, in each book. But don't let this scare you! These books are fun to read, definitely written to entice teen readers. The 4 books are set in 4 different periods -- 1733, 1769, 1777 and 1861 -- obviously Hall did her research for each one. Have fun! The 4 hardcover, former library books include: A Hatful of Gold (with dust jacket) Beneath another Sun (with DJ) See the Red Sky (bright picture cover) The Treasure Tree (picture cover) --- 4 hardcover books, $8.00 for all +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MALTSHOP TYPE BOOKS BY AMELIA ELIZABETH WALDEN: When I was a teen, I read all the Amelia Elizabeth Walden books that I could get my hands on. She was still writing when I left my teen reading years, but I've renewed my friendship with her books since then. She wrote beautifully, about girls in sports, the theater, and school and home life -- as well as quite a few very engrossing mysteries! Most of her books are appropriate for anyone from good readers in the 6th grade, to adults who appreciate beautifully-written suspense mysteries. In particular, they're recommended Maltshop writing! There are 4 books in the Lisa Clark series -- she works with Jake, but often has to strike out on her own. The Case of the Diamond Eye (Amelia E. Walden) 1969. Lisa and Jake's first case as private investigators (after Lisa's father dies and she becomes Jake's ward.) They zoon around the world trying to solve a murder case. Romance adds interest! HB, XL, with a Picture cover. Good condition. $3.50 Valerie Valentine is Missing (Amelia Walden) 1971. A Lisa Clark mystery, takes place in Spain. HB, XL, with colorful picture cover. Very good condition. $3.50 To Catch A Spy (Amelia Elizabeth ) 1964 Girl looks just like another girl who was killed during a spy case, so she is coached to take the other girl's place and break into the spy ring. HB, XL, with a good library printed picture cover. Good condition, $3.75 To catch a Spy (Walden) 1964 -- this is a HB copy in good condition, with a striking DJ picture. HB, XL, LDJ, $4.00 The spy with Five Faces (Walden) 1966. "Why are you offering this to me?" "Miss Carlos, you are aware that I am head of a branch of the CIA... I want to send you down to The Golden Angel on a mission." So she goes to Mexico City and finds, as the title pages says "three people: a girl who lost her brother, another girl who lost her beauty, and a spy who lost his courage." Unusual, entertaining! HB, XL, good cond, with good and artistic DJ. $4.00 Where was Everybody when Sabrina Screamed? (Isn't that a good title?) 1973. A Lisa Clark mystery by Amelia Elizabeth Walden, takes place in Morocco. PB, pretty good cond, $1.50 Where was Everybody when Sabrina Screamed? (Walden) 1973. Lisa's partner in the spy business, Jake, is badly injured, and she's pretty much on her own. Romance intrudes, which doesn't help too much, does it ever? She isn't sure whom to trust. HB, XL, nice picture cover, fairly good condition. $3.00 A Spy Case Built for Two (Amelia ) 1969 Romance is difficult if you're involved in spying, and these two are really too busy and hard-working, to say nothing of having some very frightening adventures. Lisbon (?) setting. HB, XL, with good library picture cover. Quite good condition. $3.75 The Spy who Talked too Much (Walden) 1968. "Newspaper readers.. would hardly have connected the news item about the CIA, the fashion notice, and the classified ad.." But the men working on a case for the CIA, pick Kim to work undercover for them. Istanbul setting. HB, XLibrary, nice picture cover, good condition, $3.25 The Spy on Danger Island (Walden) 1965. From the author's description -- "This is not the story of a Mata Hari. It is a novel about an impecunious and unsuccessful young actress who was recruited by .. CIA for two reasons: she was notably successful with an unusual hobby, and she was reputed to wear her heart upon her sleeve." How could you resist that??? The special interest, by the way, was scuba diving. West Indies setting. HB, former library book, sturdy, with a slightly smudged library picture cover. $3.00 Some of Amelia Elizabeth Walden's books aren't spy stories.... but they are really great! Romantic, though realistic -- the girls are anything but clinging vines! Her teen novels are similar to maltshop romances (and from the right era) but slightly more sophisticated. So enjoyable! So Near to the Heart (Walden) 1962. "Would she be a star of the theatre.. or a Stand-in for Love?" So it says on the cover. Girl gets her big chance as an actress, but all kinds of things are going on behind that curtain -- and some of these things are pretty dangerous! Once again, Walden combines mystery, acting and romance. PB in fairly good condition, $1.50 Escape on Skis (Amelia Walden) 1975. The title is certainly descriptive. wrote about sports, and she wrote mysteries -- both very well. Put them together and she's hard to beat. This story is about training for Olympic Skiing and the mystery concerns some shadowy international Anti-American group that is planning to subvert or sabotage the games. Don't expect the book to be all danger and frightening scenes -- there's romance and fun -- and skiing! HB, XL, very pretty picture cover, all in good condition. $4.00 A Name for Himself (Walden) 1967. It's about a young man, and one with plenty of problems. You will be surprised, though, at how romantic it is. Unusual. Compelling. HB, Xlibrary, with a printed picture cover. $3.00 Basketball Girl of the Year () 1970. Not just basketball: like all of 's books, this one involves family, friends, school, complex personalities. Starts out with police trouble at the gym, and there are plenty of other challenges, but lots of fun, too! HB, former library book, picture cover. $3.00 Queen of the courts (Amelia Elizabeth Walden) 1959. Sports story (tennis in this case) but like all of 's books, much more than sports! From the flaps of the dust jacket "It's also a story of fine loyalties.. and good sportasmanship, and naturally -- it is a delicate and satisfying love story." Girl on the cover of the DJ really does look like the queen of tennis -- with 2 potential consorts vying for her attention, all wearing tennis whites. HB, XL, with a copy of our attractive dust jacket . Nice list of books on the back cover. $4.00 A Girl Called Hank (Walden) 1951. I was crazy about this book when I was a teen. "Hank" is the first girl in the family, after 4 brothers. They train her to be the 5th on their basketball team. When she gets to HS, she is the star of the girls' team, which brings with it a slew of personality problems with other girls. At the same time, Hank learns what it means to be a girl and like boys as more than members of her sports teams. Something about this story just resonated with me, despite not being into sports in the least. Who knows? HB, This copy of the book is from a library, and was well loved -- in other words, there is wear as well as "decorations" on the first few pre-text pages. Very nice picture on the laser repro DJ -- man in a suit with a big camera, obviously a reporter, watching Hank make a basket. She is slim and in great shape! $3.50 Stay to Win (Walden) 1971. Girl's Basketball. 1971. Girl's basketball, plus all the other subjects that make 's sport stories interesting for those of us who never played basketball or anything else. Teen girl has a boyfriend that her parents -- and others -- don't approve of, for good reason. She sees the potential good in him. Maybe she's right? HB, XL with a picture cover -- all in very good condition. $3.50 Heartbreak Tennis (Walden) 1977. Girl is given tennis lessons from a Wimbledon champ, and tries to concentrate on nothing except her game. Romance (of course) rears its head, and complicates everything. If you love tennis, this will be your favorite book. If you don't love tennis, it will be on the list just the same! HB, good condition XL, with a good DJ. $4.00 Three Loves Has Sandy (Walden) 1955. I've just finished reading another book by Walden, and renewed my amazement at her writing -- she knows how to write about teen girls, animals, older people with lots of character (rather than the colorless adults that most authors describe in teen books) and of course, the course of true love, which never does run true! Sandy loves softball! Wyoming Bill loves horses. When they get together, each one teaches the other a lot! Horses, sports, and BOYS. a good paperback copy, $2 Three Loves has Sandy, nice hardcover copy with a good-looking laser copy of the dust jacket. See description above -- this is a book that I've loved since my own teen years, even though I'm not very much into sports! Personal copy, not a library copy! HB, LDJ, $4.50 Go, Phillips, Go (Amelia Elizabeth Walden) 1974. Another of those wonderful sports stories about a girl with a boy's name, Pete. She has 7 brothers, and knows how to play basketball -- but something is going wrong this year. Sports, family, romance (of course) and as always, a well-written story. Hardcover edition with dust jacket, both book and DJ in fairly good cond. There's a nice list of more stories on the back cover. HB, DJ, $4.50 Go, Phillips, Go (Walden) hardcover with nice picture cover -- good condition. $3.00 Go, Phillips, Go (Walden) paperback edition. Another of 's good stories about sports (basketball in this case) and romance. Good PB, $2.00 ++++++End of books by Amelia Elizabeth Walden++++++++++ More Maltshop books Ahead Don't Hurt Laurie (Willo Davis Roberts) 1977. Abused child has to learn to trust and to reach out for help. Very touching, wrenching story, but simply told for middle-grade readers. HB, XL, with DJ. Fair condition. Someone did a bit of scribbling in it, but nothing that keeps you from reading it. $2.00. The American Girl Library is SO good, and SO popular! They rarely stick around on my sale list for more than a day. This series includes short stories originally published in American Girl Magazine in the prime Maltshop years, some from other magazines from those same years, and also several books of advice and other subjects of interest to the teen girl from the 50's (and to us, of course!) They're good-looking books, too. Stories to Live By (from American Girl Magazine) The stories appeared in AG magazine in the 1950s, which of course is the prime Maltshop era. The book was published in 1968. 30 amazingly good stories, I liked all of them and loved many of them! Some authors that you'll recognize easily, others that you wish would have written more books. And short biographies of each one at the back of this huge book. Of course the stories emphasize moral values, but presented so well that a Girl Scout (or you) won't know what hit you, you'll just feel uplifted by the lovely stories. HB, extra large and full of good stories, $4.00 American Girl Book of Mystery and Suspense Stories, selected by the editors of American Girl Magazine. 10 good stories that really appeal to Maltshop readers, since they originally appeared in American Girl Magazine between 1945 and 1964! Some of them are mild, some are adventurous, some are a little funny, all of them feature smart, brave girls. One of the stories could be called a Long Short, as as it's nearly 40 pages long. Others are slightly shorter but long enough to develop a lot of suspense! HB, fairly good condition though the corners of the cover are rubbed or bumped. $4.00 American Girl Book of Horse Stories (American Girl Library) Selected by the editors of American Girl Magazine, and illustrated by famed horse artist, Sam Savitt. These 10 stories first appeared between 1946 and 1963. You've probably heard of many of the authors, including the most well-known, Janet Lambert. Nice large HB with a happy, horse-riding girl on the cover. Inside front and back covers, there is the American Girl Library motif of a charm bracelet, charms showing a dog, pennant, soda (malt) with 2 straws, heart, phone, juke box, jalopy, skate, and a lot more Maltshop era teen symbols. $3.00 MORE MALTSHOP AND OTHER TEEN NOVELS AHEAD: Jeannette Eyerly, who died 2 years ago (if you got Whispered Watchword, you probably read my short eulogy to her) was know for bridging the difference between the Maltshop era and the much more modern, graphic depiction of true tragedies that are typical of teen books from the period following the Maltshops. I have read her books, they are well written and keep your attention. They're just not as comfy as earlier books for teen girls. When died at 100, and there were many complimentary articles about her role as go-between in teen literature. Enough Maltshop elements to make us happy, enough newer elements for those of you who grew up in the '60s and '70s. I'll have more Eyerly books in the future! The Girl Inside (Eyerly) 1968. Girl faces several tragic situations, and has to figure out how to grow out of the frightened and sad girl inside, before she can face her life without depression. PB, $1.25 Cress Delahanty (Jessamyn West) Parts of this book were published earlier, in various magazines including Lady's Home Journal and The New Yorker. It was compiled as a novel about 1953. At the beginning, Cress is 12, and yearning to be a poet. Progress in the next section, when she fights with a boy! Continues (season by season) up to her first year in college. In between, all the sweet, innocent, Maltshop elements. Full of humor of my favorite kind -- subtle, tongue-in-cheek, situational. California ranch setting. This, I think, is a book aimed at adults, but I read it as a teen, and absolutely loved it -- loved it again when I read it as an adult. Author of The Friendly Persuasion, which was made into a movie when I was in love with Pat Boone -- who starred in the movie and sang that beautiful song. But I digress! Dust jacket and chapter head illustrations by Joe Krush. HB, XL, moderately good condition with pretty good DJ, $3.00 LOTS MORE MALTSHOP TYPE BOOKS TO COME! Have you discovered Elisabeth Friermood? She may have written one book that you could honestly call a Maltshop, but all her books appeal to the same people that love the MS books. Most of her books haveistorical settings, particularly within a couple of decades of the early 1900s. Her books usually feature plucky girls who either fight for the right to have careers, or just plain work at them. I love several of them very much, especially One of Fred's Girls, which I don't have for sale at this time. But all of them are engrossing, never heavy, full of interesting details and fun. If they took place in mid-20th century, they would be called Maltshops or Career-romances! A few of her books take place in contemporary times, and they're excellent, too. I'll add more Friermood books as soon as I possibly can! Focus the Bright Land (Elisabeth Hamilton Friermood) 1967. Girl goes on a summer trip with her father and brothers, who are traveling photographers. She wants to work with them, but they don't think a female can take pictures! I guess she shows THEM a thing or two! But politely and carefully, as befits a girl in the late 1800's. Another wonderful story by one of the 2 historical-novel-authors that I can't resist (the other is Patricia Beatty) HB, PC, XL, in good condition. $4.00 (2 copies) The Wind Blows Free (Loula Grace Erdman) this could be listed under series book, or malts, but it's really a historical novel as much as either of those things. There are 3 books in the Pierce family series, this is the first, and the story of Melinda, who is 14 at the beginning. The family has just moved to the Texas panhandle, in the 1890s, and Melinda really didn't want to move! HB, XL, DJ, all in fair condition. $2.50 (2 copies available) Many A Voyage (Loula Grace Erdman)1960. This is the story of Fanny Ross, wife of Senator Edmund G. Ross of Kansas. She followed him around the country and helped him in his newspaper business, then in his political career. He was either famous or imfamous, depending on your point of view, and was written up in Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy. Quoting the jacket flap -- "Many a Voyage is the remarkable story of one woman's odyssey in following her husband through the most trying years of America's past..." It's a novel, but author tried to be true to all the facts that she could find in much research. Covers years between 1848-1889. HB with DJ, XL copy in fairly good condition. $2.50 The Edge of Time (Loula Grace Erdman) 1950. Takes place in 1885. Young couple is married in Missouri, then start out to become homesteaders in the Texas Panhandle. The author did something quite similar to what this couple did, many years after they did, but she knows her Missouri and her Texas. She listened to the stories of old-timers and read their letters, to make this a very human story. HB personal copy of the book, in good condition, with a laser copy of our original dust jacket showing a covered wagon traveling away from you. Small picture of a soddy home, too. $2.50 TEENS' and CHILDREN'S MYSTERIES Many Excellent Young Adult Mysteries!!!!******** If you have been reading Richard ZainEldeen's articles in The Whispered Watchword for the past few years, you will know about a lot of these old children's mysteries. I love this genre. A lot of them are similar to "maltshops" in that they deal with young people's personalities as well as the actual mysterious happenings. Most of them have a strong sense of setting, interesting locales or situations. SO ... MANY BOOKS IN THE MYSTERY SECTION ARE "MALTSHOP MYSTERIES" THAT WILL PROBABLY APPEAL TO THE SAME PEOPLE AS THE MALTSHOP BOOKS. MOST WERE WRITTEN IN THE APPROXIMATE SAME ERA AS THE MS BOOKS, AND WITH MANY OF THE SAME ELEMENTS. AND THEY WERE WRITTEN FOR TEEN GIRLS, AS THE MALTSHOP BOOKS WERE! I'VE READ MOST OF THEM AND CAN RECOMMEND THEM HIGHLY. THE MALTSHOP MYSTERIES ARE NOT SEPARATE, BUT MIXED WITH THE OTHER MYSTERIES, SINCE THE DIVIDING LINE IS NOT ENTIRELY CLEAR-CUT! PLEASE ENJOY ALL THESE YOUNG ADULT MYSTERIES. Three for Treasure (Margaret Pope Trask) Paul Frame illustrations! 1962. This is a mystery written for upper grade-school age readers, but I loved it anyway! Well written on the well-loved theme of a search for long-lost treasure. And another good-old-theme, the bratty neighbor who provides some of the clues, and shows that he isn't all that bratty after all. And a nosy neighbor who really loves antiques! You know what THAT means, right?? Grandparents' Vermont farm setting. Did I mention that I loved the story?? I did! XL HB in good cond, with a very good DJ. $3.50 Mystery of the Missing Stamps (Margaret Goff Clark) 1967. Clark wrote a lot of really good YA mysteries -- this one is about a subject that was really popular about that time. Amazing how many kids found extremely valuable stamps, and had to defend their finds against a host of greedy thieves. This book itself is in shabby condition, but the story is excellent -- involving a resort hotel that's losing money for no apparent reason, and the children's friend -- accused unjustly? HB in fair cond, with a good DJ. $2.50 MORE MYSTERIES AND MALTSHOP MYSTERIES!!! Murder in Hawaii (Dorothy Brenner Francis) 1973. When I read this, I wondered whether it really was a teen book, but yes, it was printed by Scholastic. Not that there was anything that you wouldn't let your young teen read, but the characters are all at least supposed to be adults (though they don't always act like it!) Ginny's sister had recently married and moved to Hawaii. Her new husband was killed in a tragic accident and soon the sister wrote to Binny saying that she was frightened o the evil all around her -- please come and help me! When Ginny got there, sis wouldn't talk about what was bothering her, so G settled into the estate and tried to enjoy the life of glamour and leisure. But soon enough she, too, sensed something really bad going on, and -- I'll stop there, but you will love the atmosphere of tropical paradise with something evil lurking beneath the surfboards and leis. Lots of romance, and an incipient singing career. PB, #2.50 4-book set of "My Name is Paris" books by Elizabeth Howard and featuring Paris McKenzie. From 1987. 4 Beautiful paperback books with Art Nouveau covers. The books are: Mystery of the Deadly Diamond, A Scent of Murder, Mystery of the Metro, and Mystery of the Magician. Well-known people appear in these stories of a girl who has (an irrepressible personalty and a passon for Sherlock Holmes." 4 good PB books, $8.00 MYSTERIES, MYSTERIES AND MORE .... Here's one that I certainly wouldn't put into my "Alice's Picks" section. In fact, I can barely believe that I really did read it all the way through! It's "Look for Me by Moonlight" by Mary Downing Hahn, 1995. I should have believed my eyes when I thought the man on the dust jacket looked as if he had recently arrived from Transylvania! And that title... But I was lulled by the description: girl goes to live with her father and step-mother, who run a B&B in Maine. There is a cute little step-brother and soon a nice Maine boy who likes the girl. Then things start to change considerably. Give it a try -- if you dare! It's actually so strange that it's almost funny, but not quite. HB XL in great condition, with a very good dust jacket. $2.00 The Incredible Detectives (Don and Joan Caulfield) 1966. A little boy is kidnapped and the investigation isn't going well. Bulldog, Siamese cat, and crow, pets of the family, decide they will have to find the child. OK, it's written for a young reader, but it's a lot of fun, and when you finish it, pass it on to a child! PB, good cond, $1.50 MORE YA MYSTERIES! The Tracy Twins in Japan (E. P. Marshall) 1963. I don't know -- maybe this series was supposed to be a rival of the Hardy Boys. The full title is The Tracy Twins: Secret Agents, The Tracy Twins in Japan. On the cover it says "Don and Bill uncover a threat to the Free World. The only Tracy Twins book that I found on either ABE or Ebay, was one copy just like this one, that was priced at $35.00. So I would assume that the series is hard to find (if there IS a series and not just this book.) I'd like to get $5.00 for this paperback, with some creases and scuffing on the cover, but in pretty good condition, with a very scary-looking cover picture. The Mystery Gatepost (Jean Bothwell) 1964. Written for upper middle-grade readers, but I liked it a lot. In fact, I sometimes like mysteries written for approximately that age because they always resolve everything despite many complications. There are especially nice illustrations by Lilian Obligado -- her children and families are very darling. The boy and girl look for a hideout that George Washington was supposed to have used during the Revolution -- was there some kind of clue in the gatepost of the very old house? History, fun, friendship, humor. The author wrote a number of YA mysteries and I like all of them! HB, XL, with nice DJ. $3.50 The Case of the Missing Cutthroats: An ecological mystery (Jean Craighead George) 1975. Best known for her Newbery award book "Julie of the Wolves." This book also takes place in the great outdoors, and features a girl as the main character. She really isn't interested in doing anything outdoors, but wants to please her father, so she tries trout fishing. What she ends up catching is an ecological mystery! According to the back of the book, Jean Craighead George wrote at least 3 other ecological mysteries, which I am going to look for! Very prolific , very good writer, very clever book. HB, XL, DJ, good condition all around, $2.00 MORE MYSTERIES WRITTEN FOR YOUNG ADULTS, BUT SUCH A LOT OF FUN FOR US TO READ! Mystery of the Island Fires (Elaine Macmann Willoughby)1991. Weekly Readers Book Club small hardcover book with cover picture of some very frightened children. Sister and brother find a mystery when they get to their summer cottage on the New Hampshire coast. The mother opens an antique shop and the kids try to figure out who is starting fires. $2.00 The Brownie Scout Mystery (Dorothy Sterling) 1955. Same author wrote Cub Scout Mystery. Adorable pictures, including one that shows the Brownies in what has to be a malt shop, but they're getting ice cream cones. Stolen poodle mystery to solve, along with the usual Scout activities. As a former Brownie leader (for a short but happy time) I loved this book. It's a goodly 189 pages long, and I would have loved to see it go on even longer. Book in good condition, with a laser copy of the DJ, which is a little smaller than the book, but you probably wouldn't notice it if I hadn't told you! $4.00 Virginia Frances Voight wrote several Maltshop-Mysteries, or that's how I think of them since they feature teenagers with their interests and problems, romances and ambitions. As well as some very good mysteries. Look for them! Indian Ghost Mystery (Bonnie Highsmith Taylor) 1986. Girl's mother is pregnant, the girl and her brother get on her nerves! So they go to their grandparents' farm for the summer, and have quite the adventures. PB, very good cond, $1.50 The Silver Spoon Mystery (Dorothy Sterling) 1958. One of the things that's most fun about this book, is that a lot of the action takes place in an old, classic library building. Silver spoons are stolen from the display case, and the Hill Gang (much nicer than they sound -- they're neighborhood kids) are following the clues. A vintage electric car is important in the story, being driven by lady of about the same vintage as the car. Enjoy reading this nice book! PB, $2.00 (2 copies available) LOTS AND LOTS MORE MYSTERIES AHEAD!!! Mysteries by Elizabeth Honness are superb! They usually center around a fascinating subject (care to read about a doll hospital, for instance?) and include both girls and boys. Usually you'll learn something about history while you read these books. No formula-writing, not terribly scary, but compellingly written for kids of maybe 10 to 14. And happily read by me when I crave a really good juvenile mystery. I don't come across them too often, but I'll try to have some more for you very soon. Mystery at the Doll Hospital (Elizabeth Honness) 1955. Especially good if you like dolls, but a mystery is a mystery, whatever the subject, and Honness wrote some of the best for youngish readers. I just read it myself for the first time, and although I'm not "youngish" I absolutely loved it. Creepy cover, too, showing dolls that look as if they certainly do need a hospital stay, with an evil shadow hovering over them. HB, XL, Picture cover, good condition. $5.00 A RATHER MYSTERIOUS BOOK BY RUTH M. ARTHUR: Requiem for a Princess (Arthur) 1967. Girl wants a serious career playing the piano, but her overprotective parents don't encourage this. She finds out something that makes her realize that her parents never told her anything about the family history -- does this have anything to do with their reluctance? She gets quite sick, and that's when she becomes obsessed with the old house where she and her mother go while she recovers her health -- VERY enjoyable and entertaining British story. I could read it 3 times in a row! HB with printed library picture cover. Good condition. $3.50 MORE MYSTERIES AND MALTSHOP MYSTERIES! What Janie Found (Caroline B. Cooney) 2000. Fourth in a very exciting mystery series, which starts with the famous "Face on the Milk Carton." One of the most interesting things about this series is that when you finish each one, you think you've solved the entire story of what happened to Janey and her families. Then there is the "onion-peeling" phenomenon, and you find that there are more layers beneath what you thought was solid ground. Just as Janie found out. Since there hasn't been another book since this one came out 10 years ago, maybe everything is finally straightened out. In any case, I was caught up in each of the books in turn, and this one just as much as the others. HB, XL, with nice DJ, $3.00 HELEN FULLER ORTON -- When I was in grade school, it was really not too easy for us to find good mysteries in the library (of course they didn't stock Nancy Drew or Judy Bolton in their children's room.) Helen Fuller Orton books were their very best mysteries for young readers, and I read them over and over again, no matter that I knew the endings by heart. Some happened in the years when the books were written, some have historical settings, but they all feature friendly kids from happy homes, who were able to help less fortunate people (lonely kids, desperate old folks or neglected animals.) When I need something truly satisfying and simple to read, I still re-read Orton's books. Many of them were illustrated by Robert Doremus, who knew just how to draw the nice children in the stories! I'll add more as soon as I can. Here's a lovely selection of Helen Fuller Orton books -- try one for yourself, or if you're too sophisticated for them (unlike unsophisticated me) give some of them to a child who loves mysteries that are NOT dependent on the supernatural! Mystery up the chimney (Orton) 1947. Elderly great-aunts invite city girls to spend the hot summer at their country home, but they do NOT invite the brother. One of the girls already has plans, so the boy is sent instead -- this certainly doesn't please the fussy old dames. Suffice it to say that the boy proves that they should have welcomed him with open arms! An ages-old mystery is solved by that "unwelcome" boy. HB book with a picture cover. If you are like me, the cover will make you a little nervous -- the boy standing on a sloping roof. I guess you have to take chances in order to solve old mysteries! HB, XL, PC, $3.00 Mystery at the Little Red Schoolhouse (Orton) 1941. Takes place in the early 20th century, which is pictured extremely charmingly by artist E. Emmett Owen. A new girl comes to the tiny country school -- she's been home-schooled up to this time, and doesn't know what class she'll be in. Soon she's at the head of the class, which might cause some problems with the other children! Then things start going badly wrong, missing valuables, a bad storm. HB, XL, with a prtty DJ and a picture cover, too. The book is in good condition, but some of the pages are stained. $3.50 Mystery in the Apple Orchard (Helen Fuller Orton) 1954. A neighbor girl comes to visit, boasting about the valuable ring that she isn't supposed to be wearing. Of course it disappears (this is a mystery!) but the sad thing is that the girl accuses a very nice lame boy of stealing it. This is far from being the only strange thing going on that summer! HB, XL, fairly good condition, with both a colorful picture cover and a pretty good DJ. $4.00 Mystery of the Secret Drawer (Orton) 1945. There was a very good wheat crop this year, and everyone in the family is going to get some special present... UNTIL -- the money disappears from the secret hiding place where it was put to keep it safe. This is one of Orton's historical mysteries, taking place around the turn to the 20th century. HB, XL, well-read but good cond, with a bright picture cover and good DJ. $4.00 Mystery in the Old Red Barn (Helen Fuller Orton) 1952. Girl goes to the barn to fill a basket with the apples they store in there, and hears -- a sneeze! No one wants to believe her, but soon enough, other mysterious things happen. No more clues from me, but another mystery is whether the kids will ever get a horse of their own. HB, XL, PC, all in nice condition. $4.00 Mystery in the Pirate Oak (Helen Fuller Orton) 1949. Orton's mysteries are short, sweet and nostalgic. This one stars 2 nice children who try to help an older neighbor find a treasure, and also befriend a lonely boy. Aimed at young readers, but heartening for the rest of us. I love the cover picture, 2 kids in cute clothes from the '50s, up on a platform in the most wonderful old tree that you ever saw! Tree climbing was an obsession with me for many years, and this one would have been a dream come true for me. good condition PB, $2.00. Fair condition pb, $1 (2 copies available) Treasure in the Little Trunk (Helen Fuller Orton) 1932. Takes place in 1823-25. One of Orton's early books, this one is quite decorative. In fact, on the title page, it says "embellishments" (not illustrations) by Robert Ball. There's a nice list of books by this prolific author, opposite title page. This book is listed under the list of Historical Stories, but Orton couldn't resist making it into a mystery! A bit longer than her straight mysteries, but just as full of domestic details and adventure. HB, printed library picture cover, fair but very firm condition. $2.50 Treasure in the Little Trunk (Orton) This is a hardcover copy of the book, in fairly good condition, with a lovely dust jacket in excellent condition except for the library sticker near the bottom of the spine and a bit over onto the front cover. This is a very pretty book, full of beautiful illustrations. Also, a lovely story about a family that moves from Vermont, to western New York state, carrying a little leather trunk that holds a secret. HB, XL, DJ, $3.00 End of books by Helen Fuller Orton MORE MYSTERIES AHEAD! ******************************************* Annette Turngren wrote some of the VERY BEST mysteries for girls. Each one has a different and interesting setting, and includes the elements of a Maltshop as well as a complex mystery story. I'm close to positive that you would really like any of them! I'll include more books by Annette Turngren as soon as I can! Mystery Walks the Campus (Turngren) 1956. This one certainly does combine the best elements of a Maltshop and a mystery. Wendy lives at home while going to college: she's rather shy. Then along comes her big brother with a blue parakeet and some girl's suitcase, things he acquired under rather mysterious circumstances! They lead to a clever mystery and from there, to a lot of good things happening to Wendy and her family. It's a Good One!!! HB, fairly good cond, with a laser copy of our good DJ showing a girl looking rather nervous on a dark and stormy night. A Best Loved Girls' Book edition. HB, LDJ, $5.00 Augusta Huiell Seaman's books have been very favorably reviewed in various issues of Whispered Watchword. Her vintage books are always interesting, and were very popular in the 30s through 50s. To me, vintage mysteries are always interesting!!! Often a nice Carolina shore setting. Sorry if there aren't any Seaman books at this time. I'll list more just as soon as I can. Worn copy of Mystery of the Old Violin (Seaman) 1932. Girl's family runs an Inn in a secluded seaside location. When 2 young people stay with them, the 3 kids have to solve several mysteries. Cut, fun -- this pb has one more "good read" in it! $1.00 Riddle of the Lonely House (hardcover title, Strange Pettingill Puzzle) 1935. Paperback Scholastic edition. A Lonely, Deserted Old Mansion! That's all we need to know about any story, to be to be sure we'll love it! Good condition, $2.50 MORE MYSTERY BOOKS from the PAST! Snowshoe Mountain Lodge (Lisa Eisenberg) 1987. This is one of a nice series of 3 mysteries about Kate Clancy, who manages to get to some interesting locations like this ski lodge and Cape Cod -- and always runs into mysteries. A veritable Nancy Drew! These books appeal to Nancy's fans including me! PB, good condition, $2.00 The Mystery of the Great Swamp (Marjorie A. Zapf) 1967. Okefenokee swamp setting. Boy explores the swamp in his boat, with his pup. This book might appeal more to boys than girls, but if you enjoy wilderness adventure, wild and tame animals (including a pet alligator!) and a totally unexpected and amazing mystery, this is your book. HB, with a PC, in almost new condition -- $3.00 HB, PC, moderately good condition, $2.50 Mystery of the Great Swamp in a PB, $1.50 MORE MYSTERIES AHEAD -- INCLUDING MORE MALTSHOP MYSTERIES, AND BOOKS BY PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY AND MANY OTHERS!!! The Rare Stamp mystery (Mary Adrian)1960 There are several avid stamp colletor in the town, and some of them are not entirely honest! You'll learn a lot about stamps -- and a little about possums -- while reading this entertaining mystery. HB, XL, PC, good cond. $2.50 The Kite Mystery (Mary Adrian)1968. 4 children live in a wildlife refuge where 2 very rare swans disappear. After the official search is dropped, the kids go on looking, and learn a lot about nature (as you will, also, plus kite-flying) while they search. Adrian was well-known for her mysteries that involve nature, science, and suspense, and she also wrote a number of non-fiction nature books. All of them worth reading! HB, with cover picture of a swan and a kite. Good condition, $2.50 (2 copies available) Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones (Mary Adrian) 1965. Three children go to Utah to spend their vacation digging up dinosaurs and mysteries. Even if you know a lot about dinosaurs, and even though this book was written for intermediate readers, you'll still learn a lot. The author wrote very popular mysteries that include nature, science, and very good reading. HB, PC, fair condition, $2.00 (2 copies available) Skin Diving Mystery (Mary Adrian) 1964. There are 5 in the Skin Diving Club, only one of whom is a girl -- but she certainly holds her own! Oyster growing, strange groans, a lost valuable shell, this group has quite a few mysteries to work on. HB, XL, firm and tightly bound, library picture cover of a diver in fins and snorkle. $2.00 CONTINUING WITH MORE YA MYSTERIES! Mystery of the Haunted Hut (Mary Graham Bonner) 1950. I like everything about this book, including the title! Kids visit their friends in a remote village, during Christmas vacation from school. They plan on winter fun, skiing, sledding, skating and all the rest, and it does start out that way. Then they all discover blood in the snow, around a deserted shack. A wonderful story, plenty of fun, but plenty of shivers, both from the mystery and from the weather. As I said, I liked this book (way back when it was first written, as well as many years later!) PB, very good condition, $2.50 Mystery Mountain (Florence Laughlin) 1964. Arizona setting. Both girl and boy characters. 2 boys, strangers, look like twins. Lost gold mines, trail rides into the desert, research into the past. HB, exciting PC, nice condition from Young America Book Club. $3.00 ADDITIONAL MYSTERIES AHEAD!! Ghostly Trio (Nancy Woollcott Smith) 1954. Good Halloween reading! 3 kids form a club with the purpose of exploring deserted houses. Lots of fun, until they choose a house that seems to be haunted. You know that they'll discover there's a different, less scarey explanation, but it's a lot of fun trying to figure the whole thing out! PB, fairly good condition, $1.50 2-in-one book -- 2 Enid Blyton mysteries in one nice fat paperback. These British children's books are "The Rat-a-Tat Mystery" and "The Ragamuffin mystery." They were first published in 1951, and this edition is from the 1990s. Plenty of reading, nice cover picture of quite modern-looking kids sort-of-hiding behind rocks, watching some adults walking out of the opening from a cave. PB, $2.00 BIG LOT FROM THE YOUNG READERS BOOKSHELF. Here are 4 books from a very long series of short stories for boys and girls, all from the early 1950s. The stories are predominantly about boys, and the DJ pictures all show boys, but some of the stories are by women, and some of them feature girls. All of them are fun to read; I know because I read them! All 4 of these books are in very good condition, with DJs (one dj is slightly creased.) They would make a nice gift for a 4th or 5th grade reader, or for an animal- or sports- lover. My theory is that the books feature boys because girls are happy to read stories about boys, but boys are prejudiced against reading stories about girls! Just my theory .... Plenty of illustrations in each book. The books are: 1. Young Readers' Mystery Stories (Charles Coombs) 1951. Illustrated by Charles Geer -- you'll recognize his style! There are 6 short mysteries in this book. About 5-6 grade level reading. I don't know if the endpapers have anything to do with the book, I think they are the same for all the books in this series. These illustrations are very attractive, and feature a girl and a boy running through the woods. They're one of the things that lead me to think that these stories are for girls, too. DJ has some folds, but on the whole, it's a sturdy book. 2. Young Readers Dog Stories (edited by A. L. Furman) 9 short stories by well-known dog authors. The book is in nearly new condition, with just an inscription on the 3rd page. Excellent DJ has an adorable picture of a boy and a pup. 3. Young Readers Baseball Stories by Charles Coombs. 5 stories. More than just descriptions of games, there are back-stories about the players and their emotions. Book and DJ in very good condition, 4. Young Readers Football Stories by Charles coombs. 7 stories, similar to the ones I described in the Baseball volume. Again, a good DJ over a very good book. Four Young Readers Bookshelf books, these look wonderful! $9.00 for all 4. MORE MYSTERIES FOR TEENS! The Secret Raft (Hazel Krantz) illustrated by Maine's own Charles Geer. 1965. Complete with very nice map endpapers, this story starts with 3 kids sneaking away from home before dawn, to watch the sun rise and cook breakfast outside. Like everything else Howie does, this gets him into trouble (his dog, too!) But introduces the kids to some scientists who need their help -- and of course a mystery, too. Same author wrote "100 pounds of popcorn," so you can depend on some humor along with the mystery in here, too! And the start of Howie's interest in science. Nice story! Hardcover book in very nice cond with interesting cover picture. $2.50 (2 copies available) YA MYSTERIES BY PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY always involve a girl who goes to an interesting, unusual setting, finds a mystery, and meets a boy. Together they solve the mystery! These aren't romances, but stories of close friendship. These stories are very nice, very friendly and readable. Try one of them, and I'd be very surprised if you didn't want to read more of them right away. I'll try to have more of them very soon! Mystery of the Hidden Hand (Whitney) 1963. Setting is a Greek Island. Mystery includes ancient artifacts, some mysterious people, and even ballet dancing. PB in good condition. $2.25 Secret of the Spotted Shell (Phyllis A. Whitney) 1967. Takes place on the Virgin Islands, where the girl is staying with relatives while her parents are away. No sooner does she get there, than mysterious things start to happen -- disappearances, unwelcoming hosts, a clue that no one can figure out, break-ins. Very good plot, and you'll learn about an unusual setting without heavy-handed travel dialog. HB, former library copy, rather well worn, but covered by a laser copy of our nice dust jacket showing a girl and -- could that be a pirate? $3.50 Secret of the Samurai Sword (Phyllis A. Whitney) 1958. Girl and her brother travel to Japan (from California) and find -- a mystery, a ghostly spirit, and some lovely friends. You can depend on Whitney to explore people's lives along with their mysteries. PB in excellent cond, $2.50 Hardcover copy of Secret of the Samurai Sword (Whitney) XL with printed picture cover showing a very frightening apparition, plus a real girl who looks pretty frightened! Fairly good condition (some wear to the spine and corners) $3.00 Mystery of the Crimson Ghost (Whitney) 1969. Girl wants a horse more than anything else in the world, but lives in town and can't have one -- until they go to spend the summer in rural New Jersey. Horse country, she hopes! The horse, and the mystery, appear before the first chapter is finished. A weird family, secrets, a ruined old house -- it's all plenty interesting enough to keep you reading avidly. I have 2 paperback copies of the book, somewhat worn for $1.00. Mystery of the Green Cat (Whitney) 1957. This is a mystery, yes, but my favorite thing about it is the story of blending 2 families. Widowed mother with 2 girls marries a widowed father with twin boys. Everyone moves together into a large old house in San Francisco, but nothing is Sweetness and Light. The older girl is a little shy, one of the boys is very unwelcoming. It takes a mystery in a nearby house, to start things going right. Whitney was the mistress of creating strong and believable, well-differentiated characters. This is a perfect example. Don't be fooled by the fact that she wrote dozens and dozens of books, or that they are widely available. They are treasures anyway! PB, good cond, $2.00 Another copy of Green Cat, fair condition -- $1.00 Secret of the Emerald Star (Phyllis A. Whitney) 1964. The Star is an emerald, and that's just the beginning of a very mysterious story! For starters, there's a spooky old woman who seems to be holding a girl captive in her old mansion! Like all the Whitney mysteries the girl in this one becomes involved in helping another young person, as well as solving a mystery. HB, XL, fairly good condition, with a very good and interesting DJ (DJ flaps are partly glued down.) $4.00 End of mysteries by Phyllis A. Whitney ************************************** Wylly Folk St. John mysteries -- if you haven't tried them, I highly recommend that you try them! Set in various locations in the South, most are aimed at about 8-10th graders, but have a bit of Maltshop appeal in each one, though their dates are just a bit late for Maltshop era. I think maybe the innocence and simplicity of the true Maltshop, can be found in some later books written for younger readers. St. John's mysteries are VERY well written! I had often wondered whether Wylly was a female or male name -- just read a short bio of the author and found out that she's a "she." I'll try to list more Wyllie Folk St John books in a future sale. The Mystery of the Gingerbread House (Wylly Folk St. John) 1969. I LOVE this book! How could you resist a book about a baby that is found on a doorstep? And soon a mysterious older sister shows up, too, both of them at least temporarily homeless. The children in the house where the kids showed up, played detective and helped to find a lost relative who will care for the baby and big sister. HB, XL, printed picture cover, $3.50 ( Another copy of Gingerbread House PB, in fair cond, reading copy, $1.00) The Christmas Tree Mystery (St. John) 1969. As most of St. John's books, this one is both a mystery and a human-interest story. Girl makes a mistaken identity and accuses a boy of stealing Christmas tree ornaments and decorations. Her new step-brother swears that the boy couldn't be guilty, so now the girl needs to find out who really was. Danger follows, more than could be explained by a simple ornament theft. And at the same time, a family needs Christmas to heal their rifts. HB with DJ, both in very good condition. $4.00 The Mystery of the Other girl (Wylly Folk St. John) 1971. Girl breaks up with her boyfriend when she thinks there's something strange about him. She seems to be right, as even stranger things keep happening, like the strange phone call from "the other girl." XL hardcover with a nice DJ on top of a picture cover! $4.00 Robin Gottlieb wrote quite a few mysteries for young teens, all of them with very interesting subjects and very clever plots. I'd certainly recommend them to fans of teen mysteries. Since that's one of my very favorite genres, you'll probably like these if you like most of the same books that I do! Mystery of the Silent Friends (Gottlieb) 1964. The Friends are very special dolls in the girl's father's antique shop. The girls find mystery and clues -- and all kinds of antiques to learn about. As a matter of fact, when I read one of Gottlieb's books, I usually learn interesting things about antiques! NY City setting. HB, XL, with a very nice DJ. $4.00 Mystery of the Silent Friends in pb -- pretty good cond -- $2.00 MYSTERIES ABOUT JED, LIZA AND BILL, WRITTEN BY PEGGY PARISH. Peggy Parish wrote the Amelia Bedelia books, but she's more than a humorous writer about a maid who takes everything literally! This nice mystery series is about 3 children and various mysteries they solve while spending the summers at their grandparents' summer home on an island Some of the mysteries that they solve had puzzled their own father and his siblings when they were kids in the same area. Beautiful Paul Frame illustrations (he did the art for some of the Trixie books!) Key to the Treasure (Parish) XL HB with a very nice DJ. $3.00 Clues in the Woods (Peggy Parish) 1968. Paul Frame illustrations. In August, the kids are getting a little bored, after solving the original mystery. First they pick out a puppy for their grandparents (or for themselves?) and then they find another mystery to solve before they have to go home at the end of the summer. HB, XL, PC, $2.00 Pirate Island Adventure (Parish) 1975. Paul Frame illustrations. This summer, Liza, Bill and Jed are going with their grandparents, to Pirate Island! When they get there, Grampa gies them a clue to an old mystery, and they have to go all over the island to solve it. South Carolina setting. PB, good condition, $1.75 Haunted House (Peggy Parish) 1971. Very nice condition Collier Books paperback. Family buys their dream house, big place in the country -- but it turns out to be haunted! Or is it some sinister plot? The kids know how to follow clues and break codes, so they love this challenge. This edition does not have the Paul Frame illustrations, but I've hardly ever seen nicer paper in a pb book. $2.00 Mystery in Little Tokyo (Frank Bonham) 1966. Young boy growing up in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. Family runs a gift shop, but the most interesting thing for the boy is a mystery in their Japanese garden. There's plenty of humor in this story, especially in the slang expressions used by people you might have expected to be very formal! And Danny Nomura is a brave boy who ends up helping both of his family's countries! I especially liked the cover picture of him in his Boy Scout uniform, climbing a high wall, while a fancy sword lies below him. Have fun with this mystery! HB, PC, good condition, $2.00 END OF YOUNG ADULT MYSTERY SECTION ----------------------------------------------------------------------- TEENS' AND CHILDREN'S NONFICTION These are books about subjects that I think you would be interested in -- Any that I've read myself, were well written and informative. Non-fiction is pretty much the only genre that I read besides Maltshops, teen mysteries, series books, and adult mysteries. Learn something! Have fun! Douglas MacArthur, Young Protector (Laura M. Long) 1965. This is one of the excellent Childhood of Famous Americans series. I read as many as I could find when I was a child myself -- we used to call them "Orange Biographies." They are still one of the best ways for young readers to learn about important people in the past. HB with decorative orange cover, former library copy in good condition. $2.00 A book about a pioneer woman doctor! -- Connie Bell, M. D. (Helen Tann Aschmann) winner of the Dodd, Mead Librarian and Teacher Prize Competition in 1963. Fictionalized biography of a woman doctor from the days when only men were accepted as doctors. Fun to read, with more romantic interludes than a straight biography might allow for! HB, DJ, pretty good condition. $2.50 Cheaper by the Dozen (Frank B. Gilbreth Jr and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey) 1948. My father was a big fan of this book, since he (like Father Gilbreth) was what was very popular at that time -- an Efficiency Expert. This story, by 2 of the 12 Gilbreth children, humorously tells about how the Gilbreths applied efficiency methods to raising a big family -- in fact, they claimed that they had that many children because of the discounts that came when you paid by the dozen. I have no idea how much of this book is true and how much is just plain great writing, but if you haven't read it in all these years since it was a huge best-seller, here is your chance. HB in very good condition, with a pretty good DJ (don't look for a stodgy picture on the dj!!) Someone put a clipping about Mrs. Gilbreth insde the front cover, and if you think a mother of 12 couldn't have a successful career, read it! $2.50 MORE NON-FICTION AHEAD Martha, Daughter of Virginia (Marguerite Vance)1947. A very nice book by an author who also wrote quite a few other bio's of women, all written for young adults. Hooray for her, in an era when women weren't thought to be nearly as important as their husbands! This is the story of Martha Washington, and it's beautifully and respectfully done. The illustrations are especially lovely; have you heard of Nedda Walker? I hadn't, but I do like these pictures a lot. Nice biography. HB, XL, good condition, with a DJ that has only a couple of very small missing pieces. I think they're where the former library stickers were, and someone cut them out. Otherwise, a very good dust jacket with a picture of a sprightly, energetic-looking young woman on horseback. $3.00
Mahalia Jackson, Young Gospel Singer -- this book is from the series that as kids we used to call "Little Orange Biographies." Indeed, this one does have an orange cover, plus a dust jacket. The book is in fair condition. It looks as if it might have been left in a gentle rain, but it's perfectly readable and very interesting reading at that! DJ is in somewhat better condition. $2.00 Forest Fire! (Frances Judge) illustrated by Jo Polseno. 1962. Author lived with her ranger husband and their kids, in National Forests and parks, so she knows what she's writing about. The HB book is in very good condition, with a very good condition DJ. History of fire, fire prevention and fire fighting, safety rules, reforestation. Lots of nice drawings, quite a few photos (including Smokey the Bear as a cute cub.) Good reference book for middle-grade homeschoolers or anyone who wants to write a report -- or learn about forest fires. 1st ed. $2.50 To Dance, To Dream (Maxine Drury) a nice Whitman book, 1965, with true stories of great dancers from early times to the present. Nice line-illustrations. Pretty picture on the cover, a ballerina and a dreaming girl. Fairly good cond HB, $1.50 END OF NON-FICTION SECTION, THOUGH YOU WILL FIND NON-FICTION IN OTHER PLACES ON THIS LIST! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FICTION BOOKS OF MANY KINDS, INCLUDING: A FEW BIG LOTS HISTORICAL NOVELS, MUSIC AND POETRY BOOKS FOR LITTLE CHILDREN FOLK STORIES, ANIMAL STORIES AND LOTS OF OTHER TYPES OF FICTION BOOKS!! SOME OF THESE BOOKS WERE WRITTEN FOR ADULTS, BUT THEY'RE APPROPRIATE FOR OLDER CHILDREN Mrs. Coverlet's Magicians (Mary Nash) 1961. Another nostalgic favorite for anyone who grew up reading in the 60s and 70s. A nice HB copy of the book, with DJ. Both in good condition! $2.00 The Absolutely True Story ... How I visited Yellowstone Park with the Terrible Rupes (Willo Davis Roberts) 1994. Long title for a book that's long on fun and mystery. I read this book to Dave and my grandson while we were crossing the country and camping in places similar to the places where the Rupes and their guests were stopping. What fun!!! You see, the twins had done some babysitting for the Rupe kids, and against their better judgement they agree to go along on the RV trip with the Rupe family. If you've traveled with an RV or trailer, as we have, you'll know that lots of things could go wrong, but you'd never believe this trip! The kids are devils, the parents are worse, the food is "unusual" and someone is trying to kill the whole family. Wow! HB, XL, with DJ -- everything in very good condition. $2.50 Broken Chords (Barbara Snow Gilbert)1998. Paperback. Excellent pianist, this teen is wondering very much if she really wants to be a concert pianist. She does have the potential, her teacher and her family are very encouraging, and her recent boyfriend is thrilled with the idea of their teaming up on the concert stage. She keeps winning competitions, and Julliard, probably the best music school in the world, wants her. But does she want a piano-playing career more than anything else in the world? Or would she prefer a more normal, existance? Those questions haunt her. As a pianist myself, though I never was anywhere close to her in talent and skill, I loved this book. But even if you can't play chopsticks, you'll like this career-decision story. PB goodish condition, $2.00 LOTS MORE ASSORTED FICTION AHEAD! Sunnybank, Home of Lad (Albert Payson Terhune) 1934. Original title, The Book of Sunnybank. Non-fiction, but full of stories about the author's home, family and animals, mainly dogs and horses. Excellent for adults as well as teens. Terhune and "the Mistress" lived an interesting life! HB with nice picture cover -- 2 collies running on the lawn of a beautiful old house. $2.50 Story Parade, A Collection of Modern Stories for Boys and Girls (1942) Inside cover identifies it as a Rainbow Book. Nice introduction by Ruth Sawyer (a Maine author, you know!) Lots of familiar names among the authors and illustrators of the stories in this book. Elizabeth Coatsworth (including a full length short novel, Forgotten Island) and Robert McCloskey, Pelagie Doane, Wanda Gag, among others. Stories, poems, a lot of humor, adventure, fun. Large HB, 350 pages! Pretty much looks its age, but it is good and firm and complete. $2.00 Tales from Grimm (Wanda Gag storyteller, translator and illustrator.) 1936. You know Gag from her famous "Millions of cats" and other beautiful picture books. In this book, she presnts some very familiar, some less familiar, folk tales, translated and simplified (to make them more accessible as she says in her own very interesting introduction.) Absolutely rife with illustrations, from funny, through beautiful, to scary. The book is in fair condition, as it's probably a first or at least very early edition. This supposition is backed by the name and date (1936) on the first page. Hanging together and as far as I can tell, complete. A treasure in disguise, as befits a book of folk tales. $2.00 The Year of the Sawdust Man (A. LaFaye) 1998. Book is written for middle-grade students, but the story is impressive for any age of reader. Takes place in Louisiana, in 1933. Girl's mother, a somewhat charismatic woman, abruptly leaves home with no warning. Her daughter is stunned and badly hurt, especially when she hears the many rumors that are circulating around town, saying that her mother left with a man and didn't care anything about her daughter and husband. The girl does her best to keep hoping her mother will return, but before long her father starts dating another woman. You can just imagine the conflicts this raises in the girl's life. One of those kept-me-up-until-2AM books. PB in good condition, $2.00 MORE ASSORTED FICTION AHEAD! The Poor Little Rich Girl (Eleanor Gates) 1912. Girl is taken care of by servants and can't play with the "unworthy" children that she sees from her window. She has everything a child could want except love and fun. Things aren't too pleasant for the little girl, and then -- well, this is a beloved century-old tear-jerker classic! HB in good condition, $2.00 Another copy of Poor Little Rich Girl, HB with very nice dust jacket. $3.00 Mary Poppins Comes Back (P. L. Travers) 1935. Did you know that our friend Mary is part of a 4-book series? This is the 2nd book in the series! A hardcover copy that doesn't quite close tightly, but otherwise looks good. DJ is very good. $2.00 Mary Poppins in the Park (Travers) Nice hardcover book with dust jacket. The front of the DJ is a little faded and there's one small rip at the top of the spine, otherwise the book is in very good cond. $3.00 SOME MORE FICTION STORIES OF ALL SORTS! Courtyard Cat (C. S. Adler) 1995. Girl has a very rough time with the move from the country to a city apartment. She has more responsibilty than she should, and lots of guilt over the family's situation. A cat who lives in the courtyard, is a huge help in her hard life, in various ways. If you love cats, you'll be sure to understand! Former library book in very good condition, with a very good DJ, showing a girl and her baby brother noticing a Siamese cat in a rather pretty courtyard (except for those garbage bags over on the back cover!) $2.50 Best Cat Stories, 1992. This book includes a whole lot of short stories and essays, many by well-known authors like Lewis Carroll, and some by authors you'll want to read more of. Every one stars a cat! HB book in very good condition, with many illustrations of cats, including the dust jacket which shows cats of every color and breed. $2.50 3 Katie John books by Mary Calhoun. 1960, 1961, 1963. Illustrated by Paul Frame, who illustrated many of the Trixie books, as well as others. What a good series! If you didn't read it when you were younger, here's a 2nd chance to read the first 3 books in a 4-book series. Katie John is impulsive, energetic, even, as one of the book jackets describes her, irrepressible! She gets into quite a few adventures! And there's plenty of humor, just look at the covers of these PB books and you'll know that -- especially the one that shows Katie John scowling, and writing "Boys are Repulsiv.." you have to imagine the last letter! The 3 books are Katie John, Depend on Katie John, and Honestly, Katie John! I've recently had a Katie John fest, reading all of the books in order and loving them again after all these years! 3 paperbacks in good condition, $4.50 Understood Betsy (Dorothy Canfield) 1916. Betsy has lived with her doting aunts. who Understand Her and take exceptional care of the little girl. Then one of the aunts gets sick, and Betsy has to go to live with her uncle on a Vermont farm where everyone is assumed to be competent and strong enough to carry their own weight. The kind of story that might just bring tears to your eyes, and bring great pleasure to your day. This edition of the classic story is quite beautiful, filled with pictures (many including cats and dogs) and a sweet DJ picture of Betsy in a pretty chair, cat in lap, and her uncle with his pipe, in his rocking chair. Suggestion of log walls and a hand-braided rug. You'll love this story, which is a bit like Anne of Green Gables or Pollyanna! HB with DJ, $2.50 MORE ASSORTED FICTION AHEAD -- All in the Timing (Melody Carlson) 2004 from the Tales from Grace Chapel Inn and Promises to Keep (Rebecca Kelly) 2004 from Tales of Grace Chapel Inn. I didn't think I'd like these stories, as fiction with a Christian slant is often poorly written and too full of coincidences. But these "Tales from Grace Chapel Inn" stories are full of interesting characters, clever plots, nice settings -- and they're quite humorous, too. I got a kick out of All in the Timing, for instance, where 2 really unpleasant teenagers happen to be staying at the inn with their families at the same time, and help each other calm down and become easier to live with! The food descriptions are tasty, too. 2 beautiful hardcover books, with calming, nostalgic cover pictures. 2 like-new hardcovers with picture covers, $4.00 MORE ASSORTED FICTION AHEAD-- Helen's Babies, subtitled "With some account of their ways: innocent, crafty, angelic, impish, witching and repulsive. Also a partial record of their actions during ten days of their existence." Whew! from 1876. A sister asks her brother to stay in the home while she and her husband take a little trip. No problem, there will be a nanny and other servants in the house, but it's SO much better to have a man about the house. Well, of course nothing works out quite the way it's supposed to, and the young uncle learns more about children than he'd dreamed he ever would. Lots of baby-talk that might slow you down, but it's amazingly adventurous. I can imagine our great-grandparents laughing at this book when our great-great grandparents read it to them. Cover shows 2 little boys trying to get a billy-goat to pull a little cart, and the expressions on their faces are priceless! I don't know when this book was printed, but it's in better condition than it would be if it was really over 140 years old! Large HB, picture cover. $3.50 MORE ASSORTED FICTION AHEAD -- Next, here's a big lot of fiction books! 5 books by EDWARD EAGER , who kept us amused and entertained with fantasy and magic when I was a kid! My favorite was Half Magic. The 5 PBs in this set are in wonderful condition, almost new, and they have new and funny cover pictures, plus lots of internal illustrations by N. M. Bodecker. Fun! The books include: Half Magic (1954) Knight's Castle (1956) Magic by the Lake (1957) Magic or Not? (1959) The Well-wishers (1960) 5 beautiful paperback books by Edward Eager -- $8 for the set of 5 books! If you don't want to spring for the entire 5 Edward Eager books, try just one, and it's my favorite of them, since it takes place in a summer cottage by a lake. Don't you love to read about rustic summer cottages? In fact, I'd like to live in one all year around! HB, XL, with a picture cover. The paperbacks are more beautiful, but this is a HB, so take your choice! Magic by the Lake by Edward Eager --$2.00 EVEN MORE ASSORTED FICTION - Books by Noel Streatfeild (some are fiction, a couple are actually non-fiction, but this is MY list, so I'm putting them here!) Thursday's Child (Streatfeild) 1970. Girl and her friends escape from a terrible orphanage and find work in a traveling theater. Back cover says "author creates an excellent picture of the different social starta in England around the turn of the century" That is, the 20th century, of course. I think the other remark on the back of the book is more relevant in terms of reading pleasure -- "Children should find this novel utterly delightful." I certainly did! Dell Yearling PB edition. Good condition. $2.00 Ballet Shoes (Streatfeild, 1937, I think it's her first and I know it's her most famous!) PB edition, formerly in a library, but good cond. $1.50 Theater Shoes (Streatfeild) 1945. I don't think this one needs any introduction, except to say that the cover has the sharp-nosed style, which I guess must have pleased someone somewhere. PB, $2.00 Theatre Shoes by Noel Streafeild, 1945. Dell Yearling Book says "A companion to Ballet Shoes" pb in good condition, 2 copies available, $1.50 each Dancing Shoes (Noel Streatfeild) Yes, another wonderful Streatfeild story of orphans who learn to dance -- and some of them are even quite talented! Plenty of problems but plenty of wonderful fun. PB, in good condition, $2.00 (2) End of books by Streatfeild MORE NOVELS COMING UP AFTER A LITTLE CHRISTMAS SECTION! ********************************************************* Christmas is either over or coming up later on, but you're probably like me, and love to read about it all year long! Here are some Christmas-themed books that are good reading any time of the year. Look around the list -- there are other books with Christmassy themes. These are some good ones! Miracle on 34th St (Valentine Davies) 1947. This book was written after the movie came out, so it's pretty much exactly like the movie with words for the descriptive parts. Actually I read it before ever seeing the movie, back when a paperback edition of the book was offered through Scholastic. This copy, however, is a nostalgic oldie, a small HB covered in Christmassy red. It's XL and not exactly beautiful, but you'll love this little collector's treasure. $2.00 A Treasury of Christmas Plays (edited by Sylvia E. Kamerman) Subtitled "Royalty-free stage and radio dramas for young players."1958, 1972. There are 40 plays in this very large book, all aimed at junior and senior high school students. Some are original to this book, some are adaptations of well-known books like Dickins' Christmas Carol, and The Birds' Christmas Carol and one of my favorites, Christmas Every Day. 509 pages including production notes. HB, XL, good condition, with DJ. $3.00 The Long Christmas (Ruth Sawyer) 1941. Maine author. Since she likes Christmas so much, Sawyer has re-defined it as being "from the first cock-crow on Saint Thomas's Day, to the blessing of the candles on Candlemas." I'm not entirely sure how long that lasts, but there are 13 chapters in this big book, from various ancient and more modern lands including Ireland, Spain, Brittany, and France. Includes words to interesting carols and poems. Beautifully illustrated and decorated by Valenti Angelo, in a nice folk style. Former library book in good condition, decoration on the cover. $2.50 The Christmas Carol Miracle (Luise Putcamp, Jr.) 1954. Will the orphans EVER win the prestigeous and valuable Christmas carol contest? Not with little Christopher, and his frog-like voice. Sweet story, small hardcover XL in excellent condition, with a very good dust jacket. $2.00 ************** End of Christmas books, back to assorted Fiction books ****************** Caddie Woodlawn (Carol Ryrie Brink) 1935. Kate Seredy illustrations. An early and quite nice edition of this award-winning classic, full of humor and love. The condition of the cover is only fair, but the interior pages are very clean and white, as some of these older books used to be. The many Seredy illustrations are superb -- they remind me of her pictures for The Good Master, especially the pictures of Caddie fighting, ploawing, and on horseback. Vintage Caddie Woodlawn -- $2.00 for this book alone, or combine with Magical Melons below, and the pair will be $4.00 Magical Melons, More Stories about Caddie Woodlawn ( Carol Ryrie Brink) 1939. This one has adorable illustrations by Marguerite Davis. "escapades of that lively family of Woodlawn children who lived on the Wisconsin border in 1860." If you love The Pink Motel and Baby Island, you'll appreciate the humor and wonder of this one, too. HB, XL, with DJ -- all in pretty good condition. The DJ picture is so cute that you might want to frame it! $3.00 for this book, or combine it with the copy of Caddie Woodlawn above it, and pay $4.00 for the pair. Baby Island (Carol Ryrie Brink) 1937. There is a shipwreck, and the 2 girls end up in a lifeboat with the babies that they've been playing with on the ship. When they drift onto a deserted (?) island, they make a new life there with their beloved babies. It's a Robinson Crusoe tale with babies! I'm sure I wasn't the only baby-loving little girl who read this book and longed to have something like that happen to me! A very lovely story. PB, $1.25 Eight Nursery Tales (edited by Watty Piper) the only dates listed in this book are 1932 and 1938. I'm not trying to say this copy is that old, since it's very clean and crisp looking. But who knows, it might be! The DJ shows the controversial Little Black Sambo, looking happy and proud leading a parade of animals and children from nursery tales like Chicken Little, Gingerbread Boy, and Little Red Hen. There is a slight musty odor to this book. HB, DJ with some pieces missing from the very bottom, $3.00 ______________________________________________________________________________________ ANIMAL BOOKS There are lots of animal stories other places, too, but here are a few especially nice ones: A Dog for Davie's Hill (Claire Bice) 1956. Scotch shepherd boy is given a dog, which he loves and trains. Something of a classic -- with mystery, a beautiful setting, family life, and of course dog lore. Very attractive DJ is in fairly good condition. Book pages brown, but clean. $2.50 Ride Like an Indian (Henry Larom, illustrated by Wesley Dennis) 1958. Very nice story about a boy who is eager to stay at a dude ranch, but finds that he isn't really a born horseback rider. An Indian boy helps him learn to ride, and together they show the supposed better riders, a thing or two! Dennis's pictures are wonderful, the story is special. HB in good cond, with a good DJ, too. $3.00 How Mr. Dog Got Even (Albert Bigelow Paine) 1898. One of the oldest books I've had on my list, and it looks it! From the Hollow Tree Stories series of fables, this humorous little book is full of funny illustrations and clever short stories about animals (actually I think they are about the foibles of humans, but it's more fun to read about well-dressed animals!) Small book, fair condition, but the illustrations are as much fun as they were back at the end of the 19th century. $1.50 5 Black Stallion and other PB books (Walter Farley) Some of these are reading copies (they're fine for more reading but they aren't beautiful) and some are in very good condition. In other words, enjoy reading these classic and beloved books about horses (and a Donkey!) but don't look for collectible perfect condition. All 5 paperbacks for 7.00 They are: The Island Stallion Black Stallion's Ghost Black Stallion's sulky colt Black Stallion's Filly The Horse-Tamer The Island Stallion's Fury (Walter Farley) 1951 First Printing. Exciting illustrations by Harold Eldridge. HB, good condition. $2.50 The Hidden Burro (Ealia Goetz) 1949. Very nice illustrations by another of my favorite illustrators -- Dorothy Bayley Morse. If you like cute, friendly little Mexican burros -- in crowded Washington DC -- you will smile all the way through this book. I hardly ever even look at a book about the trouble that a donkey or burro can get into, but really loved this one. Improbable adventures that all seem so natural while you're reading about them. In short, the kids' grandparents send the pet donkey to spend the summer with the family in the city, then leave on vacation (no forewarding address.) By the time the family gets the message, the donkey is on its way. What fun! What a lot of trouble! Another coincidence -- the president of Mexico is arriving for an official visit! BB book is somewhat battered, but so much fun! $2.00 Wyoming Summer (Mary O'Hara) 1963. O'Hara wrote a 3-book series, beginning with My Friend Flicka. But this is a "documentary novel" is about life on the real ranch where those stories were set. There are horses and a lot of other animals, and a group of kids who are attending a summer camp there! And more! HB, good condition, with pretty good DJ. Personal copy. $4.00 Flash of Phantom Canyon (Agnes V. Ranney) 1963. Much more than an animal story, but the dear little colt on the cover plays a big part. Native American boy -- or is he a white boy? He wants to discover his own past, who his parents were, where he belongs. Friendly, easy story, not grim or heavy but just nice! Historical setting in the Northwest when it was the frontier, Good PB. $1.50 Pepper (Barbara Leonard Renolds) illustrations by Barbara Cooney --1964. Very good story of a boy and his pet raccoon. HB, good condition, picture cover, $2.00 The Black Stallion Mystery (Farley) PB good condition! $1.50 END OF BOOK SALE LIST
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